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November, 2013

Preventing CO Poisoning with Annual Maintenance


CO Poisoning There's no doubt about it: an annual heating system inspection and follow-up maintenance is essential to the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. Many agencies, including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, EPA, National Fire Prevention Association and the American Lung Association, encourage the regular maintenance of home heating systems and chimneys in order to keep "the silent killer" at bay.  A simple maintenance plan and monthly check-up can help prevent this silent and odorless killer. 

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So . . . you're prepping to sell your home?
What To Do With All This Stuff?

An Organizer's Guide to Recycling, Repurposing, Selling & Donating in Northeast OH

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Tips & Tricks

Leak Finder
Pour a packet of grape Kool-Aid in the toilet tank.  If the water in the bowl turns purple without flushing, your toilet is slowly leaking water and money down the drain.  Installing a new flap or seal usually fixes it.

Throw Rugs
To make a scatter rug lie flat, shellac the underside. When dry, apply a mild solution of laundry starch; let dry before using.

Winter is a good time to plant grass
Proper winter seeding will make for a smooth spring growth. Your lawn will take advantage of the early growing season and save you the trouble of messy spring planting. 
Men Make Things Fit!
Men make things fit
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