June 10, 2013

Dear Cat and Dog Loving Friends,

Yes, you read that right! Through a CAT's Ear is launching today! Since 2008, we've had the privilege of helping dogs around the world. By adapting leading music and sound therapy principles, thousands of dogs now find it easier to live in the human environment.


Simplified classical piano music has been our secret sauce... and adding sonic anchoring and frequency modulation, we believe that we can help anxiety-ridden cats, as well.


The Kitties are Talking

"Tootsie is a very skittish cat and hates it when visitors arrive, of any species. My new husband's dog came to live with us and we played Through a Cat's Ear to help Tootsie adjust. She settled down instantly and is content with both a new man and dog in our household. Amazing!"

                                                                                          Jodi M.

Half Moon Bay, CA  

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