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January 2013
How to Prepare A House for a Home Inspection

A Fundamental Primer That Gives an Explanation to Your Clients


Realtors® routinely have clients ask them how to prepare for a home inspection. These are routine steps sellers can take to ensure that the inspection goes off without a hitch. Most are regular maintenance chores and quite easy and inexpensive to do.  Some of these remedies are obvious but might be overlooked by anxious sellers. 

Proper Drainage  

□ The grade of the land should slope away from the home so that water is diverted away from the house.

□ Downspouts, sump pumps, condensation drains, and the like should all drain away from the home. 

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Fireplace Maintenance & Safety Tips
Tis' the Season
No matter what type of fireplace you have or what you choose to burn in that fireplace, it is very important to use a fireplace safely and know how to properly maintain it.  
Tips & Tricks

Full Power
Rechargeable batteries are the ideal way to power most household items including clocks and remote controls, which use little power.  But experts recommend single-use batters for flashlights and smoke detectors because most can sit idle longer.

Super Glue Sloppy?
Rub peanut butter on your hands and wipe away with a towel. It works like a charm!
Happy New Year
15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own
Think Housewarming Gifts for First Time Buyer

HammerThe following items are essential tools, but this list is by no  means exhaustive.
Broken Compact Fluorescent Bulb?
CFLs contain a small amount of mercury and when on breaks it can become airborne.  Open a window to air out the room for 15 minutes and use a stiff piece of paper to scoop pieces into a sealable plastic bag.  Blot up remaining fragments with tape, wipe surface with a damp paper towel and tuck into the bag.  Dispose of as directed by local rules.
Additional Inspection Services offered:
  • Wood Destroying Insects
  • Radon
  • Septic
  • Well
  • Mold
  • Commercial Buildings


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