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September/October 2013
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A "What-If "Analysis


What if you could reduce the power to your battery powered product by an order of magnitude? 

What if you could cut the cost of your bill of materials (BOM) for your product in half?

What if you could improve the accuracy of your analog circuits without trimming at the board level?

What if you could significantly reduce the size of your system?

What if you could improve the reliability of your system?




You should consider a custom mixed-signal ASIC for your electronic system



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Welcome to the September/October 2013 edition of the CSS Newsletter.  We hope you find these articles informative and helpful in your work.

Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) provides a true Turn-Key Solution to meet your Mixed Signal ASIC needs - from Development through Production. 

Our mission is to develop an ASIC that meets your requirement at the lowest possible price and with a minimum of assistance from your technical staff. 

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John Cheng 


Bitcoin Now Legal Unit of Currency in Germany



The German Finance Ministry has recently recognized the online currency bitcoin as a legal unit of currency.  The move improves the virtual currency's image, and may be considered a necessary step in the acceptance of this new currency.  This link details this recent news item.


Also, Canada regulators have recently taken a lighter view of the bitcoin currency as reported by Jeremy Kirk in the IDG News Service who reported "Canada's lighter view of bitcoin could make it easier for fledgling bitcoin start-ups, which would be saved the expense of meeting government reporting requirements".


CSS has been intimately involved in a key aspect of bitcoin technology development.  Engineers at CSS developed a significant custom chip than can be used for bitcoin mining.  The chip was designed in 65nm digital technology by Engineers at CSS and is being fabricated Global Foundries.  Each chip is capable of performing 3 G-Hash/sec at about 10 watts.  This is the worlds fastest and most efficient ASIC for bitcoin mining available today.  


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