BREWSTER DAY CAMP           Newsletter               July 21, 2014                      Vol. 29  Issue 14
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This Admirals Hill girl is definitely feeling CAMPY with her mermaid sand-art friend!

How many CAMPY faces can we fit into one photo?
BDC THIS WEEK  #5: July 21- July 25, 2014  

SPECIAL EVENT: This is Tie-Dye Week at BDC! Each camper will tie-dye a BDC shirt in ART (compliments of BDC) and wear it on Friday (providing you wash it as per the instructions we provide!)

EXTRAS: There is still room in some of these: Semi Private Swim, Tennis, Golf, Horseback Riding, Sailing School, SUP. Inquire at the BDC Office!

SWIM MEETS: Monday, July 21st at Wychmere Harbor (10:00-12:00). Permission slips have already been sent home with the swimmers! Wednesday, July 23rd, BDC vs. Orleans Recreation in our pool. Come join us at the BDC pool from 1:00-2:30!

YCP THEME: Colors of the Rainbow  
FAMILY SWIM: Our environmentally friendly pool is open and life-guarded free of charge M-F 5:00-6:30 daily. Call our office if the weather is dicey...we will let you know if the pool is open.  
MORNING: All Camp Assembly at Sailors Hill 8:50-9:30 for k-8th grade and Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill 9:30-10:00.

AFTERNOON: The BDC Player's Performance is at Admirals Hill Assembly 3:15 followed by a Popsicle. Please join us!  
"The best things in life are silly."

~ Scott Adams          

ANIMAL FIND of the WEEK: These baby toads are EVERYWHERE in Nickerson State Park! Pictured here are 71 frogs collected by Mariners Hill, enjoyed for a quick moment and then released back into the park for a happy life!

 BDC's Archery Head, Sophie Olmsted, demonstrates proper stance as well as Zen focus to this younger camper. When we get quiet and use our inner focus, we practice being CAMPY in a our souls.

Experience Golf at BDC this summer!

Every THURSDAY afternoon, Sailor's & Admiral's Hill campers may spend their first choice period having a semi-private golf lesson.

Lessons are offered at the Captain's Golf Course in Brewster, for $40 per week.

Add the lesson by contacting the Camp Office.

These Mariners Hill girls are feeling CAMPY, despite a windy, rainy day!


BDC is hosting a clothing drive for donated children's items. Donations will benefit Safe Harbor in Hyannis. They are requesting infant-12 year old sized clothing. Donations can be given to the BDC Office! This is the final week...

These Admirals Hill boys were definitely feeling CAMPY while they built a life-size Lincoln log cabin in the woods!
Wellness News

A family in the Young Children's Program is experiencing cases of the Coxsackie Virus. For more information about keeping your family healthy this summer, please visit the CDC website:
Hello BDC Family and Friends,

As we enter Week #5 at BDC, we are past the half-way mark in our season. We are embracing all that is at camp: joy, achievement, friendship, a spirit of adventure, embracing life with wild abandon, learning more and more about what makes each one of us unique, and letting that special spark ignite a fire in the hearts and souls of those around us...in a word, all of that amounts to being:
This word became part of our BDC lexicon last summer when I observed a camper struggling to say good-bye to his parent in the parking lot.  His mom was dropping him off at BDC and then was leaving on a business trip for a few days. I made a mental note to check in on the camper later that day. By way of asking this middle school age boy how he was doing, I said, "I noticed that you were having a rough start to your day. Are you feeling 'campy' now?" He looked up at me from under his baseball cap and with a wide-faced grin, replied: "You betcha!" He knew exactly what I was talking about...

Being and feeling "CAMPY" can happen anywhere - not just at camp. The trick is to bring all that the word CAMPY implies into your life no matter where we are...Are you feeling CAMPY today?

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp   

This Admirals Hill camper's face screams CAMPY!

Hard to find a CAMPIER moment than this Sailors Hill boy as he  poses with all of his 1st place swim meet ribbons that he has earned through his BDC summers!
Admirals Hill girls feeling CAMPY while they row the freshly-painted BDC dinghy...on land?!


THIS WEEK, the church is hosting its annual Bible Camp in the mornings. Please refrain from parking in the church lot until after lunch!   

Thank you in advance for keeping our busy parking lot safe for children and families. You are always welcome to park in the church lot next door to camp during drop off and pick up and use the BDC path near the Art Tent for easy access to the our campus. 


-Always follow the directions of the BDC Parking Attendants wearing orange vests.


- PLEASE: Refrain from using your cell phone when you enter our parking lot so that your full attention is on driving, parking, and helping your children. We are a cell phone FREE campus beginning at the incoming driveway!


-Use the white shelled Safe Path (through the trees) to stay away from cars near the BDC Office as you walk to and from the outgoing driveway lower parking lot. 


-Turn off your car when you exit your car to pick up your campers.


-While in the parking lot, children MUST remain with the adult who is picking them up/dropping them off (not playing with rocks in the lot, etc.)


- We are a smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking in your car while in our lot.



for helping BDC keep our parking lot SAFE!  


If you wish to pick up your child early from camp, please remember to call or stop by the Camp Office and fill out a memo! Please help us keep camp running smoothly...THANKS.

BDC's Art Head is looking for old nature, National Geographic, and Glamour magazines. Please drop them off at the camp office.

Matt McGue, Mariners Hill Head, always has his CAMPIEST face on!
Look at all of these smiling, CAMPY faces!

Hard to find a CAMPIER activity than dodgeball!

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From the BDC Family to YOUR Family,
we are wishing you...