BREWSTER DAY CAMP         Newsletter           June 2013           Vol. 26  Issue 9
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Nurturing and Challenging Children and Families with Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace since 1981!

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BDC is nearly full in many groups.

Tho, some groups have a little space on a few days...

If your child is not yet enrolled...

BDC and we will work to accommodate you! 


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At BDC, successfully being part of a group is one way that we help campers learn valuable life skills. No matter if you are an A's fan or a B's fan, we all work together to make our groups a fun place to be part of camp.    
Enrolled Camper Reminder:
BDC Camper Health Forms

Please mail your child(rens) health/immunization forms to:

Brewster Day Camp
3570 Min Street, Brewster, MA 02631

or fax (508-896-2044).

Our state license requires that every child have a health record in his/her fie.

Thank you in advance for helping us to comply!

"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."  

~ Meister Eckhart

excited girl star jump Sometimes beginnings can be scary or overwhelming. At BDC, we help children feel safe by introducing them to a counselor and another camper within the first five minutes that they are on campus. How's that for COMMENCING friendship building?!
water drops
Water and sun help the flowers and trees COMMENCE growing and blooming. This iris is about to pop!


"Most things, even the greatest moments on earth, have their beginnings in something small."

~ Lauren Oliver

Hello BDC Family and Friends,

This month, the earth tips closest to the sun allowing the northern hemisphere to experience the longest days and the shortest nights. With all of this wonderful daylight, we have an opportunity to clearly see what we wish to COMMENCE. No matter if you are finishing Kindergarten or your BA from college, we are all COMMENCING the next thing. As we lean towards the first day of summer on June 21st, embrace this opportunity to start something new, be bold, get going! Begin again, start anew, initiate, open, lead off, and launch are all synonyms for COMMENCE and that is what we are all doing together this month. With all of the sun's energy so close, this is a perfect time to do it - whatever your 'it' is!

We in the Winter Office are getting ready to let BDC 2013 COMMENCE. We will begin our full-time work in the BDC Summer Office on June 10th. Come join us this summer!  If not in person, then virtually through our weekly eWaves posted every Saturday morning throughout the eight weeks of camp. Look for your next eWaves on June 22 - the first full day of Summer 2013! 

Soon, we will be standing together on the BDC Welcome Walk. Until then, I am wishing you... 

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

Camp is COMMENCING in this many days: here!  
Liz and Misa
BDC Now: Congratulations to all of the college graduates - especially those who work at BDC! Associate Camp Director, Liz Mahoney (pictured left), graduated from college last Friday and COMMENCED her work in the Winter Office on the following business day. Misa (Camp Director pictured right) and Liz eagerly await Assistant Camp Director, Rob Glancy's arrival back from his ten day trip to India. A dozen years ago, Rob and his closest college friends dreamed of COMMENCING this pilgrimage to the homeland of one. Safe travels all. See you soon on Cape Cod!

"Finis origine pendet"

or "the end depends on the beginning"

~Manlius, Roman Poet

dive in
Our crystal clear environmentally friendly pool is now ready for you to dive right in! Do you have a bathing suit that works for this summer? If not, Lands End Camp will help you get ready! GO here!  
Franny's tree
Cedar shingles and blooming crab apple trees are sure signs of Cape Cod getting ready for summer. How are you showing that you you ready for camp? 

"The beginning is the most important part of the work."

~ Plato 

BDC Reminders
For Enrolled Campers

We hope that you have received your official BDC
Welcome Packet in the mail with all of the information that you and your camper need to make a smooth transition to BDC. If you have any questions, please call us at 888-396-2267 until June 6th and at 508-896-6555 after June 10th.

New this summer, please order Smart Lunches directly from their website beginning June 3rd by going to www.smartlunches.com if you would like to take advantage of hot lunches delivered to your child at camp.

We look forward to welcoming you in person on your first day of camp no matter when that COMMENCES!


boys lunch table
Wishing you and your family
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!