April 18, 2013

Canie Household
Music for the Canine Household
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Music for the Canine Household is designed for "Mind Alert/ Body Relaxed" for the 2-leggeds, while the 4-leggeds settle by your feet. I actually write all of my blogs on the sofa, while Sanchez, Gina and I listen to it. Read my blog post, Music to Inspire Human Creativity.  



What dogs and their people are saying about Canine Household...
Karen and Darby


"Music for the Canine Household is lovely, and my dogs agree. The Schumann and Schubert are so beautiful that they practically bring me to tears."  Karen P.



Jenny and John
Jenny and John





"I work from home. Music for the Canine Household helps keep me 

focused and productive, while Jenny happily lies by my feet. Before I know it, an hour has zipped by and it's time to hit repeat."  

                                          John T.   




Dianne and Tru





"My four dogs and I were sleeping on various friend's sofa's after our home was destroyed in a fire. Music for the Canine Household helped me focus on getting a new home while it kept my dogs settled and comfortable in new surroundings."         

                                     Dianne M.   



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