April 8, 2014


Prevent Noise Phobias in Puppies   




There's no better time to prevent noise phobias than before they start! This 2-CD set helps your puppy form positive associations with the human soundscape. Household and outdoor sounds are intermixed with clinically tested calming music. Prevent Noise Phobias is a great addition to the Calm Your Puppy series.


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Comfort your Elderly Canine, V3


Continuing in the tradition of the beloved Elderly Canine series, this recording is specifically designed for a senior dog's sensitive nervous system. People with older dogs love this bioacoustically designed music because it soothes and helps settle.   





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500 iCalmDogs are homeward bound and will be in our fullfilment house next week. Buy now and save 10%. Get 'em while supplies last!  





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