BREWSTER DAY CAMP            Newsletter                     May 1, 2013                    Vol. 28  Issue 8
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Campers at play in the summer - especially at BDC - burn many more calaroies per hour than children sitting at desks studying at school during the winter months. Very often in the first few weeks of camp, campers eat right through their entire lunch and parents are surprised to find completely empty lunch boxes when they get home! PLEASE talk with hour child now about the types of lunches and the amount of food that you will need to pack for your child. Kids need LOTS of SUSTENANCE to keep playing happily at BDC!

"Food is our common ground, our universal experience."  


~ James A. Beard   
watermelon cutie
Hardly anything needs to be said about this photo except: YUM!

" Food brings people together on many   

levels. It's nourishment of the soul and  

body; it's truly love."


~ Giada De Laurentiis     
swans eating
This swan couple is enjoying some preening in the sun and some snacking of micro organisms in the water. Sun and food are such a nice combination! At BDC, we eat outside as often as we can - in fact most days. How delightful is that!? 
Research shows that the most healthy diets include eating foods consisting of as many different colors as possible. Did you know that cherry tomatoes came in all of these shades? See how many colors of natural foods you can eat in one day....tell us when you get to camp!

Hello BDC Family and Friends,

When we take care in choosing what we eat, how it is prepared, and in what way the food is consumed, we provide SUSTENANCE for ourselves and our family. In this way we truly SUSTAIN our health. For children this is especially true as they grow brain cells, muscle tissue, and strong bones. Literally, growing bodies are created from what is ingested - we truly are what we eat!

With this in mind, new this summer, BDC is contracting with a wonderful lunch vendor called Smart Lunches (now replacing GoPicnics as our purchased lunches). Smart Lunches will provide daily fresh, hot lunches, to campers who pre-order food from the new company's online store. 

From the Smart Lunches website:     


"...Food isn't just a nutritional 'pill' we take; food is something to enjoy, to savor....At Smart Lunches we believe in offering great choices in moderation. (Our) meals are filled with nutrient-dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, milk and whole grains..."  


BDC is pleased to partner with this wonderful company. Watch your email for more specific BDC information about Smart Lunches. In the meantime, for general information about the company, go here.  


Joining you in SUSTAINING a healthy lifestyle beginning with what we eat, I am of course, also sending you lots of.... 



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Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp  

P.S. Camp is coming so soon. How soon? Go here!  

Many of our fantastic staff STILL need a place to stay on the Cape while they work at BDC. Please let us know if you have a room to rent, mother-in-law quarters, a garage apartment, or a full house which needs care. Our staff members are over 18 years, are highly responsible, and are thoughtful young adults. Call our office at 888-396-2267 or email us here if you know of any available housing options for our staff. THANK YOU!

"SUSTENANCE is a means of sustaining
health or life." 
Cropped Leadership
BDC NOW: Members of the BDC'13 Leadership team (and some canine friends) met for a half a day last weekend to plan for the best BDC summer yet! We talked, we brainstormed, and we shared some food which SUSTAINED us as we worked hard to make BDC'13  awesome.
boy lunch
Each day campers at BDC sit together at their own picnic table with their own counselors and eat with their own tent group. Just like the importance of eating dinner together as a family, this type of consistency in routine builds trust in our groups. When we take the time to eat routinely with those that we love our most essential relationships are SUSTAINED.
This shell from a spider crab was found on the beach just like this--leaving proof that some other animal enjoyed a tasty meal. As you walk around outside, look for the clues of animal dining. This makes walking in the woods or along the ocean even more interesting! 
grassy lunch
At BDC, younger and older campers enjoy picnicking together. There is something so delightful about eating together in this relaxed way. When was the last time you ate a picnic? If you have to think about it for more than a few seconds, it's been too long!

We welcome Smart Lunches as a partner of BDC. For more information go here.

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Wishing you and your family