What we can learn from these animals' stories.                                November  2012




So much good is happening all around...and we couldn't do our part without your help.


For every animal who comes in with medical, psychological or behavioral challenges-we're here to plan for their care and well-being. This time of year, we're more likely to treat and care for animals who suffer from upper respiratory infections due to cold, wet weather. Some health issues never resolve entirely but can be effectively managed. Climate notwithstanding, health and behavioral issues often take several weeks or months to resolve, testing the limits of our housing capacity-and of our shelter hospital staff.  


In this eAnimail you'll read about Catcher-a sweet kitten born with a foot deformity-who had his rear paws gently re-directed so they would have the chance to grow naturally-giving Catcher a chance to live a happy, normal life. And Honey, a geriatric Yorkie whose owner may have passed away, is going through a tough ordeal. Honey doesn't know where she is, if she will ever be adopted or what her life holds in store. Our undying faith in human compassion and the power of love keeps hope alive for these and the thousands of animals we serve-now and in the future.

We never lose sight of the fact that it takes dedicated and compassionate people like you who support our work so that we can do our very best.


The Sonoma Humane Society's Angels Fund provides financial support for our shelter hospital.  If you can give a gift today, it will be used to provide medical care for those who are ill-these little (and big) guys really need us!  Please consider making a generous donation today, and/or passing this newsletter along to your friends, co-workers and family members. Every donation we receive helps another homeless animal get the care they deserve.

As always - thank you for taking the time to read about our animal friends-and for your loyal support. Our community is a more compassionate place because of you!






Kiska Icard     

Executive Director

Sonoma Humane Society


Happy Tails.




Here I am being adopted by my new family-woo hoo!


Putting My Best Paws Forward!


I was born with a foot deformity that had my back feet facing backwards. Just about anywhere else, I would have been cast aside-euthanized I dare say. But here, I was given a second chance on life. Thanks to the awesome and attentive medical and volunteer team here, I was given the guidance I needed to walk properly-and straight into the arms of my new family!


The amazing combination of affection and guidance that helped me turn my legs around was nothing short of miraculous. Sure, people were talking about the possibility of surgery-I couldn't even walk straight in the beginning. But after a few weeks of focused attention from the kind humans here, the situation turned around for me-literally. With my growing body and their help, my feet grew into their proper place and a few days later, I found my place too.


Today I say, "Check out my mitts! I'm not named Catcher for nothing!"   p.s. I couldn't have done it without you!




Foster Parents Needed!


For the Love of Honey



Honey is a ten-year old, geriatric Yorkie who was recently sold on Craigslist to an unsuspecting family as a 2-year old. Stressed out and in need of some loving attention, Honey no doubt once lived in the comfort of a warm, quiet home. Cuddling in your lap or snuggling on a soft pillow is Honey's sweet spot!


Friendly, gentle, loving, inquisitive and quick to learn, Honey co-exists well with other pets, but can be overwhelmed by abundant activity, particularly from large dogs. Health-wise, bilateral cataracts give Honey limited vision, and a skin issue on her back is resolving nicely. Otherwise she is simply showing her age-and has another two to seven years of life to share. Her dental issues will be tended to here at the Humane Society once she's worked up a healthy appetite again.


We'd love to find a foster home for Honey that re-acquain ts her with the kindness of humans and eases her into the last phase of her life. Do you or someone you know have a place in their life for this sweet gal? A two-week foster would give Honey renewed hope and time to begin healing from the trauma of abandonment.  



Adopt Me!

Meet. Play. Love.




The economy touched my previous owners' lives in a way I never expected-they moved to an apartment that didn't take dogs. But I keep my little grey chin up and focus on the future! My eight years of wisdom and positivity brings a mature temperament to my character. Energetic yet easygoing and affectionate, one of my favorite things to do is burrow my nose in your arms while curling up in your lap.  Though I may dream of walking along a country road with you, I'm happy to spend a few hours of quality time staring down a gopher hole or just sniffing the world at large.  Hanging out with my own species is fine too-it just doesn't hold my interest as much as humans and the great outdoors!  More adoptable animals>>>





Aptly named and lovingly tame, I'm a super sidekick. Every time I see a visitor, my heart fills with renewed hope, even though I was once abandoned. I'm a big guy-but a gentle puffball underneath it all. Affectionate and attentive, I love being where the action is and definitely don't mind mingling with your guests, whoever they may be. In fact, my unique 'paint' markings make a good icebreaker. Only thing is, I need to stay indoors as your only cat or in a home with a safely enclosed outside space due to being FIV+. It's not catchable by humans, so we're good there. Take a chance on me-I've got plenty of years of affection left and would love to share my life with you!


Bao Bao

Bao Bao 

One of my favorite humans looked up my name in the 'Urban Dictionary' and told me I was named after a Vietnamese deity with no body fat and an immeasurable intellect-really. Actually, I think I've got a lot in common with a deity. I like to know what's going on everywhere so I'm rather omnipresent; I can appear suddenly in a room-and vanish just as quickly; people love rubbing my soft belly; and my voice is as gentle as a soft rain in Cat Tien (a Vietnamese rainforest, of course!) And with the weather being what it is, my long, soft coat keeps me-and your hands-warm in the winter. Shall we share some OM time together?





You know that old saying-that curiosity killed the cat?

It simply holds no weight in my world. Endlessly fascinated by all things, I will hop, leap and occasionally cavort to explore a new discovery. I'm all about focusing in for a closer look, then moving to higher ground. In fact, the view from atop a cat tower is my very favorite. Happy to keep your mouse populations down, your place will be under sublime surveillance with me around. Although independent by nature, you'll rarely have to call me home for dinner or playtime. Come by to visit and you'll see what I mean! More adoptable animals >>>  

Rabbits & Rodentia




Cheerio, mate!   I'm an English Spot who's come from a long line of super soft rabbits bred specifically to be household pets. Since we breed like, well, rabbits...my kind became popular in America-so presto, here I am. Friendly and inquisitive, I'll entertain you with my engaging personality. I'm lively and playful, so plenty of space for me to run, jump and dazzle you with my antics would be most excellent. Yup, I'm litter-trained and neutered to boot. My sweet nature means I'm good with children-and always up for a cozy snuggle or a bit of carrot noshing. Won't you take me home with you?


Snowball: Have Shoulder, Will Travel  


Well, I'm not as white as my name would imply-more of a butter cream actually. I'm a little bit shy at first, but once I know you're a nice person, I come out of my shell and amble up your arm for a ride on your shoulder. At that point, I'm your buddy-your pocket pal-and I start getting excited that I'll be going home with you.   As an adult, I'll be a part of your life for a couple of more years, so why not enjoy our time together. Come by for a visit!



Pssst...pass it on.....

Sonoma County's Best Kept Secret

Angela Ortiz  RVT with
The Sonoma Humane Society Veterinary Hospital


It's the heart of our work in the world.


Sonoma Humane Society's Veterinary Hospital is a full-service vet hospital open to the public six days a week. In fact, we're the only non-profit veterinary hospital in all of Sonoma County that gives all of its proceeds to shelter animal care.


This innovative hospital delivers all types of surgical procedures-including dental hygiene, radiology and diagnostic testing in addition to regular exams and health check-ups-- and we are open to the public! Whether your animals have been adopted here or not, our doors are open to care for your pet.


Word is getting out, so make an appointment today. Your family's well-being is our top priority.



Don't miss our best calendar to date available at the Sonoma Humane Society's Paws to Shop November 1st! A special thanks to Sybilla Herbrich of  Studio Bark and Willam Duke for volunteering their incredible talents to benefit the animals of the Sonoma Humane Society.  And let's not forget the folks at  KZST for putting on the contest and reminding their listeners to vote! 

Tips from the Vet  
Dr. Christi Camblor, DVM, is the shelter medical director for the Sonoma Humane Society and is also co-founder of the international animal welfare organization, Compassion Without Borders.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?  


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! There are many deadly diseases that are easily prevented with a vaccination. Vaccinations are inexpensive compared to the huge veterinary bills that can be associated with the illnesses they prevent, many of which are fatal even with extensive veterinary care.


Take a look at the diseases that vaccinations can easily prevent in your beloved animal:




Parvo: This very common illness attacks a dog's intestinal tract and causes life-threatening diarrhea and vomiting. Unvaccinated animals are very susceptible to the disease, which persists for years in the environment. Dogs usually die without veterinary treatment and, even with veterinary care, the disease is often fatal.

As a shelter veterinarian, I see dozens of dogs each year who succumb to this horrific illness which could have been prevented with a vaccination that costs less than $20.00.


Distemper: This is another highly contagious, systemic viral disease often ending tragically. Distemper can cause respiratory problems, nasal discharge and neurologic symptoms.


Hepatitis: Hepatitis infects the liver, kidneys, spleen and/or lungs. The surfaces of these major organ systems are attacked and killed off, leading to spontaneous, uncontrollable internal bleeding.


Bordetella (kennel cough):This is a common respiratory virus that can cause severe coughing and even pneumonia in dogs.


Rabies: Rabies is a deadly disease that animals are required by law to be vaccinated against. Rabies causes several neurologically degenerative phases; it can be transmitted to humans.




Feline Rhinotracheitis: This is a condition that causes a severe cold in cats. When eye and nose discharge becomes thicker, the cat generally becomes depressed and anorexic.


Feline Panleukopenia: This is a highly deadly disease in cats that causes severe illness and diarrhea.


FelV: Feline Leukemia virus is a commonly diagnosed disease of cats that causes illness and death.


Feline Calicivirus: Calicivirus refers to several different strains of related viruses. These viruses cause respiratory illness and ulcers that develop in the mouth and respiratory tract.


Don't Wait - Vaccinate!

If you love your pet, vaccinate him or her today. The Sonoma Humane Society offers a low-cost vaccination clinic and bilingual services are available-si, se habla Español! 
SpayPAL: Low Cost Cat Spay/Neuter program for Sonoma County residents.   


Thanks to a generous grant from the Salatko Animal Welfare Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County, we are now able to offer low cost services. All cat spay/neuter surgeries are just $30 and include a free rabies vaccine. Surgeries are offered by appointment at the Sonoma Humane Society's Spay/Neuter Clinic. 



Please remember, spaying or neutering your cat has many benefits including reduction of unwanted births and the influence of hormones on your pet's behavior. Unspayed and unneutered cats are responsible for hundreds of unwanted and abandoned kittens every year. Some of these animals find homes but many more end up in shelters, or on the street, where they face a very uncertain future. By spaying or neutering your cat, you do your part to prevent feline over-population and suffering.


Please call (800) 427-7973 to schedule your appointment and help us spread the word!


Gooood Dog!




Bond at both ends of the leash with our group training classes for beginner to advanced stages. Or book a private lesson and consultation training bestof the baywith our trainers.  

The Sonoma Humane Society Dog and Puppy Training classes are based on rewards and positive reinforcement providing a safe, happy and healthy environment for you and your canine companion. Each class is 6 sessions. Register now!   

For schedule of classes  

and further information,
click here.




Support our local market and they support the Sonoma Humane Society

Oliver's will donate up to 5% of your purchase (any day, any store) when you show your Oliver's Community Card at checkout. You can pay any way you want.  Just complete the short registration form, take it to any Oliver's checkstand and get your new Community Card. When you support them, they support us! 


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