Be The Movement


Issue #127


 April 23, 2013

"Hearts Facing North.  Feet Moving Forward"
  -- George Colli, NBC-Connecticut

Boston StrongWhat a roller coaster week of emotions it has been. As the events unfolded, I felt like I was watching a spy-thriller movie. Only it wasn't a movie where you can count on a happy ending. It was all too real. Instead of actors, those affected were friends, customers and colleagues. The community that I cherish was brazenly attacked. It hurt even more that it wasn't necessarily runners who were the targets, but our family and friends who spectate, support and volunteer.


What happened next was the stuff movies are made of: bystanders using their own jackets and belts to make tourniquets, first responders and medical personnel running towards the explosion sites to help the injured despite the continued threat of danger, while athletes, depleted after running 26.2 miles, raced towards area hospitals to donate blood. Bostonians opened their houses up to strangers. The police and the FBI worked tirelessly and fearlessly to ensure that, just like in the movies, the Good Guys prevailed.


As staffer Schuyler commented, "One act of violence was met with a thousand acts of compassion". And that made all the difference.


The compassion and perseverance of our community was never more evident that at last night's Boston Tribute Run that honored the spectators, volunteers, first responders and runners in Boston. What I thought would be a small gathering of runners, blossomed into 450+ participants - young & old, fast & slow, fit & overweight, experienced & beginners - whose generously donated over $8,000 for the One Fund. Local running stores across the nation hosted similar events last night and it is estimated that together we raised $1 Million!


The crowd's reaction as I introduced our honorees for the evening - Kate Rich, who cheered and high-5'ed runners at this year's marathon, Melanie Borsari, our Adidas tech rep who was helping at Marathon Sports, a locally-owned running store that was the site of the first bomb, Peter Kot, a police officer for the city of Bristol and Doug Benedetto, who finished his first Boston Marathon less than 30 minutes before the bombs exploded - made me even prouder to be part of such a supportive community.


I got goosebumps as our honorees led the group, American Flag held high, in a meditative mile loop that silently flowed up LaSalle Rd as bystanders clapped and nodded in support. I felt the love of family as we united to sing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, and never got tired of exchanging hugs, smiles and cheers of Boston Strong!


Many thanks to everyone who joined us (physically or virtually); to my amazing staff for helping to pull this event together in less than 5 days; to Rich Baber, Susan Sacco, Sarah Miner and my parents for volunteering; and to George Colli of NBC Connecticut, Michael McAndrew of the Hartford Courant, Ronni Newton of the West Hartford Patch for capturing the spirit of the event so beautifully.


Special thanks to Dave Austin at Fresh Ink who worked his magic (and a lot of overtime hours) to print 400 "Runners for Boston" shirts in less than 48 hours. Not only did he not charge us a Rush Fee, but he made a donation to the One Fund as well.  


It is a true honor to be part of the running community because of people like all of you.


Boston Strong!


Schuyler's Shoe Review:


The Asics Nimbus and Cumulus have a following. Now in their fifteenth year, this hero and sidekick duo have provided a plush neutral ride with a trademark Asics fit. So fans of the series might be worried that this is one of the most substantial updates ever to this pair of favorites. But these are the right kind of updates, enhancing the fit, feel, and function of the shoes without sacrificing the key traits that made them popular in the first place.


Asics Nimbus 15The Nimbus 15, Asics' top-end neutral trainer, sees the addition of FluidRide and FluidFit. While this may sound like the shoe will flow right off your foot, these two systems allow for a smoother, more natural ride without sacrificing the massive cushion that makes the Nimbus what it is. FluidRide incorporates two stacked layers of foam under your foot, providing for a smooth transition from heel- or midfoot-contact to toe-off. And FluidRide is gender-specific, accounting for differences in the biomechanics of men's and women's feet. FluidFit in the upper of the shoe consists of a multi-directions stretch mesh that accommodates foot swelling over distance and better holds the foot to the cushioned platform.


Asics Cumulus 15The Cumulus 15 keeps a little bit closer to tradition. While there is no FluidRide or FluidFit, the shoe is still improved both under the foot and around it. Increased Gel in both the heel and forefoot is paired with a softer foam liner for a plush ride. More overlays on the upper are heat-welded to reduce stitching and irritation against the foot. This shoe also provides for an overall firmer feel, which can feel quicker than the pillowy cushion of the Nimbus.

Stacy's Sports Medicine Corner

Piriformis Syndrome

Stacy Provencher

The hip is a complex joint that requires sufficient mobility and stability to enable us to function in our daily tasks as well as perform athletic activities such as running. Having too little or too much mobility or not enough stability can cause problems. The key is to find the balance between the two.


The hip can be affected by many different factors such as the way the foot strikes the ground, poor sitting posture, core weakness, and muscle imbalances. Even the act of running itself, since it is a repetitive motion, can contribute to hip pain if other exercises are not done to counteract the overuse of the muscles used during running.


As you can see, a lot of things can go wrong in the hip. For the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on different aspects of the hip and how it relates to running injury and performance. Today, the focus will be on a common condition known as Piriformis Syndrome.


Click here if you have ever had a pain in your butt (literally) and/or want to learn more about piriformis syndrome.

Love Wins Update

Ana Marquez-GreeneThanks to everyone who purchased Ana's "Love Wins" Sweaty Band. With over 200 bands sold, we were able to donate $2,750 to the Ana Grace Fund, which provides direct financial support to the Marquez-Greene Family who lost their beautiful daughter in the Sandy Hook tragedy.


Love Wins Sweaty BandsOne of Ana's favorite sayings was "Love Wins". She believed that love could conquer all the bad, negative things in the world. That phrase has become a rallying cry for her family and friends, as well as in the running community, especially after the bombings in Boston.


There are still a few of Ana's Bands remaining. Call the store if you would like us to reserve one for you. 

What the FF Staff is Wearing

Better than Naked Shirt - MenColton - Better Than Naked Shirt & Shorts (men & women): I'm a minimalist when it comes to running. No, not in the Born to Run kind of way...more like I don't like to have a lot of stuff on me. Just give miles of dirt, a few hours to explore them, a good pair of shoes, some energy gel and this sweet set from The North Face.


The top and bottom both are constructed with FlashDry which offers superior dry time and breathability. The split-esque shorts have no inner-thigh seams (goodbye chafing!), two easy-access hip pockets that work for on-the-fly fueling as well as a secure zippered pocket on the rear perfect for a key or ID card. The top features a combination of stitch-less seams and flashy physiologic ventilation panels that provide incredible comfort even at high-exertion levels - and a bit of style too!


Jill K - Anue Premium Yoga-wear (women): These pieces weren't even fully unpacked before I had to buy myself some. Once you feel how luxuriously soft and flattering they are, you'll do the same! Each piece is made with Anue's exclusive Nirvana Kama Racerbackfabric - a sueded, eco-friendly micro-fiber that is tantalizing to the touch, yet moisture-wicking and designed to perform during your toughest workouts.


I really love the Arise Skirt with its ruffled booty pleats and lack of liner so I can wear it with capris (had to get the coordinating Skree Capri) or my own fav compression shorts. On top, go with the Kama or Ananda Racerbacks - one has beautiful lotus print, the other is solid indigo with metallic detailsing on the back. Gorgeous!



Minimus CapriSteph - Minimus Capri (women): Being around so much great apparel at work each day makes me really picky about the pieces I purchase for myself. One of my "must-haves" this season is this pair of capris from New Balance's performance line called NBx. What first attracted me was the reflective graphics on the lower legs which help cars see me even when it's dark. But then I tried them on. Oh wow! They fit like second skin without feeling like a compressed sausage.


Super-soft, stretchy with a no-sew waistband that is ultra-comfy and a back zip pocket that fits my large car key. I also love that the fabric has Polygiene Silver Ion technology that resists odor just in case I decide to run to the grocery store after my workout.

Tough Mudder Training Program:

Starts May 14

Tough MudderYou've seen the photos. Watched the video. Heard the stories. And despite it all, you are still crazy enough to want to do it.


The Tough Mudder is an event like none other. It consists of 10 miles of hills and mud on Mount Snow in VT (over 13,000ft of elevation change!) and 25 military-style obstacles designed by the British Special Forces. Think walls, barbed-wire, monkey bars, mud pits, tunnels, fire, ice water and electric shocks. It's a fearsome challenge and an epic adventure!


Our 12-week training program begins on Tuesday, May 14 and will consist of coached hill runs on Tuesday's at 6pm, weekend trail runs and "discomfort training" field trips lead by Tough Mudder veterans (i.e. swimming in cold lakes, learning how to get over walls, speed crawl under barbed-wire and through pipes, etc). There are also optional "fun"ctional strength workouts at The Playground (you choose your workout days/times). This program will give you the physical and mental toughness AND the camaraderie needed to finish this race.


Our goal is the Tough Mudder New England event on August 10 & 11. The Training Program fee is $125 (or $350 with a 3-month membership to The Playground) and includes your training plan, knowledgeable coaches and a cool team shirt. The fee does not include your Tough Mudder race registration.


Sign-up online or in the store.  Questions? Email Coach Jill. 

Triathlon Training Program w/TTNE

Olympic Program Begins April 24

Sprint Program Begins May 8

**Drop-in Passes Available**

Team Training NE 


Diving BoardThat was what my son's diving coach yelled to him while he stood perched on the 3 meter (10 foot) diving board.  He was ALL the way up there looking down at the water, hesitating.  What was he waiting for?  The water wasn't going to get any closer, warmer or softer.  Either he was going to dive or he wasn't.  Waiting wasn't going to change any of that.

If you have ever thought about doing a triathlon, ask yourself, "What am I waiting for?"  The race isn't going to get any shorter, easier or harder.  Whether you do it this year, next year or in 2020, it will always be a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run.  Your life probably won't get any less busy.  You might never be in "better" shape (whatever that means).  

The Team Training New England 2013 training program begins the week of May 6.  It will be 10 weeks of fun, expert, preparation, all centered on getting you across the finish line.  You'll make new friends, find workout buddies, learn how to care for your body and bike, and probably get in the best shape of your life.  Oh, did we mention it you might actually enjoy yourself?  


Still not sure?  Call or email us and let us know what you're thinking...we just might have an answer that helps.  

For the next two weeks, we also offer drop-in sessions, so you can check out the training and get a good workout, before you decide.  All the information is on our website.

Decide to Tri.

Email Coaches Lynne and Janice or call 
860-256-4491 for questions.  Click here to register.

p.s. This might be the final push you or your friends need to sign up!  Because what's better than doing a triathlon?  Doing one with a friend or family member!

Featured Races

Granby Road Race - 5k & 10k

Saturday, May 4 at 8:30am: 


It's time for the 42nd running of the Granby Road Race, one of Connecticut's historic road events! The 10K race starts at 8:30 a.m. at the Granby Middle School on Route 10 and leads runners on a 6.2 mile course that covers both paved roads and scenic wooded trails in McLean Game Refuge.  The 5k race runs partly through Salmon Brook Park.


There is also a Kids Superhero Challenge that is free and open to kids ages 0-9 years old.  Costumes are encouraged!


The race was originated by David Hildreth, former longtime Granby resident, and Dave Bale, another long time Granby resident, to celebrate the first Earth Day in 1970.  For the third year in a row, the Farmington Valley YMCA is organizing the race and proceeds will support its Strong Kids Program, which provides scholarships to send kids to Camp Chase.


Grand prizes are awarded for first, second and third place for men and women in the Open Class and many merchandise prizes for each age division as well. There will also be prizes for the first Granby resident male and female finishers.  Shirts for the first 200 registrants.


Register online or by e-mail



Bellton Spring Sprint 5k & 1 Mile Kids Run

Saturday, May 4 @ 10:00am 


The Belltown Spring Sprint is a 5K race and 1 mile Kids run to benefit East Hampton High School Project Graduation. The race will starts and ends at the East Hampton High School (15 North Maple St).


The kids race begins at 9:15 and the 5K at 10:00. The race winds through local streets and around a section of the shoreline of beautiful Lake Pocotopaug. There will be free t-shirts for runners registered by April 27th, medals for all kids race participants, awards for the top male and female runners and age group categories, food, music and for the first time this year a vendor fair with selections from local business.


For information e-mail or call Karen at 860-462-6760. To register online, click here


Visit the race's Facebook page too!




 28th  Annual Sharon Classic Road Race

Saturday, May 4 @ 10:15am


Admired for its beautiful race route and small town charm, the 5-mile Sharon Classic also features an extensive festival of events for spectators and runners on the Town Green, where the race begins and ends. With one of the largest cash prizes among Litchfield County races, the Sharon Classic Road Race offers Grand Prizes of $250 to each of the top male and female runners.


New this year, the Sharon Classic is offering a $250 bonus for setting a new course record. Men's record is 24:59, set in 2011and Women's CR is 28:38, set in 2009.


Sharon, in the Northwest Corner, is a quintessential New England town and an easy drive from Avon, Canton, Farmington, Burlington and west. Not as far as you think, a visit to Sharon is worth the drive, and the Sharon Classic is an event you don't want to miss.


Register online here. Day-of registration will start at 8:00 a.m. on the Sharon Town Green. The entry fee for the Sharon Classic is $23 ($28 on race day - $12 for Walkers). For additional information, visit our website or contact Karen at or 860-364-0407.

Mango Almond Butter Dressing

By Aubrey Schulz 

Get Out & Play - & Soak-up Vitiman D

Slowly the ground is warming up. With the warmth of the sun, shoots of green emerge from the earth. Our palettes gravitate to lighter tastes, like lettuce, sprouts and asparagus. This dressing is so versatile and pairs nicely with all sorts of greens and grains. Try it over a shredded carrot salad with sunflower seeds and spring herbs, like chives. Mix some with rice and sliced red peppers. Maybe you can get some of your family members to eat their veggies dipped in this sauce. I enjoyed this a dip for homemade lettuce rolls. The possibilities are endless.


Mango Almond Butter Dressing



  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 1/4 cup liquid aminos (or soy sauce)
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup mango juice
  • pinch of garlic powder
  • pinch of onion powder
  • pinch of red chili flakes



1. Puree in a blender until smooth.

2. Store the leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container.


Aubrey Schulz is a certified nutrition and triathlon coach with Get Out N Play She works with clients to help them reach their nutritional and athletic goals, both in the kitchen and out on the road. This summer she is teaming up with Lake Terramuggus Triathlon Race Director Bill Honeck for a destination marathon
training program. The group training program begins in July and culminates with an October marathon in Bar Harbor ME.



Mon-Thurs: 10-7

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Phone: 860-233-8077




All events are at Fleet Feet Sports unless otherwise noted.

Wed, April 24 @ 6am

 Morning Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All abilities welcome

More Info HERE


Wed, April 24 @ 6:30pm

Evening Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All abilities Welcome!


Thurs, April 25 @ 6:30pm

Adidas Shoe Demos

Balega Sock Trial

Track Workout

at St. Joseph Univ Track

All Abilities Welcome


Fri, April 26 @ 6am

Morning Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All Abilities Welcome

More Info HERE


Sat, April 27 @ 9:30-11am

FREE Injury Assements

by Select Physical Therapy

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Sun, April 28 @ 5:30pm

Yoga for Runners

Bring a mat, towel & $10


Mon, April 29 @ 6am

Morning Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All Abilities Welcome

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Wed, May 1 @ 6am

Morning Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All abilities welcome

More Info HERE


 Wed, May 1 @ 6:30pm

Evening Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All abilities welcome


Thurs, May 2 @ 6:30pm

Track Workout

Univ of Saint Joseph Track

All abilities Welcome


Thurs, May 2 @ 7pm

Bra School & NB Psyche

Sports Bra Launch Party

RSVP here


 Fri, May 3 @ 6am

Morning Fun Run

3-5 Casual Miles

All Abilities Welcome

More Info HERE


Sun, May 5 @ 5:30pm

Yoga for Runners

Bring a Towel, Mat & $10

Stacy's FREE Injury Assessment Schedule

 Injured Runner

 We are pleased to have Stacy Provencher on-staff as our Sports Medicine Director & Certified Athletic Trainer.  Stacy will be available during the below hours to offer free injury assessments and help fit customers with medical issues and injuries. Appointments are encouraged, but not necessary.


To contact Stacy, call 860-233-8077 or email her at


Learn about common injuries and treatments in Stacy's Sports Medicine section on our web site.


Mon: 2-7pm


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Thurs: 10am-2pm


Fri: 10am-2pm


Sat: 9am-Noon

(every other Saturday
when Select PT is not present)

FREE Injury Assessments

Sat, April 27 - 9:30-11am

Select PT Hotline

Injured?  Don't know whether you can run/play sports or if you should really see a doctor?  Come to our FREE Injury Assessment Clinic staffed by certified Athletic Trainers from Select Physical Therapy.


These free clinics will be offered every other Saturday.  No RSVP necessary.


Can't make the clinic or need an assessment sooner?  Email or call the Select PT FREE Injury Hotline:





Sports Bra School: Learn Your A, B, C, D & DD's!

Thursday, May 2 @ 7pm

  New Balance Sports Bras


Think about 10 women you know - or don't know for that matter. Chances are seven of those 10 are experiencing some sort of breast discomfort resulting from an ill-fitting bra. This is what the statistics say - an astounding 70% of women don't know their proper bra size. Extrapolate the stats out a little further, and that works out to seven billion distressed breasts in the world right now. Which begs the question: are yours two of them?


Don't be so quick to answer "no" since you may be experiencing breast discomfort and not even know it. Chafing, pinching, digging, riding, bunching, aching, shoulder indentations,

underwhelming underwire or the

dreaded uni-book are NOT NORMAL!


That's why we are psyched to have Audrey Kirkland, New Balance Women's Design Lead and professional bra expert, in-store on Thursday, May 2 at 7pm. Audrey will educate us on the A, B, C, D, & DD's of bras and launch New Balance's brand new line of innovative sports bras dubbed NB Psyche.


We'll have antioxidant-rich snacks (think red wine and dark chocolate) and all ladies in attendance will receive NB Psyche Bucks to use on their next (perfectly fitting) sports bra!


Let us know you are coming by calling the store at 860-233-8077 or emailing Caitlin. Event limited to 75 women.

Summer School for

High School Runners

Cross Country

The key to a successful XC Season is getting in a good base of summer miles - but it can be hard to get motivated to run in the summer heat when you are all alone.


That's why we are going to host Summer School for high school runners beginning July 2 through mid August.  We will host a 3-6 mile run on Tuesday's at 6pm (meet at the store) and a track/speed workout on Thursday's at 6:30pm (meet at University of Saint Joseph Track).  Along the way, we'll have guest experts to teach you proper form and
dynamic warm-ups, nutrition samples, gear demos...and prizes for attendence!


 The program is FREE though you'll need your parents permission.  More details to come, but join our Facebook group to stay in the loop. 



Special thanks to Paul Cashman at Fairfield Prep HS for helping make this program possible!




Wed Night Fun Runs
6:30pm (at the store) 
Fun Run Crowd

Join Duncan & a great group of Fleet Feet Friends for a casual fun run each Wedensday night at 6:30pm.  We go between 3-5 miles (a route for all abilities).  All paces, including walkers, are welcome to join us. 

It's a great way to meet new friends and running partners.  


Meet at the store.  Runners are required to wear reflective gear and lights when it's dark (we have gear for you to borrow) so everyone is seen and safe! 

Note: Fun Runs are canceled during snow and thunder storms and when roads/sidewalks are too icy and dangerous.  Check our Facebook page on Wednesday's for status of run.

Thurs Track Workout



Track workouts are back!


Do you feel the need for speed?  Or maybe your workout routine needs a little spice.  Join Coach Schuyler each Thursday for a fun track workout that caters to both beginners and more experienced runners.

At our first Track Workout of the season, we had an amazing 70+ people attend - everyone from 5 minute to 12-minute milers. 

Join us every Thursday - 6:30pm at the University of Saint Joseph Track off of Asyulm Rd in West Hartford.   Please park in the upper parking lot (NOT the O'Connell Gym lot or we risk losing our permit to use the track).


 These workouts are designed for runners of ALL abilities.  The goal is to help you get stronger and faster.  This is your opportunity to get professional coaching for free - and meet some great fellow runners. 



 Can't make it to the workout? Email Schuyler to receive his Weekly Workout email so you can still get your speed-fix in!


[The rumors are true.  Schuyler will be leaving us in late May to move to the Tacoma, WA area.  Stay tuned to the next newsletter for details on our "Schuyler Send Off" party!  But rest assured, our Track Workouts will continue post-Schuyler.]

Yoga for Runners

Sunday's at 5:30pm

(for competitive people who

can't easily touch their toes)

Yoga for Runners
Do Something Different

In our Sunday 5.30p Yoga class we discussed the concept of doing it differently. Members of the class all received an assignment. They are going to take the yoga pose that they love and the pose that they hate and practice those poses during the week. We tend to do what feels good. We like comfort. With this said, its often a good thing to step out of what's comfortable and familiar. Try something different!


Comfort is not a bad thing. Getting uncomfortable is the best way to get stronger. Now, I am NOT talking about being in pain. I am talking about pushing your boundaries. For example, do you normally run on a treadmill; try the roads. Do you always run on the roads; try a trail run. I am typically a solo runner and I run long miles by myself on the roads and in the woods. I have decided to try a few more group runs.


The most obvious suggestion I can offer is to try our Fleet Feet Yoga Class if you haven't already. Step away from your comfort zone a few times and see how it feels!



Meghan's Web Site

Twitter: @MegColFanning



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Lunch & Learn

Did you know that the experts at Fleet Feet Sports offer free presentations and workshops that are perfect for corporate wellness Lunch-and-Learn series?


Choose from a variety of topics including Injuries & Proper Footwear Selection, Core Health, Minimal Running, Intro to Triathlons and an on-site Fit Clinic. We can also assist with starting a Running and/or Walking Program to help you and your co-workers live fit!


For more information and to schedule a lecture, check out the Community Section of our web site.

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