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Despite extremely difficult security conditions, the World Bank Group has established and sustained a large program of support to Afghanistan. While its strategies have been relevant to Afghanistan's situation, they could have gone further in adapting to opportunities and needs. This evaluation assesses the effectiveness of World Bank Group support to Afghanistan and the risks to sustainability of development outcomes.

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After a sustained period of achievement in poverty reduction, developing countries are now navigating in an increasingly uncertain time. The outlook now is for a slowdown in growth of the global economy. This directly affects the World Bank Group (WBG) and it's clients.

Three sets of challenges await. First, WBG clients will need to improve development results in a time of uncertain economic growth. Second, WBG clients need to address disparities in development progress. Finally, WBG clients need to deal with interlinked development issues that call for joint action among sovereign and non-sovereign actors on the global development scene. This report draws out how these implications can help the Bank Group prioritize issues to more effectively support continued global development and poverty reduction.

Download the Report: Volume I: Main Report  | Vol. II: Appendixes
Vol. III: Management Action Record

Introducing IEG's first annual report. It covers the evaluations delivered during FY12 and what has been learned from them. It also reports on changes and improvements introduced to ensure that we produce high-quality evaluations that add value. Learn more about our activities, achievements, and outlook for future work.

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The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)
s charged with evaluating the activities of IBRD and IDA (the World Bank), the work of IFC in private sector development, and MIGA's guarantee projects and services. The Director-General of IEG reports directly to the World Bank Group's Board of Directors. The goals of evaluation are to provide an objective assessment of the results of the Bank Group's work and to identify and disseminate lessons learned from experience. 
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