BREWSTER DAY CAMP         Newsletter       December 1, 2012        Vol. 28  Issue 3
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beach boys
Remember a few short months ago when we were so WARM that we could wear only a swim shirt and trunks at the beach? This WARMTH will return..we promise!

"All of the statistics in the world can not measure the warmth of a smile." 

~ Chris Heart   
girl hugs young and old
How much WARMTH can four smiles generate?!
For those of you who read these eWaves each season, you will remember last year's Cranberry Pie. Well, this year's was even prettier AND we are including the Michel Family recipe below. It's supper simple to make....and what could be WARMER than sharing a slice of delicious homemade pie! 
I add a little more cranberries - it's Cape Cod, after all! 
Pie Filing
WARM cranberry raisin pie filling heating on the stove....now go make it! It's sooooo good. 
Oh yeah...summer WARMTH is on it's way!   
Hello BDC Family and Friends,
At this time of year, we in New England lament the fact that it is nearly pitch black at 4:00 in the afternoon. As I write this note, a slushy mix of rain and snow is presently oozing from a heavy grey sky - a wintry mix - as they said on the Weather Channel this morning! Cold. Dark. Damp....

WARMTH seems to be an apt theme for eWaves this month. Both a physical as well as an emotional salve, WARMTH is something for which we human beings all long. Especially at this time of the year, some of us become harried and stressed with end of the year pressures as well as holiday preparations.

I hope that this email will remind you to share your WARMTH this month. Bundle up, wear toasty sweaters, dig out your favorite slippers, and drink lots of WARM tea. Make a yummy pie, share a hug or just a smile. Slow down and sit by the fire talking with a friend or a dear family member.

As the days continue to grow shorter this month until the Winter Equinox on 12/21, embrace the dark and share some WARMTH. In my humble opinion, this is the essence of the Holiday spirit for which we all run around looking in stores and online. Sharing WARMTH costs very little so you can have a lot!

Wishing you all the WARMTH of this season as well as...

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp 

P.S. Look for your BDC Holiday Card arriving in your snail mail box in mid December. We hope that will you enjoying seeing how many BDC Staff members you recognize in the camp photo! 

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?
~ John Steinbeck    
R and M
BDC NOW: When thinking about this month's theme of WARMTH, we (Rob and Misa) decided that we needed to photograph ourselves outside with our WARM hats, gloves, and winter coats. In the camp world, we rarely get to see each other clad in our winter wardrobe. Happy EVERYTHING this month, as we in the BDC Winter Office wish you and yours, a WARM Holiday season!
Back by popular demand, we are once again offering the BDC Map for sale this season. Commissioned in 2011, our very own Taryn vanEsselstyn (2012 Art Head) created this beautiful map of our campus. We have sold many of these colorful posters. Order yours today! 
To order your own print of this unframed poster in a convenient 16" x 20" size on high-quality and heavy poster stock, click the link below. Ready-made frames for this size poster can be easily found at stores in your community such as Michael's, Target, Wal-Mart, Utrecht, etc.

$20 per unframed poster* (including all shipping charges).

Click HERE to email us your order request... 

*Don't wory... Your print will not include the "No Copies" watermark.

 Embracing the warmth of community...

Early in the morning of November 30th, our neighbor, the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church, was destroyed by arson. Fortunately, no injuries were reported
during this 3-alarm fire.

Our thoughts are with the CCBAC community
during this difficult time.
lindsay cheer
At camp, the WARMTH of a gifted BDC Staff member can make your day as well as your life. Thank you BDC staff for all that you do! In early January, we look forward hearing from you all about BDC'13!   
nature cake
Making art together with found objects from nature is one way that BDC campers create a feeling of WARMTH between each other. 

good cheering!
Wishing you and your family