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tie dye
This past week, campers of all ages wrapped up white t-shirts with  rubber bands to make their own unique tie-dye shirt. This summer, experienced Art Head, Valerie Richkin, used BRILLIANT colors such as indigo, tangerine, turquoise, and lime green to brighten our campus and bring smiles to our faces all week long. 
towel smiles
As the camp weeks swiftly unfold, campers and counselors continue to learn to have fun while discovering the special BRILLIANCE in celebrating each moment such as singing a favorite camp song together or laughing 'til your belly hurts. One of the most BRILLIANT parts of camp is practicing how to be "in the moment" and really embracing the here and now. This important lesson is one key to living a fulfilled and successful life: No matter what you are doing...Enjoy this BRILLIANT moment now! 

DATES this WEEK: July 29 - August 2, 2013


SPECIAL EVENT: Olympic Day on Friday!
*Player's Performance at Admirals Hill Assembly, Friday at 3:15. This Friday, the Players Performance will feature the Olympic Day Team Skits, typically a tie breaker in the Olympic Day Score Tally!

WATER WIZZ TRIP #3: Thursday, August 1st. Plenty of space available! Call the BDC Office or just stop by to add this Trip! 
SWIM MEET INFO: Wednesday, July 31st from 1:00-2:45 BDC vs. Camp Wingate Kirkland in our pool. All are welcome!

: M-F 5:00-6:30 (Weather permitting so please call if you are making a special trip). PLEASE PARK IN THE CHURCH LOT IF YOU ARE STAYING FOR FAMILY SWIM! Thank you.

EXTRAS: There is still room to add the following to your BDC camper's schedule: Semi Private Swim, Tennis, Golf, Sailing School, and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Inquire at the BDC Office.
NO SUP THIS WEEK #6 (Space is available Weeks #7 and #8!)

FRIDAY MORNING ASSEMBLIES: All Camp at Sailors Hill 8:50-9:30 and Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill 9:30-10:00. Please join us rain or shine!
tie dye vintage
Fifteen years ago when she was a BDC staff member, former Art Head, Jenny Nurse Candon, made these tie dye t-shirts in hopes that her own future children could enjoy their BRILLIANCE. Jenny met her husband, Chris Candon, at BDC when they were counselors together and they saved these shirts for their children to wear. Thank you Candons for taking this photo and sending it to BDC in honor of Tie-Dye Week. Even after years of being in storage, you can still see the BRILLIANT colors of these BDC tie-die shirts! The BRILLIANCE and joy of BDC now clearly lives on generation after generation... 
white caps game
This past Monday night, BDC sponsored the Brewster White Caps baseball game at the Stony Brook field. One of our stupendous Camper Leaders, Peter Quinn, threw out the first pitch! (See photo below right.) The BRILLIANT smiles of Peter, Marcia, and the Brewster White Caps Head Coach tells the whole story of that event!
animal find ANIMAL FIND of the WEEK: This week during an Admirals Hill Off Campus Choice Trip to Little Pleasant Bay, BDC campers found the empty shell of this massive horse shoe crab. BDC campers find fun animal friends on campus and thanks to the BRILLIANT planning of Off Campus Trips Director, Morgan Chase, our campers have the chance to explore other parts of Cape Cod, too!

Thank you in advance for keeping our busy parking lot safe for children and families.    


- If your  child is old enough to use the Hello and Go in the mornings, we encourage you to do so for easy drop offs between 8-8:45am! 


- Please drive slowly! Even when the parking lot is empty.


- Always follow the directions of the BDC Parking Attendants wearing orange vests.


- Put away your cell phone so that your full attention is on driving and parking. We are a cell phone limited campus. 

- Use the white shelled Safe Path (through the trees) to stay away from cars near the BDC Office if you have parked in the lower parking lot near our Exit.   


- Turn off your car when you go to get your campers - even if it is hot. The fumes from the exhaust are unhealthy for those nearby.  


- While in the parking lot, children should remain with you at all times.  


-  We are a smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking in your car while in our lot.



Here Are General BDC Reminders:

- Not sure what the Camper Expectations are at BDC? Go here to read BDC '13 Campers' Guide.

- Remember to pack a HUGE lunch with lots of healthy snacks. Campers burn nearly twice the amount of calories while playing at camp than they do sitting at a desk in school.

*SMARTLUNCHES: If you wish to purchase a pre-made lunch for your camper, please do it one week in advance by going to the SmartLunches website here.

- Prepare for all types of weather! If the weather is iffy, please send a rain coat! Even as we move to dry locations, ALL of our campers are encouraged to have the appropriate clothing.
Hello BDC Family and Friends,

It's official...the BRILLIANCE of Summer 2013 is undeniable. With passionate weather these past few weeks: Really, REALLY hot, breezy and exceptionally cool, followed by very, VERY rainy - all in one week, the BDC spirit still shines on! You will see in this edition of eWAVES, campers and counselors at BDC are embracing their time here with wild abandon. Together, we are all celebrating the precious summer moments which are all too quickly sliding by.

As BDC enters Week #6, we are practicing focusing on the BRILLIANT 'here and now.' Powerful synergy is created when we all focus on this together. At BDC right now, we are appreciating everything that we have made together so far, as well as anticipating what it yet to come. With only fifteen camp days left to enjoy, I am beginning to hear whispers of what is next...shhhhhhhhhhh, I say! We must focus on enjoying this BRILLIANT moment - right NOW!

With a little denial that August is fast approaching, I am wishing you...

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp  
blue fish counselors
After five weeks of camp, Tent Counselor pairs have mastered their dynamic BRILLIANCE with each other and with their campers. Between these two Blue Fish tent counselors' beaming smiles and BRILLIANTLY colorful hair, this photo radiates the spirit of camp!    

"We are a nation of communities...a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.

- Former President of the United States 

sponge colors
During the hotter days of this week, campers played water games with these BRILLIANTLY colorful sponges on our grassy hill. Nothing says camp fun like cooling off with bright, home made funny shaped sponges!  See photo below for proof! 
water fun
This camper is all smiles as he enjoys the BRILLIANT sensation of being sprayed by the hose on a hot summer day. When's the last time you ran through a sprinkler just for fun?  

As we slide into Week #6, it is especially important to remember that campers need to get LOTS of sleep. A sleep deprived camper experiences far more "slips, trips, and falls" than one who is well rested. A tired camper has a very hard time picking up his/her feet when walking and running, staying in his/her own space, and participating successfully in group activities. Remember, kids at camp are far more active and need MORE sleep in the summer (not less)! Get 'em to bed early folks so that we can have so much more fun at camp! Thanks for all that you do to support healthy campers - especially now.
in pool
Campers swim in our pool at LEAST once a day and are constantly improving their swimming skills! These Admirals Hill girls are taking a break from their Swim Team workout to share their BRILLIANT smiles before they return to practicing their flip turns!  
first pitch
Now that is BRILLIANT form! A big THANK YOU to all of the BDC supporters who came out for the game this past Monday night. The Cape Cod Summer Baseball League is the oldest and most prestigious wooden bat summer baseball leagues in the country. Elite college ball players come from all over the country to play and be seen by  MLB recruiters. BDC is proud to sponsor our local team and be part of the BRILLIANCE of summertime on Cape Cod. 

"(People) are like stars; some generate their own light while others reflect the brilliance they receive."

- Jose Marti   

This week our very own, Founder and Executive Director, Marcia Galazzi, is in Durban, South Africa. Marcia is serving as the sole USA volunteer at the International Transplant Games for people who have received donated organs. Marcia's niece, Robin, as she has done for the past three summers, is swimming on the US Team with a donated kidney. BDC wishes the entire US Transplant Team a safe and wonderful trip. The entire BDC family celebrates with you the BRILLIANCE of modern science! See you back at camp during Week #7, Marcia, with many tales to tell of your travels to the International Transplant Games! 
tie dye factory
The act of tie-dying is a fun activity for people of all ages! From our youngest children in the Young Children's Program to our oldest staff members, EVERYONE becomes a part of the BRILLIANCE that defines Tie-Dye Week at BDC!
waterfront view
Wishing you and your family...

 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace!