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Archery is a great place to practice being RESOLUTE! 

Be resolute in your goals, but flexible in your tactics."
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Feeling RESOLUTE in one gesture: TWO THUMBS UP!  

These campers are working together to make a weaving using a recycled hoola-hoop as a loom. Making art collaboratively sure takes a RESOLUTE commitment to teamwork and compromise!   

Sometimes being RESOLUTE makes you feel like a Superhero! 
Hello BDC Family and Friends,

Happy 2015! There is something about that number that seems so solid, determined, secure, confident. Dare I say? RESOLUTE! 

As I look forward into the new year, I am focusing my efforts on my attitude towards this year. I want to be: more determined in what I choose to do; more secure in my approach to that work; more confident in my skills and my abilities. In a word, this year I am focusing on being more RESOLUTE! 

I witness examples of this RESOLUTE attitude every day in the summer. Campers eagerly greet me on the Welcome Walk with their RESOLUTE plans to achieve all kinds of things at BDC. 
Campers say things like "Misa this summer I am going to get my Uber AHAA!" Or, "Today I am going to jump into the 6 feet of the pool!" Or "This week I am going to teach the camp a new song while I lead an assembly!" and the list goes on.
I think that camp kids have a natural orientation towards being RESOLUTE. These campers are not simply setting goals, they are approaching their plans with gusto! They are shaping an attitude which will ensure their achievement.

As we tumble into 2015, I challenge us all to approach this New Year like our campers: Be RESOLUTE in all that we do!

Sending you CHGS+P now and all year long, 
misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS. Do you know how many days until BDC 2015 begins? Go here!  

Self Confidence + Gentleness + Eagerness = RESOLUTE! Our staff have these qualities in spades! Many fantastic BDC counselors from last summer are already re-applying to work at camp this summer. (BDC Staff go here for the Returning Staff Application if you have not yet re-applied.) 


\ˈre-zə-ˌlüt, -lət\  adjective

1: very determined

2: having or showing a lot of determination

3: bold, steady
4: obstinate in a course that we approve

~ Merriam Webster Dictionary

Each season at BDC, members of the Leadership Team RESOLUTELY commit to supporting one another which ensures everyone's success!

Exuding calm, confidence, these oldest campers embody the word RESOLUTE.  

BDC's rising third grade boys in the final hours of BDC last summer show their RESOLUTE desire to remain in each other's embrace! 

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Wishing you and your family...
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!