Ben Stewart: First Time at Amp Camp

It wouldn't be summer without camping, s'mores and getting closer to nature. One Optimus Prosthetics patient, Ben Stewart, was able to attend the 2016 Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp at Camp Joy in Clarksville, Ohio. Affectionately known as Amp Camp, this annual event is a 6-day traditional summer camp for children ages 10-17 who have limb loss or limb differences.
This was Ben's first year at camp, and he was nervous, scared and excited all at once. Once he got there, however, he was able to connect with a lot of amputees just like himself! One camp counselor had a Myo-electric upper extremity prosthesis that he wants to get for himself one day.
While at Amp Camp, Ben was able to do all the fun activities that you would find at most summer camps. He got to ride a zipline for the first time, and a few members of Team USA Volleyball came to speak to them. In fact, one of the counselors was even a Team USA Skier.
Ben said other kids with amputations would definitely enjoy Amp Camp. He had such a great time that he wants to go back and even be a counselor one day. The one downside? No cell phones allowed!
We're happy that Ben and other amputee children are able to bond with those who have limb loss or limb differences.

Helen Bouchard: Bonding with Others at Amp Camp
Each year, dozens of children with limb loss or limb differences come together at Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp. It's an opportunity for many young people to bond with other child amputees, gain confidence and be inspired. 
Optimus Prosthetic patient Helen Bouchard was also able to attend Amp Camp this year.

"I was very excited," she said.
This was Helen's first time at camp, and she had a blast! The best part was being able to meet other kids and making new friends. She also enjoyed playing sit-down volleyball-- another first experience for her. She thinks other kids would enjoy attending Amp Camp.
"I want to go every year," Helen said "I would like to be a camp counselor to help the other kids have a great time too."
The Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp is organized by the Amputee Coalition. They cover the cost of the camp and travel for all of the attendees, thanks to their generous donors and sponsors.
At Optimus Prosthetics, we applaud initiatives such as this. It gives young people a circle of moral support as they learn more about themselves and what they can achieve. 

Sylvestor Jones: Reuniting with Old Friends

For 15-year old Sylvester Jones, returning to Amp Camp was about reconnecting with old friends and being able to relate to others like himself.
"I was extremely excited to go," he said. "To be able to see my friends from the years before and to be able to feel completely comfortable around other amputees and to not worry about people looking oddly at me."
This is Sylvester's third year going to Amp Camp. His favorite parts were being able to talk to his friends, make new ones and take part in a dance party. He also came close to finishing the ropes course, which was a first for him.
Another highlight was making music with his cabin mates. They came up with a rap song about Camp Joy, the location where Amp Camp took place this year.
Sylvester said he hopes he's still able to attend in the future, perhaps even as a camp counselor.
"You made friends who know what it's like to have an amputation," he said.  "It's so cool to be there and I highly recommend it."

Jim's Corner- 
Residual Limb Extension Exercise
Optimus Prosthetics Jim Scharf
Jim Scharf, PTA
The goal of "Jim's Corner" is to provide helpful information and be a resource for those helping patients fitted with prosthetics learn to use them correctly in order to enjoy a better quality of life as an amputee.

For this month's column we'll discuss an exercise to aid a patient in increasing their residual limb extension.  This particular exercise is a little more advanced. In past columns, I have discussed the importance of the patient's residual limb extension. Let's quickly review why residual limb extension is important:  
  • For proper prosthetic stance control by providing a pressure or a backward force on the back wall of the socket so the patient does not experience any unwanted prosthetic knee collapse.
  • For guarding against a premature stance disengagement. Premature stance disengagement is when the prosthetic knee buckles and can result in a fall.
  • To aid the patient in achieving terminal stance, to "load the toe," which is usually one of the requirements for proper stance disengagement for good prosthetic swing and toe clearance during gait.
  • For power of movement from point A to point B.
  • 10-15 of hip extension is required for normal gait and a proper opposite limb step length.
Active Residual Limb Extension, Prosthesis On
To perform this exercise, the patient is to stand with their back in contact with the wall behind them. It is OK for the patient to perform with a stable object such as a walker for the required balance, assistance and safety. Attempt to place the sound limb heel against the wall, with the prosthetic limb foot slightly out in front of the sound limb foot. Place a compliant ball between the wall and socket and/or the socket and the prosthetic knee. The prosthetic knee will probably be slightly flexed. The patient is to push their residual limb backward into the ball and try to straighten their prosthetic knee as the prosthetic foot remains in contact with the floor for the entire time.
Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5-15 times. Do 1-3 sets.

Jim Scharf, PTA, Prosthetic Assistant/Gait Specialist
Jim has been a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since 1988.  Jim has worked with lower extremity amputee patients throughout his career.  He serves as a Gait Specialist and Liaison when prosthetic patients are meeting with their therapists. Feel free to contact Jim if he can assist you in any way
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