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October 2015

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It is, without doubt, October.  The touch of the autumn air is a bit chilly and moist. Leaves are turning brilliant reds, yellows and orange, and just beginning to drift off their limbs to earth. Halloween, just one evening of ghosts and ghouls, spirits and spectres, will be here in the wink of an eye.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Unlike Halloween, though, domestic violence is not limited to October, nor should we be aware only these 31 days. Domestic violence is a wraith that stalks its prey all year long. Abuse victims can be haunted even after the relationship ends: they are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety than are other women, less able to form long-term loving relationships, and more likely to engage in harmful, high-risk behaviors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you know a woman or teen girl in an abusive relationship, please download this flyer and send it to her. Send it to her friends also -- they probably feel like they're watching a bad horror movie, powerless to intervene. In fact, send it to any female you know. It may save her from this nightmare later. Do your part to exorcise this demon now, for the whole year.

Framing Violence at Seattle Central

For Seattle Central College's October program on Domestic Violence, I will be offering two presentations. Both are at the College's main building on Broadway.

On October 15, I will present Framing Violence:  The Public Life of Domestic Abuse through the Conversations on Social Issues program. Located in the Library Room A, we'll begin at noon.  I've been told this will be filmed, and I will try to make it available.

On October 21, I will be presenting at the Women's Programs Wednesday Noon Lecture Series.  This more hands-on seminar will focus on recognizing the "red flags" of abuse, and some simple yet highly effective skills you can use for safety.  Location is Room BE 1110.

The public is invited to both events, so come on down!  And check out all the other presentations, panels, and activities this Fall at Seattle Central College.
Attention All Brandi Carlile Fans:  More Free Classes from Fight the Fear Campaign!

Thanks to Brandi's tour and promotional efforts, there are a couple of really COOL classes coming up.  And, as always, they are FREE!

First, Sunday Oct 18.  Location:  The Palace Ballroom.  Yes, THAT Palace Ballroom, owned by Tom Douglas Restaurants (who knew -- he's a big Brandi fan, and is donating this awesome space!).  From 1:00 to 3:00 pm you can attend a free training in awareness, de-escalation, boundary-setting, assertive communication, grab releases, and fighting techniques.  But wait, there's more -- door prizes include signed vinyl copies of Brandi's new album The Firewatcher's Daughter!  (Did I mention the records are signed by Brandi?)  Email FtFC's Executive Director Melinda Johnson to register.

Next, Sunday Dec 5.  For Teen Girls Only (grades 7 - 10).  Location:  1426 South Jackson St, 3rd floor (studio of the Feminist Karate Union), 1:00 - 4:00 pm.  In a single 3 hour session she will learn
  • Safety while riding the bus
  • Confidence when walking or biking home, to the park, or to a friend's house
  • Awareness when out with her friends
  • Signs she should phone home NOW
  • Physical skills to escape danger and seek help
Email FtFC's Executive Director Melinda Johnson to register for this class, too.
Finally, FtFC is funding classes at these Seattle schools: 
  •  A 14-week course for girls at Jane Addams Middle School through the YMCA's After-School Program.  Your daughter needs to be attending JAMS to come to this class, and will register through the YMCA.
  • Safety Skills and Self-Defense for Kids (separate sessions for kids in grades K-2 and 3-5), beginning in December at Loyal Heights Elementary.  The classes for younger students is a single 1.5 hour session, and those for older children is 2 hours in length.  A parent is required to attend, and you need to have a child currently attending the school.  See the Class Schedule (below) for more information.  Families at Loyal Heights will be receiving more info through the PTA, including how to register, in the coming weeks.
  • FtFC is also running a short set of classes through two other middle schools (Denny and Whitman).  These are through their regular PE classes.  Do you teach at a middle school, and think a similar program would benefit your students?  Email FtFC's Executive Director Melinda Johnson to talk about options.

Class Schedule Fall 2015:

Self-Defense 101 for Women

A six week course that builds progressive skill and prepares you for life's unexpected (and unwanted) moments.  To register for any of these classes, visit for links to each organization and class registration.

Six Thursday evenings,
7:00 - 9:00 pm, at South Seattle College, beginning October 8.

Six Saturday afternoons, 1:30 - 3:30 pm, at Bellevue College's North Campus, beginning October 10. 

Six Sunday mornings, 10:00 am - noon, through the ASUW Experimental College (location in Seattle's International District), beginning October 11.

Six Monday evenings, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, at Seattle Central College, beginning November 2. 
Single Day Seminars

This five hour self-defense basic class will be offered in Seattle's International District on:
  • October 25
  • December 6
Also check out these shorter (2 hour) offerings at the Burien Community Center

For Teen Girls Only
  • For Teen Girls (ages 12-15) is on November 1 in Seattle
  • For Teen Girls (ages 15+) is on November 8 in Seattle.
  • For Tween Girls (ages 10-13) is on November 15 in Seattle.
  • For Teen Girls (ages 12-15) is on December 13 in Seattle.
Visit the  Strategic Living Teen Girls page for more info and to register.  

NEW Beginning in 2016:  Self-Defense for Teen Girls Classes in Tacoma! Stay tuned for upcoming dates, or contact us if you'd like to arrange a private class.

Safety Skills for Kids   

Saturday, December 12, at  North Kirkland Community Center
NEW  Beginning this December:  Safety Skills for Kids at Loyal Heights Elementary School! Open only to Loyal Heights Elementary families. Will be offered for kids (and their parents) in grades K-2 and 3-5 three times each for the 2015-16 academic year.  And these classes are FREE!  Contact us to register or for more details (including if you'd like similar classes offered at your child's school). 

Self-defense skills are like CPR, you should review and practice them annually

If you've already taken a class and want to keep it fresh, Strategic Living offers a 50% discount on select classes. And, if you refer your friends to a Strategic Living class and they sign up, I will donate 10% of their paid tuition to one of three awesome organizations for women and girls. Visit my Paying It Forward page for details.

Do you work with a non-profit or community organization that holds silent  auctions? Ask me to donate a gift certificate for attendance at a Single Day Seminar.

Do you work with a non-profit or community organization whose staff/volunteers/members/clients would benefit from a safety skills seminar? Visit for information on requesting partly subsidized training sessions. 

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