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September/October 2012
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ON Semi Foundry Services Promotes New CSS Analog Macros


In the last Newsletter, we reported that ON Semiconductor Foundry Services was promoting the "CSS NV Register" for use in their C5 Foundry processes while CSS still provides and supports this IP. This month, we are introducing three additional CSS macros that are also promoted by ON Semiconductor Foundry Services:

  1. VPP Generator Macro
  2. 100 KHz Crystal Oscillator Macro
  3. Class AB Output Amplifier Macro 

VPP Generator Macro: This support circuit supplies the high voltage (VPP) required to program EEPROM macro cells (like the CSS NV Register). It contains a high frequency oscillator, charge pump and voltage regulator. Depending on the system application, high voltage switches can be included so multiple EEPROM blocks can be programmed using one VPP Generator. An optional VPP divider/amplifier may be included to allow the amplitude of VPP to be monitored. Details of this macro may be downloaded from the CSS website under

IP Products.  


100 KHz Crystal Oscillator Macro: This analog macro cell is a 100 KHz oscillator circuit. It includes an integrated resistor and capacitor network (CG, CD and RA) so no external components are required. Each internal component may be adjusted to optimize the oscillator for various crystal parameters and lowest possible power and/or operating voltage. The gm of the linear amplifier is also adjustable. This circuit includes a low power buffer with hysteresis to provide glitch free edges, suitable for digital clock signals. A "Disable" input is provided to halt the oscillator and place it in a low power state.   Details of this macro may be downloaded from the CSS website under IP Products.


Class AB Output Amplifier Macro: This analog macro cell is a single supply, general purpose operational amplifier. It contains a folded cascode, P channel differential input stage and a class AB output stage. The common mode input range extends from ground to 0.8V below the positive supply. The output stage is capable of driving off-chip loads of 1K ohm and 50 pF. The amplifier is internally compensated and is unity gain stable. An "Enable" input is included to allow the amplifier to be placed into a low (~zero) power mode. Details of this macro may be downloaded from the CSS website under IP Products.  


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Welcome to the September/October edition of the CSS Newsletter.  We hope you find these articles informative and helpful in your work.

Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) provides a true Turn-Key Solution to meet your Mixed Signal ASIC needs - from Development through Production.  Our mission is to develop an ASIC that meets your requirement at the lowest possible price and with a minimum of assistance from your technical staff.  Please visit us at for more information or send an inquiry to  [email protected].

Keith Shelton
CSS Attends IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing Award Ceremony

  IEEE Milestone Award

 IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing Award Plaque


CSS was invited to attend the award ceremony for this IEEE Award at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.  The Milestone Award was for "The Floating Gate EEPROM, 1976-1978" which was developed at Hughes Microelectronics in Newport Beach. 


The award was presented to Dr. Eli Harari who led the development work at Hughes Research Center and then went on to co-found SanDisk where he led the development of the System Flash architecture.  The industry based on this development is expected to exceed $33 billion in sales in 2012. 


Frank Bohac & I were at Hughes during that time and we worked with Eli in the EEPROM development.  We started our involvement in the Research Center with Eli and then continued the EEPROM development work at the Hughes Microelectronics Division in the same facility.  


Keith Shelton with Eli Harari Dr. Eli Harari with Keith Shelton  


Our involvement in the EEPROM development led to the founding of CSS which specializes in mixed signal ASICs using non-volatile (EEPROM) technology. 


I strongly encourage you to visit the CSS Blog which includes more information regarding the award ceremony and the history of this very important technology. 



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