January 5, 2013

A Gift for You on My 51st Birthday!
(Go figure!!)

Dear Dog's Ear Friends,

And the party begins.... I am 51-years-old today! Oy, I don't even want to think of how many dog years that is. (Yikes, 357!!!) Getting older by the minute, I have a perfect gift for you and your dogs.  

One Day Only..... January 5th!  

Any 5-CDs from the Dog's Ear Music Library for only 51 buckaroos. That's a $24 savings! 

Whatcha going to do with 5 Dog's Ear CDs?   
* Add to your own collection.
* Gift Elderly Canine to a friend with a senior dog.
* Gift Calm your Puppy to your office worker getting a new puppy.  
* Share with your dog park buddies.  
* Lay one on the neighbor who's dog barks incessantly. 
* Save 'em for 2013 gifts and holidays.  
*** Send 'em to your favorite shelter or rescue orgs.  

This is a win/win. Everyone gets to celebrate. It's a great chance to do a solid in your local dog world.


To claim your discount, simply follow these 4 easy steps: 
1. Click here for listing of individual CDs.
2. Choose five or more to purchase! (any combo) 
3. Hit "Add CD's to Cart."  
4. In "Enter coupon code" box, type "Lisa51Birthday" 

That's it! You will be charged only $51 (+ shipping, taxes, etc.) for any five CDs. (Doesn't apply to downloads or Lisa's Marketplace.) 


Looking forward to celebrating my 51st on January 5th with you. To continue our virtual party, join our Facebook page.

Party On,
Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

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