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March, 2013
Key Features of an HVAC System

While the first considerations when buying a new home are usually the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, or floor treatments, the heating and cooling system is often the feature with which most people are dissatisfied after they've lived in the home for a while.

HVAC System The important features of an HVAC system are:  

Design and type of duct work - If the ducts aren't sized and balanced properly, the home will never be comfortable. Externally insulated round ducts are the most efficient; long runs of flexible duct are the worst.

Refrigerant - Federal law requires R-22 to be phased out in 2015; what little that remains available for servicing after that will be very expensive, so consider using the environmentally friendly R-410A.
March Madness
It's Northeast Ohio Selling Season!

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Historical Homes
Structural Issues

Anyone buying a historical building should know that significant structural issues may be part of the deal. 
Outdated construction techniques and components may present unique problems. Mortar may be failing, fireplaces may not be safe to operate, inadequate electrical and heating components, inadequate insulation, settling, inoperable windows and binding doors.
A professional inspection helps the prospective buyer to fully understand repairs and upgrades that may be needed to feel more comfortable with the buying decision.
Tips & Tricks 
Coming in and out with your hands full? 
Rubber Band Trick
Loop a single rubber band around a door's inside and outside knobs, twisting it as you do so that the "X" presses the latch open. Once finished, hang the band on the inner knob for the next time.

Moving Time
No need to buy pricey, not-so-eco-friendly Bubble Wrap. Socks, T-shirts, and towels make excellent padding when boxing up breakables for a move. 
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