January 11, 2014

I put on "Through a Dog's Ear" and went upstairs. When I came down, look at what I found... 

~ Laura Dorfman 
Dog Trainer 
Chicago, IL

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* Add to your own collection.
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* Gift Calm your Puppy to your office mate getting a new puppy.  
* Share with your dog park (agility, K9-nose work, etc.) buddies.
* Lay one on the neighbor who's dog barks incessantly.
* Dig them in a hole to save for 2014 gifts and holidays.
** Send 'em to your favorite shelter or rescue org.


Delivering Calm,
Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

** Through a Dog's Ear is helping increase adoption rates in over 1,600 shelters and rescues worldwide. 50 donated Elderly Canine CDs currently en route to The Grey Muzzle Organization.  

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