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Adapting to Climate Change: Assessing World Bank Group Experience

Developing countries are not yet well adapted to current climate risks: floods, drought and storms.  Yet those risks are becoming harsher as the world warms, climate extremes become more intense, and the oceans rise. This evaluation draws lessons from World Bank Group experience with adaptation to both current levels of climate variability and ongoing climate change.

For more information, visit the evaluation website.  

IEG PRODUCTS Youth Employment  

The early work situation of young people has consequences for their future. Addressing youth employment issues is a major concern for governments and is all the more challenging where stable economic policies are not in place and institutions are weak. IEG has completed its first evaluation of World Bank Group support for youth employment issues.

For more information, visit the evaluation website. 


IEG annually reviews a number of GRPPs in which the World Bank Group is a partner in accordance with a mandate from the Bank's Executive Board. The latest global program reviews, on the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery are available now! 

ICR Reviews
The World Bank conducts a self-evaluation of all operations within six months of closure, called an Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR). IEG conducts an independent desk review of all ICRs to validate the project ratings, based primarily on the information in the ICR. Beginning with projects that closed in Fiscal Year 2011, these ICR Reviews are now publicly disclosed.

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About The Independent Evaluation Group
The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)
s charged with evaluating the activities of IBRD and IDA (the World Bank), the work of IFC in private sector development, and MIGA's guarantee projects and services. The Director-General of IEG reports directly to the World Bank Group's Board of Directors. The goals of evaluation are to provide an objective assessment of the results of the Bank Group's work and to identify and disseminate lessons learned from experience. 
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