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July 2013
You Need a Wellness Plan
Mitigate Risk With Effective Wellness Screenings
Workplace Wellness Tip: Promote Preventive Care
Protect Against Hepatitis
On-Site Primary Care
Become a Better Athlete
Schedule Sports Physicals
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How committed are you to wellness? This edition of Health e-News shares some great information and motivation for establishing a strong wellness plan within your organization. The healthier your employees, the healthier your organization will be. Now that's something to get excited about!

Wellness and preventive care go hand-in-hand, so we're also focusing on building relationships with primary care providers. Our own Connection Specialst, Sarah Jedlicka, is available to help employees choose the primary care provider that best suits their needs. For more information, browse the articles below, and be sure to share this pertinent news with your workforce. Their version of this month's newsletter is available at:

To your good health, 

Holly Tomlin

Manager, Wellness and Employer Solutions

Affinity Health System

PlanYou Need a Wellness Plan  

You've heard the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The same goes for workplace wellness initiatives. If you want a healthy workplace, you need a strong wellness plan.
Affinity Occupational Health can help.
Our partnership with our customers starts by assigning every account a dedicated wellness account specialist. Your wellness account specialist will work with your organization to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current status of your wellness efforts along with outlining your vision for future growth and enhancement. Looking at your past activities and experiences, along with the future data that we obtain through our health risk assessments, employee interest surveys and hands-on experience, we will work together to design a comprehensive annual operating plan that clearly outlines the following:
  • Goals and objectives
  • Areas of need as identified through the HRA, employee interest survey and other data sources
  • Estimated participation
  • Incentive structure for each activity
  • Projected cost
  • Implementation date and timeframe
  • Responsible parties
  • Status
  • Outcomes
Your annual operating plan will be a working document that we will review with you and your team on a regular basis to ensure that all initiatives outlined continue to meet your goals and objectives. 
With so many changes occurring rapidly in health care these days, you need a sound wellness plan to help keep your employees--and your organization--strong and efficient. For more information, call Tammy Davis at (920) 628-1532.

Blood PressureMitigate Risk With Effective Wellness Screenings  


Do you wish you could identify and resolve employee health issues before they weigh heavy on your company's bottom line? You can--with HRAs.
A health risk assessment (HRA) is one of the best tools available for evaluating employee wellness. An HRA is a comprehensive questionnaire and wellness screening used to identify personal risk factors for each individual employee. Collectively, the Corporate HRA Summary Report is a road map for improving employee health for an organization. It helps employers gauge overall health improvements from year to year in the employee population and to identify key areas in which to focus wellness programming and interventions.
An HRA includes:
  • Confidential online health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • On-site biometric screening--total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, ratio total cholesterol/HDL, triglycerides and glucose
  • Measurements--height, weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI) testing
  • Personalized, confidential health profile report
  • Corporate summary report providing aggregate data on the health issues of employee population
How does it help your organization?
When you use your HRA data to invest in the right wellness programs, employee health improves. And when employee health improves, there is a positive impact on medical costs, absenteeism, productivity, and many more organizational benefits!
How does it help your employees?
HRAs enhance your benefits package. It's a tool that tells employees you care, and you are willing to invest in their well-being. HRAs help employees gain knowledge of their personal risk factors, which enables them to make healthy lifestyle changes to avoid illness, chronic diseases, and improve their overall health and wellness.
Call us today
Effective wellness programs start with an HRA. It's the first step toward creating a comprehensive wellness culture for your workforce. For more information, or to schedule your on-site wellness screenings, call Tammy Davis at (920) 628-1532.

Blood pressureTry This! Workplace Wellness Tip:

Promote Preventive Care  

By Megan Klug, wellness account specialist
Affinity Occupational Health

As an employer there are things you can do to help keep your employees current on their preventive care and aware of their overall health. Try this tip to help promote annual visits with a primary care provider (PCP). 
Kick off a PCP campaign! 
Annual visits with your primary care provider are important because they track your health throughout your life and provide a regular time each year to receive the screenings or immunizations you need to stay healthy. These visits emphasize healthy lifestyle habits and prevention, and promote overall health. Your physician can best see changes in your health when you are examined and given care at regular intervals. 
  • Hang up posters and distribute handouts emphasizing the importance of having an annual PCP visit, what to expect at a yearly visit, and age-appropriate screenings.
  • Send e-mails or payroll stuffers to everyone on the insurance plan outlining benefits and highlighting the preventive screenings that are offered to them at little to no cost. Include health, dental, and vision benefits. Many employees are unsure of what their benefits include and may be hesitant to go for their annual visit fearing that it will not be covered.  

Hepatitis: Is Your Workforce Protected?World    


Did you know? Around the world, 500 million people are living with chronic hepatitis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the liver, generally caused by a virus. One in three people have been exposed to it. Are you protected?

July is designated "Hepatitis Awareness Month" by the World Hepatitis Alliance. It's the perfect time to consider offering hepatitis vaccinations to your workforce. Effective vaccinations for hepatitis A and B are available through Affinity Occupational Health. For more information, call us at 1-800-541-0351.

To learn more about hepatitis, visit   

Primary carePrimary Care Now Offered in Affinity On-site Clinics   


A primary care clinic staffed by Affinity/Ministry Health Care providers can be implemented at companies with 250 employees or more. On-site clinics offer optimal access and convenience for employees and can treat both work- and non-work related illness and injury. The return on investment for an on-site clinic can be substantial. To identify whether an on-site clinic is feasible for your company, Affinity/Ministry offers a feasibility study for zero cost or commitment.  


Affinity/Ministry also offers on-site provider placement for companies smaller than 250 employees. If a full on-site clinic is not viable, Affinity/Ministry has the ability to bring health care professionals to your site. This can include a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, a physical therapist or wellness specialist for as little as four hours a week.  


Whether it is a few hours a week or a full-time on-site clinic, Affinity/Ministry has a solution to contain costs and bring quality health care to your organization. A feasibility study is available for provider placement as well as on-site clinics. Contact us today to explore your options:

Become a Better AthleteRunner    

GAIT Analysis offers unique insight 


Want to become a better athlete? Affinity's Gait Analysis Program (GAP) is designed to evaluate an athlete's running form and provide feedback on ways to improve form and prevent injuries. GAP evaluations are performed by our licensed athletic trainers and supported by Affinity's team of orthopaedic doctors.

Join us for a free informational seminar!
Tuesday, July 23
6 p.m.
St. Elizabeth Hospital
Fowler Room

This hour-long talk will focus on common injuries experienced by the novice and tested athlete, as well as how GAP can help athletes with perennial problems not alleviated by conventional rest and treatments. GAP Director Joe Fox and Affinity orthopaedic physician Dr. Alex Garcia will discuss the common injury situations an athlete will face and the underlying anatomical reasons for developing these issues, along with how a gait analysis can make runners faster, safer, and more efficient.

This free seminar is being offered to spread awareness of GAP to coaches and athletes experiencing hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot problems in the upcoming fall and winter seasons. For more information or to register, contact the Gait Analysis team at   

SportsSports Physicals: Now Is the Time to Schedule   


The first day of school may be several weeks away, but now is the time to schedule your child's pre-sports physical. If your child's school or coach requires a health examination prior to participating in athletic activities, Affinity Medical Group pediatric and family medicine physicians are available to see your child and sign the necessary forms. Call your primary care provider to schedule an appointment.

Don't have a primary care provider? Affinity Occupational Health's connection specialist, Sarah Jedlicka, will be happy to connect you to the right provider for your needs. Call her today at (920) 628-1510. 


Cindy BudiacWelcome Cindy Budiac     


The Affinity Occupational Health team is pleased to introduce Cindy Budiac as our newest account manager. Cindy joined us last December in the role of wellness logistics representative. Since that time, she has more than proven her value to the team through her ability to manage multiple tasks requiring the utmost attention to detail; her drive and determination to continuously learn and take on new initiatives; and her desire to contribute to the growth and development of our programs and services. In addition to her years of experience in health care, Cindy also worked for ten years in sales and business development. 

Cindy and her husband have been married for 14 years and have two boys, ages 10 and 11. She was born and raised in the Fox Valley and loves being outdoors in the summer, boating and tending her flower gardens. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially attending baseball games--her children's or the Brewers.

Please welcome Cindy to our hard-working Sales team! 

Cereal with blueberriesBreakfast With the Experts

Share your ideas!


Planning is underway for our 2013-2014 Breakfast With the Experts series. Is there a topic you'd like to know more about? We welcome your questions and suggestions for upcoming breakfast presentations. Please contact Sarah Jedlicka with your ideas at
Your Affinity Occupational Health Sales Team 
Holly Tomlin, manager of wellness and employer solutions for Affinity Occupational Health, enjoys building relationships with clients while finding creative solutions for their needs.  Holly's background includes 15 years of experience in the health care field, with a strong background in employee assistance programs and occupational health. As a certified massage therapist, Holly has a special interest in educating others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including wellness and prevention initiatives. 

Tammy Davis, account manager for Affinity Occupational Health, provides corporate clients with valuable information regarding services offered through Affinity Occupational Health. She works closely with clients to determine their specific needs for health and wellness services. Tammy has a bachelor's degree in business administration from UW Oshkosh and over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and customer service. 


Cindy Budiac
, account manager for Affinity Occupational Health, is available to help clients determine the right services and programs for their needs. Cindy has more than 15 years of experience in clinical health care, sales and business development. As our newest account manager, Cindy looks forward to meeting you and partnering on all your occupational health needs. 

To contact Holly, Tammy or Cindy, call the Affinity Occupational Health office located in Menasha, at 1-800-541-0351, or e-mail, or