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Jazzed About Jazz!

Jazz is quirky. Jazz is unique. Jazz is excited to meet you! At first he's a blur of copper-colored fur, but once the initial flurry of wags and wiggles subsides, he leans in for some reassuring cuddles. He looks at you with those golden eyes and you're hooked. And his crooked smile with teeth pointing out at impossible angles just makes him, well, impossibly endearing!  

A sweetly affectionate lover of laps, the 18 lb. terrier has clearly learned to compensate for some dental irregularities - yet has so much loyal companionship to give. That is why we are asking you to help us spread the word about this amazing little guy and help us find him a home where he will be loved and treasured... (Read more...)
There's something about Sonia!

When Sonia arrived at SHS we saw a happy, people-loving dog. In fact many had lined up to adopt her the very day she became available. But we'd received reports from our volunteer walkers that she was limping and appeared to be in pain. We soon uncovered a previous fracture to her femoral head which would require ostectomy surgery. Her adopter was not deterred by the news and was very supportive and patient with the process, offering her the post-op recovery she needs. Sonia is now healing in a comfortable home with her new dad and doggy sibling. The amazing people of our community deserve a shout out for supporting the work we do by adopting "less than perfect" pets who actually turn out to be perfect for that amazing person who was able to see the special in them!

♥Mickey Meets His Match♥

Remember Mickey from our last newsletter? The adorable silver grey kitten was found when he was just days old, orphaned in a bale of hay. By the time he got to SHS he was in dire shape. Suffering the acute symptoms of Panleukopenia, a highly contagious disease, he received lots of love and medical care while we kept him separate from our other animals. Happily, the sweet survivor made a full recovery and has officially left his orphan status behind! He is now living the good life in his forever home with his lovely new human!

Otto is Outta Here!

Otto has hit the jackpot!!!! His new family drove all the way from San Francisco to meet him. They recently lost their elderly Californian rabbit, and were ready for another handsome Californian bun. Otto's digs are what we wish for all rabbits that we adopt out. A large open space: inside only with multiple litter boxes, spaces to crawl, hide and play in, lots of toys and goodies to keep his days full and busy. They are even working on a bunny dating session with a rabbit rescue to find him a bunny buddy. We couldn't be more pleased and his new family feels the same way. Congrats Otto!!!
Who makes these Happy Tails possible? ♥YOU DO!♥
Your support of our programs makes all the difference to animals in need of a second chance. Donate today and be a part of someone's Happy Tail!

Who's waiting for a Happy Tail of their own? Meet our adoptables!
Wicket scores a sweet family at the Healdsburg Center!
This Is Happening!Healdsburg

Healdsburg Center Manager Alison Lane reports that in June, we had 15 adoptions and in July we saw that number go up to 34! "We're getting more volunteers in to visit with the animals, and to help out at the front desk, which has been great to see. We've been getting a lot more people walking in to check out the building and to see who's available for adoption."
As we continue to grow our safe haven for the animals of Healdsburg, we remain ever grateful for the support of a community who wants to see the Center succeed. 
SHS Executive Director Cindy Roach recently presented the Healdsburg City Council with a progress update. She thanked the community for doing the "heavy lifting" in the early days of the shelter's conception and construction, and for encouraging us as we worked to get the doors open.  
And in a recent letter to The Healdsburg Tribune, SHS Board President Evelyn Mitchell expresses the appreciation that we are all feeling:
Full of Gratitude
Editor: Several months ago I wrote about the Sonoma Humane Society and our plans to open the Healdsburg Center for the Animals. On June 18 we held the grand opening with more than 400 people attending. My heart is full of gratitude for everyone who helped make this vision become a reality. Since the grand opening many animals - kittens, puppies and even a number of our older residents - have now found their forever homes. Read More...
Senator McGuire Visits Healdsburg Center for Animals!

Grenas says hello to Senator McGuire and Board President Evelyn Mitchell!
We continue to host tours and gain community support for the Healdsburg Center! Recently Senator Mike McGuire visited and enjoyed playing with Grenas (who was adopted soon after!) while talking about our work. Mike had been very involved in the original campaigns to build the Center and was excited to see the building and the work that is taking place there. He's very supportive and knowledgeable and we are thrilled to have his support. Mike has a young pug, but is tempted to get another dog! 

Join Us...
Concert Under the Stars with Tainted Love!
Thursday Sept 8th 5:30 - 8PM

Join us for a FREE Concert Under the Stars with Tainted Love - The Best of the 80s Live! Located within Montgomery Village at the Village Court (next to Talbots and Monti's), 100% of beverage sales will benefit Sonoma Humane Society! Bring your friends, neighbors and the whole family for what's sure to be a lively night. Want to make sure you get the best seat in the house?  Reserve a VIP Table  (seating of up to 8 people) in advance for only $50.

The concert starts at 5:30 and the Beverage Booth opens at 4:30, so come early to grab your seat and a drink!
Paws For Bingo!
Saturday Oct 22nd  11:30AM - 4PM
Animal lovers + BINGO + silent auction + lunch + wine + dessert = Does it get any better than that? 100% of proceeds benefit the animals of Sonoma Humane Society and Dogwood Animal Rescue Project. Hope to see you there!

Trainer's Corner

House-Training Tips!training
Thinking about adopting one of those cute puppies on our website? House-training will be high on your list! Download our House-training PDF. 

Have an adult dog who could use a refresher course? Review these helpful tips.

Our Training Team is here to help you build a beautiful relationship with your dog. Check out our fun classes and workshops!
Kibbles & Bits
Hansel Subaru Adoption Event
This is sure to make you smile
Thank you Hansel Subaru!!!

14 kittens and 8 dogs found loving homes during our Hansel Subaru Adoption Event on July 9th! Our friends at Hansel generously sponsored the adoptions of every animal adopted at the event that day! A fun time was had by all and we truly appreciated the opportunity to partner with these awesome folks to make some very happy matches.

Our 2016 Wags, Whiskers & Wine Gala Was a Very Special Night for the Animals...
...thanks to our amazing sponsors, auction items, wine and beer donors, volunteers and 320 guests! As our kittens played, and adoptable and Pet Assisted Therapy dogs mixed and mingled, our guests enjoyed a new all-jewelry table created by Nancy Hair and Betty Ann Sutton filled with beautiful antique jewelry that was the highlight at the Silent Auction. 

There was a lively show of support during our live auction that included trips to Mexican Villas, a Private Dinner with Chef Gray and our ever popular Dessert Frenzy. 

The touching short film produced by our friends at The Labs & Co. and narrated by Peter Coyote, along with a special presentation from our Executive Director, Cindy Roach, kicked off our Fund-A-Need auction to benefit the Angel's Fund. This special part of the auction provides essential support for the medical needs of our animals. 

A special thanks to our Gala committee, including Chairperson and Board Member Shannon Tracey and Board President Evelyn Mitchell. The event helped raise almost $200,000! We thank our community for their love and support for the animals and a special thanks again to our sponsors who make this night possible. 

There's still time to get in on the action! Join our Fund-A-Need Auction! Read More...
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