May 8, 2014
BOOST your iCalmDog
with Expanded Battery Power

Double the standard battery charge to 12 hours!

You leave for work and there's just a hint of rain blowin' in. Where's thunder-phobic Buster? He be cool; he's got iCalmDog!

Bad thunderstorm rolls in later that afternoon and your home's lost power. Where's Buster? Still cool; still listening to his iCalmDog. 

Expanded battery power will last 12 hours on a full charge.

Now available for new iCalmDog purchases. Previous iCalmDog purchasers can upgrade, too! 

12-hour battery charge is great for:
  • Travel
  • Crate time at dog events
  • Power outages 
  • Camping Trips
  • Long summer days at the beach  
  • Busy people that forget to charge  

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