BREWSTER DAY CAMP         Newsletter         June 1, 2017          Vol. 36 Issue 9
Hello Brewster Day Camp,

As we say in the Winter Office....IT'S ALL HAPPENING!

We are EMBARKING on the biggest adventure of the year as we move to Brewster in just a few days! The action verb EMBARK has two definitions - both fitting here:
1. To go on board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
2. To begin a course of action (especially one that is important or demanding).

I am definitely excited to hop on board the proverbial June ship bound for BDC '17 and begin an important, demanding, and exciting adventure this summer on Cape Cod. I hope you are too!

If you still wish to be with us this summer at BDC, there is a little bit of time left. Email or call right away - the contact information is below. If you have already enrolled, your Welcome Packet was already snail-mailed to you. Please remember to provide us with your Camper Health Info Forms (see reminder below).

In a few short weeks we will be ready to see you on the Welcome Walk at camp. Until then, I am sending you fair winds and lots of...

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS: Email here or call  888-396-CAMP (2267) if you have any questions about BDC!

"Embark on the journey with love.
It takes you from yourself to yourself."  

Please remember to mail, email, or fax your camper's health info forms* to our Summer Office by the start of camp! Fax: 508-896-2044. Thanks!
*Looking for a form? BDC happily accepts any state's or doctor's office health and immunization record form.

Members of the BDC'17 Leadership Team EMBARKED on a day of leadership training in the Winter Office in mid May. We are excited to share with you our formula for success at BDC this summer!

"The best of life is to embark on an advenure."  
~Oleg Cassini      

Ready to EMBARK on your adventure with us? 

Email here or call toll free at 888-396-CAMP(2267)!

Nurturing and Challenging Children and Families on Cape Cod with  
Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace since 1981!


Brewster Day Camp
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The Family Schools, Inc. and therefore Brewster Day Camp, embraces diversity in staff, students, families, and curriculum.   
TFS, Inc. and BDC do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, culture, age, religion, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or ability.