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October 25, 2012
FREE Comfort Aromatherapy for you & your pooch!
BUY any two TADE CDs and a bottle of

Dear Dog's Ear Community, Comfort Aroma Mist


Through a Dog's Ear has been clinically demonstrated to calm canines through auditory perception. However, each dog is an individual and has different sensory strengths and preferences.

Sometimes when things get overly stressed around my dog house, I add COMFORT AROMA MIST Aromatherapy.

The COMFORT Spray is a blend of lavender, chamomile, and sweet orange. Citrus essential oils are in the 'mood lifting' category, great for dogs or people that tend to crash when stress is present.

Comfort Aroma Mist comes from Lisa's Marketplace, and includes products that I love and use with my own dogs, Sanchez and Gina. All profits support Through a Dog's Ear Shelter/Rescue Programs - currently at 1,500 facilities world-wide and growing daily!

From October 25-27, buy any two Dog's Ear CDs, and we'll send you a FREE bottle of COMFORT AROMA MIST - an $11 gift from Through a Dog's Ear

Musically yours, 

Lisa Spector
Co-Founder, Through a Dog's Ear

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FREE Comfort Mist Promotion Details:
  • FREE Comfort Mist promotion applies to TADE CDs only purchased at (not including Canine Noise Phobia CDs or Downloads). 
  • FREE Comfort Mist promotion applies to all orders placed between October 25-27.
  • A FREE Comfort Mist spray will be added to any order equivalent to two CDs ($29.96 and up), including bundled sets.  
  • Limit of one promotional FREE Comfort Mist spray per customer.   
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