BREWSTER DAY CAMP         Newsletter          July 15, 2013       Week #4           Vol. 28  Issue 13
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Through BDC's various activities such as STAR (Song, Theater & Rhythm), LEAP (Learning, Exploring & Playing) and Art, campers develop their own RHYTHM in how to best express themselves. Finding your own personal RHYTHM that allows you to be happy and successful is an important life skill to learn even at a young age!      
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Friendships often have a RHYTHM... some start off slow and build trust over time, other friendships start off with a bang. Either way, summertime is a perfect time to invest in friendships and camp is the perfect place to do just that!

DATES: July 15 - 19, 2013


SPECIAL EVENT: GREEN & WHITE DAY (wear your tent color on Friday - see list right of which tents are green and which are white)
*Player's Performance at Admirals Hill Assembly 3:15

FAMILY POT LUCK PICNIC: Thursday, July 18th, is our annual Potluck Picnic and Talent Show. Join us from 5-6:30 for BDC fun! Details below. 
SWIM MEET INFO: Wednesday, July 17th from 1:00-2:45 BDC vs. Cape Cod Sea Camps. All are welcome! In addition, BDC Swim Team will travel off campus to Wichmere Harbor this week.

FAMILY SWIM EVERYDAY: M-F 5:00-6:30 (Weather permitting. Please call if you are making a special trip).

EXTRAS: There is still room to add the following to your BDC camper's schedule: Semi Private Swim, Tennis, Golf, Sailing School, and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Inquire at the BDC Office.

FRIDAY MORNING ASSEMBLIES: All Camp at Sailors Hill 8:50-9:30 and Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill 9:30-10:00. Please join us!
BDC swim shirts
BDC MERCHANDISE: New grUVy Swim Shirts just arrived in the camp store and are for sale along with the following items: sweatshirts, t-shirts, lunch boxes, draw string bags, water bottles, pens, and MORE! 

This Thursday, July 18th, is our annual Potluck Picnic and Talent Show. Join us from 5:00-6:30 for BDC fun.

5:00-6:00pm - Pool open for Family Swim, Potluck Picnic and Ice Cream Truck to benefit BDC Camperships. Bring a few dollars and help send more kids to BDC next summer. Thanks in advance!

6:00-6:30 - The Camper/Staff Talent Show

Details: Sign up at the BDC Office if you plan to attend the potluck. Let us know what you are bringing. Please bring enough food for 6 people.

All BDC families are encouraged to attend, including the under five year old camper families in the Young Children's Program. Please park  in the church lot and on the grass if you plan to stay at camp after 5:00. See you then!  
lamp painting
Campers spent the first half of the day with their BDC Buddy groups (older campers mentoring younger children) making for a pleasantly different kind of RHYTHM on campus. Like some other special event days at BDC, campers were able to walk around from station to station participating in various Creative Arts activities.  

"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances."

- Maya Angelou  


Ah pyramid
These Admirals Hill girls have certainly found their RHYTHM amongst each other as they demonstrate their physical harmony in this pyramid during a Crosby Beach trip! 
snake find
Our 8 year old boys group, the Hobiecats,  met this slithery friend while spending time down at BDOC in the log circle. After identifying it as a Northern Racer Snake and giving it the name "BDOC," the group let this little guy go back to peacefully wiggling around the woods.   

Thank you in advance for keeping our busy parking lot safe for children and families. You are always welcome to park in the church lot next door to camp during drop off and pick up and use the BDC path near the Art Tent for easy access to the our campus. (The only time during the summer that this is not an option is during morning drop off during Week #5, July 22-26.)   


General Lot Reminders: 


- Please drive slowly! Even when the parking lot is empty.


- Always follow the directions of the BDC Parking Attendants wearing orange vests.


- Put away your cell phone so that your full attention is on driving and parking. We are a cell phone limited campus. 


- Use the white shelled Safe Path (through the trees) to stay away from cars near the BDC Office. 


- Turn off your car when you go to get your campers.


- While in the parking lot, children should remain with you (not playing with rocks in the lot.)


-  We are a smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking in your car while in our lot.



Hello BDC Family and Friends,

We're in the RHYTHM now! Camp has become a perfected dance with lots of fun dips and twists. Our counselors are in sync, the central schedule is running smoothly and the summer is practically dancing! Campers are experiencing their own RHYTHM as they become comfortable in the swimming pool, taking part in a Player's Performance, holding the bow and arrow correctly at archery, and telling a joke at assembly.

If you are just joining us - WELCOME to mid summer as we now enter Week #4! Our BDC RHYTHM is easy to join. The ebb and flow of campers coming and going throughout our eight camp weeks makes for a rhythmically flowing current of summer joy!

And speaking of fun...please join us at our mid summer POT LUCK PICNIC and Camper & Staff TALENT SHOW on Thursday, July 18th. See more details in the left column below.

Joining you in the dance of summer and wishing you...

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp 

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony." 

-Thomas Merton 

sand box happy camper
During drop off and pick up everyday, campers have the opportunity to freely play with friends on their hills. This camper, like many, have gotten into a RHYTHM of peacefully playing with friends in the sandbox, while others play on the swings, or on the kickball field.   
GREEN & WHITE DAY: Friday, July 19th

This is a simple and fun Special Event Day at BDC: Wear your tent color (see below) on Friday and earn green or white beads at all activities! The two teams will work together throughout the day to see which team earns the most beads! 
Mariners Hill
Green Seahorses and Blue Fish - GREEN
Pink Dolphins and White Sharks - WHITE

Sailors Hill
Sprites, Hobiecats, Lasers - WHITE
Windjammers, Beetlecats, Javelins - GREEN

Admirals Hill
Baybirds, Thunder, Lightnings - GREEN
Wiannos and Flying Dutchmen - WHITE  
start line
BDC campers traveled with Field Sports Head, Molly Olmsted, to the Dennis-Yarmouth High School track to compete in a meet against other camps in the Cape Cod Association of Independent Camps. We may have been small in numbers (12 BDC campers attended while most other camps sent 50-70 campers), but we sure were mighty winning SECOND PLACE overall! Way to go BDC runners! 
CAD fun
This past Friday we celebrated Creative Arts Day with many variations of "art" represented at camp. Special thanks to all of the  guest artists who painted, sang, strummed, turned, and sketched at BDC. In the spirit of creativity, every camper decorated his/her own BDC bandana with lots of color to wear around camp. One Camper Leader, who has been part of many Creative Arts Days at BDC said, "This special event day just keeps getting better and better each year. This one was the best, yet!" We agree! 
CAD pen making
Associate Director, David Michel, made his annual guest appearance as our official "wood turner" and produced several iPad & Tablet styluses. David donated his styluses to the BDC Office and they all sold Friday afternoon to benefit camperships at BDC. A BIG thanks David, for your time and craftsmanship! 
CAD pic
As one of the many forms of creative art on display on Friday at BDC, a renowned clarinetist visited our campus to share her talent with our campers. It was a true pleasure to have so many talented people at BDC. A special thank you again to all of our visiting artists!  
balancing boys
These Mariners Hill campers have found the right RHYTHM and balance up on their hill. When's the last time you saw six 5 and 6 year old boys working together so harmoniously?  
General BDC Reminders

- Not sure what the Camper Expectations are at BDC? 
 Go here to read BDC '13 Campers' Guide.

- Remember to pack a HUGE lunch with lots healthy snacks. Campers burn nearly twice the amount of calories while playing at camp than they do sitting at a desk in school.

*SMARTLUNCHES: If you wish to purchase a pre-made lunch for your camper, please do it one week in advance by going to the SmartLunches website here.

- Get lots of sleep. Most campers need more sleep in the summer because their bones are growing much faster now than in the winter due to all of the vitamin D from healthy exposure to the sun. 

- Check for ticks! Check your body thoroughly every day - especially the creases and your head. 

- Prepare for all types of weather! If the weather is iffy, please send a rain coat! Even as we move to dry locations, ALL of our campers are encouraged to have the appropriate clothing: Admirals Hill campers (grade 5-8) should bring warm clothes, long pants, and socks - sometimes, you might go ice skating or bowling on a rainy day! Everyone should bring a rain coat on cloudy days!

Wishing you and your family
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!