Through A Dog's Ear
February 6, 2014

Where Does Your Dog Bring Her iPawd?
Wow! We've got a fun contest with great prizes for you... just in time for ValenDog's Day. All you need is a photo, video, brief story, or poem.

Show pooch(es) with an iCalmDog on social media. Videos, pictures and stories can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Vine, Blogs, etc. Do one or as many as you like!   
THREE Contest Categories (Pick any or all) 

1. Humorous

2. Heartfelt

3. Geographically intriguing    

What will I win? 

  • One winner per category: Receive an plus a bonus
    Micro Card from our Music & Training Store. Value: $119 
  • Grand prize winner: Receive the above, PLUS 3 iCalmDogs to be donated to the non-profit animal org of your choice. Value: $359       

    What do I do?  

    1. Submissions must include at least two of the following three elements:
  • Photo (including iCalmDog)
  • Video (including iCalmDog)
  • Words or poem    
  • Grand prize submissions must include a poem (see details below) 

    2. Begin posting anytime
  • Add #iCalmDog to all of your social media postings
  • Submit separate posts for each category (optional)
  • Make sure your Facebook posts are public
  • Final submissions due 2/12/14, at midnight PST 

    3. For the Grand prize... A poem brings it home   

    In addition to a photo or video, post a free or rhyming verse. Limit 12 lines. All text must include the following three phrases/words:

  • iCalmDog
  • Through a Dog's Ear
  • Your dog's name

  • 4. Do I need to already own an iCalmDog to enter?

    Nope. This contest is open to all. Get creative. Find images online and pair them with a poem. Think outside the box. Innovative posts will get noticed! 


    Who Wins, How, and Why? 

    Winners TBA in our newsletter, February 14. Click to subscribe and be the first to hear.  



  • Amy Burkert, Ring Leader, 
  • Joshua Leeds, Author, Producer, Co-Founder Through a Dog's Ear 
  • Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, Blogger at  

    Winning selections are based on originality and creativity. Have fun!

    We're looking forward to seeing all your great posts.  




    - Lisa Spector & contest team 


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    Contest Rules Recap
    • Add #iCalmDog to all of your social media postings  
    • Submit separate posts for each category  
    • On Facebook, make sure your posts are public   
    • Must include a picture of an iCalmDog  
    • Grand prize submissions must also include a poem   
    • Final submissions: February 12, at midnight PST 
    • Have fun      

    The small print

    Submitters grant permission for use of submissions for iCalmDog promotions. Full credit granted.