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November 8, 2012
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Dear Dog's Ear Community,


Think Global, Act Local!
Now you can make a direct and wonderful difference, immediately....


Through a Dog's Ear LOVES Muttville. This San San Francisco rescue organization finds senior dogs that have been given up. Muttville locates suitable new homes for these loving canine elders and  provides end-of-life care for those that are not adoptable.


This is BIG HEART territory!!


In honor of Senior Dog Month, we've created a matching campaign. For every Through a Dog's Ear book or CD purchased on our website November 8 - 15, we will match and donate a copy of  Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine to Muttville, to send home with a new adoption. Our goal is 250 CDs. Can you help out? Start your holiday shopping early...  


It's a matching campaign made in heaven! Your generosity supports senior dogs in need of comfort and your dogs even get new music! Wowzer! This is an indisputable good bowzer moment!   


We all win when we take care of each other, don't we?  


Musically yours, 

Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

Calm Canine cover Calm Canine cover Vol 2 Music to Calm your Canine Vol. 3 Driving Edition cd Canie Household TADE book  


Muttville Matching Campaign details:

  • For every TADE book or CD purchased at, we'll donate a copy of Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine to Muttville.
  • Applies only to TADE book and CDs (does not include Canine Noise Phobia CDs or Downloads). 
  • Orders must be placed between November 8-15th.
  • Also applies to Special Offers (i.e., buy our 6-CD Dog's Ear Library, and we donate 6 CDs.)   
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