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Our pool is ready and so are we...GAME ON! 




"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." 


~ Michael Jordan     

GAME ON is what these smiles say! 

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Hello BDC Family and Friends,

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be 'ready.' At this time of the year, people often ask me, "Are you ready for camp?"

As a seasoned camp director, I prepare in the off-season for every eventuality of which I can conceive. As my staff will tell you, I create lists and lists of things that need to be accomplished in a timely manner. I anticipate with eagerness what adventures lie ahead given our wonderful staff (new and returning). I'm looking forward to re-connecting with campers and families who come back to BDC season after season as well as welcoming the newest members to our Camp Family. The reality is, however, that no matter how much planning and preparation I do, I honestly never feel quite..."ready!"

I think what matters most in preparation for something as exciting and all-encompassing as Brewster Day Camp is practicing being fully present. What guarantees that I will be really "ready" is allowing myself to be fully "in" any given moment so that I can truly enjoy, or effectively manage, whatever happens whenever it happens. Being "really ready" means, embracing life with an open heart and a 'can do' attitude - or in two words this means:


As we wrap up our last few days working in the Winter Office in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the sun is shining outside, the windows are wide open, and a warm breeze is blowing across our desks. We are eager to get to the Cape this week! We have a crew at 3570 Main Street working hard to check things off the To Do List, and in a few short weeks (21 days to be exact!) we will be fully ready for camp...

Let's get this GAME ON and enjoy some...
misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS: If you have already enrolled, your Parent Packet was sent in mid-May. Call us if you have any questions about the contents. Please be in touch as soon as possible if you are still intending to enroll as space is already quite limited many weeks. Email us here.  

Art materials + a keen sense of humor = GAME ON!
BDC Leadership Team

Most members of our camp leadership team met in mid May in our Pawtucket, RI Winter Office for a day of shared work, lunch, and laughs. (See image below.) We are ready for camp...GAME ON! See you soon on the Welcome Walk at camp!

If you have any questions about anything...


Wishing you and your family...    
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!