BREWSTER DAY CAMP           Newsletter                  April 1, 2014                      Vol. 29  Issue 7
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Nurturing and Challenging Children and Families with Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace since 1981!

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When we feel BRAVE, we often make this sign: hands over head with fists pumping. A recent study showed that even people who are blind at birth and have never seen this action before, still do this when they feel successful... Now that is some human genetics at work! 


Spaces are Filling Fast
First Choice Schedules are Limited

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

NOTE: May 1st is the final date to shorten your schedule without penalty. If you need to change your days, please be in touch prior to May 1, 2014. Thanks! 

~ Robert Anthony  

Program Director: Scott Rizzo

Art: Valerie Richkin
Archery: Sophie Olmsted
BDOC: Taryn vanEsselstyn
Explore: Will Poirier
LEAP: Kelly Catano & Liz Mahoney (Week #8)
Field Sports: Jamie Law
STAR: Delia Harrington
WOW: Anna Lawler

Next month, we will announce all of the "water staff" (and MUGS!)

Doing something completely new at camp like learning to snorkel in the ponds on Cape Cod shows true BRAVERY! Camp is a safe place to practice being BRAVE!


Trusting a friend to help you walk around camp blind folded is surely an act of BRAVERY - for both people!
Hello BDC Family and Friends, 

Practicing BRAVERY can happen in all sorts of places. Camp is a place where both children and adults can strengthen our collective BRAVERY muscles.

All Winter and Spring, we, in the Winter Office, talk to parents and guardians on the telephone as well as interview returning BDC Staff and conduct in person interviews with the new staff applicants. I am struck by how often our conversations turn to: What do you hope to gain this summer? What skills would you like to learn in this job? What new thing is your child most looking forward to doing at camp? What are your biggest fears for your child in this new setting? How can we best support you and your family? What do you think will be the most challenging part of this new experience for you?  In what ways can we help you be successful?

Many of the these conversations revolve around moving outside of our comfort zones. Camp is a special place where children and adults rely on each other. Together, we create a sacred space where we ensure safety and success for all. When we trust this process, whether we are a child, a young adult, or a guardian, we feel BRAVE and are able to push ourselves to become more of who we are!

I hope that you will BRAVELY join us at camp with...
misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp 

P.S. May 1st is the final day to change your schedule without penalty. Please be in touch with any questions
. Thanks!

BRAVERY can often be seen when we take professional leadership. Pictured above is Camp Director, Milisa 'misa' Galazzi with fellow Executive Board members of the American Camp Association New England section. Misa is a Vice Present of the Board of Directors of ACANE and was recently recognized at the New England Camp Conference for her ongoing leadership among youth development professionals (aka: camp folks!) Look for this plaque in the BDC Summer Office - the entire BDC Family helped earn this accolade!

Early spring flowers like these Crocus sure are BRAVE. These delicate little flowers have been covered in ice and snow multiple times these past few weeks and they are still full of life and color!

Two community events on Cape Cod are being organized to honor Sam Grad, past BDC counselor and a mentor to many:

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, June 21st - Relay for Life
Join Sam's Squad at the Dennis, Mass. Relay for Life event where teams of people gather together for twenty-four hours to remember loved ones. There is music, food, and an incredible amount of great energy. The event will begin at 10am on June 21st at the Dennis-Yarmouth High School and will end around 9am the next day. Many people camp out overnight. Sam's Squad organizer and Sailors Hill Head, Lindsay Law would love to see a huge part of the BDC Family there even if it was just for an hour or so. Any support would be amazing! This event will give us a chance to honor someone who truly impacted each and every one of us in a special way. More details to come as the event approaches. For more information click here.

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, July 3rd - Sam's Bench Dedication
An annonymous member of the BDC Family has commissioned a Cape Cod craftsperson to hand carve a mahogany bench to honor Sam. We are calling this special place to sit, Sam's Bench! We will dedicate Sam's Bench at 5:00pm on Thursday, July 3rd with a small ceremony in his honor. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome! More details to follow.

BDC Camper Leaders, ages 14-16 years old, are BRAVE when they share their true selves with each other and the rest of the camp family!

Please join the BDC Family as we congratulate our Camper Leader Director (and one of BDC's first ever campers) Rich Peterson. He and his wife Julianna (also a past staff member), along with big brother and sister, Jacob and Ally, welcomed a healthy 9lb 21" Sadie Josephine Peterson, born at 5:42am on Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day). We are excited to meet you, Sadie!

From the BDC Family to YOUR Family,
we are wishing you...