October 5, 2016 Edition 
 What about Sports and P.E.? (What about it?!?)
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Hey, Mama,

What about sports and P.E.? If your little monkeys are anything like mine, they probably get quite a bit of exercise playing outside, going to the park, and just running around. As far as sports, that depends on your family's interests and your children's physical abilities.

Read the article, Exercising Character, for ideas on how to "cater physical education to the talents and abilities of [y]our children."

And remember . . .

"But as for me, I shall sing of Your strength; Yes, I shall joyfully sing of Your lovingkindness in the morning, for You have been my stronghold and a refuge in the day of my distress" (Psalm 59:16, NASB*).

Teach your children who their Redeemer is. Show them the One who can save them. Introduce them to Him who holds the keys to their salvation. Rejoice with them in who our God is, and speak of His great love. Model His compassion and mercy; demonstrate a firm conviction to obey Him, apply His principles and mandates. Teach, teach, teach. The time for discipleship is short! It is now. What a beautiful window of time we have. Thank You, Lord, for this gift of TIME with our children. May we be found faithful in the end, and may our children be Yours as well. Not one lost.

~ gena

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*"Scripture quotations taken from the New American Standard Bible® (NASB),
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973,1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation 
Used by permission. www.Lockman.org"


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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring
Dear Friends,

One of the best parts of homeschooling is the freedom it gives us to CHOOSE how, what, when, and where. When it comes to sports and P.E., the sky's the limit. Taking into account the undisputed fact that ALL of us need to get up from the couch, the computer, and the comfy chair, and get some healthy movement, exercise, and fresh air, you have almost unlimited options as a homeschooling family.

You can:
  • take long, leisurely walks as a family
  • take short, brisk walks/runs as a family
  • ride bikes together as a family
  • play tennis as a family
  • play ping-pong as a family
  • play volleyball as a family
  • play softball as a family
  • have your kids join a homeschool sports league
  • have your kids join an indoor swim team
  • have your kids join a church basketball team
  • learn to ski, surf, ride horses, rock climb, paddle board
  • learn ballet, liturgical, tap, or jazz dancing
  • hunt, fish, hike, canoe, kayak outdoors
  • and the list continues!

As you can see, there are many ways to get moving. And, as a homeschooler, all of them count for sports or P.E. class. Isn't that amazing?

Don't forget that learning to love exercise will last for a lifetime, while participating in sports lasts for a season.

Remember, stay relational!


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The Familyman 
OK, this week's THM is for the dads. What I'm thinking is this: Dads can do P.E. We may not be able to do much of the "real" school, but we can do P.E. In fact, down in South Florida, my good friend Coach Rick runs a huge international athletic association called The Saints. They are professional, ACCREDITED, structured, organized, and always keep Jesus in the center. 

It's amazing to watch Rick (and his team of paid staff) play kickball, archery, or some other sport with the kids. He cheers them on, and every kid is a winner . . . all while the moms are doing whatever they want to do for a couple of hours. If you live down there (or in parts of TX or CA, check them out and get your kids involved). But if you don't, keep reading.

I'm thinking there should be a Saints program in every state where dads or older kids do sports with the kids while giving the moms a break. So here's what I'm suggesting: check out the Saints and see if you might start a Toledo branch . . . or maybe just tell your wife, "I'd like to do something for P.E. every other week with the kids." Then call the church gym to see if you can use the space, or if you live somewhere warm, use a big open field. You might even enlist one of your dad buddies to help.

Plan some games, cheer loudly, and let every kid be a winner. I'm telling you, that's a recipe for success . . . and it gives your wife (and the moms of the other kids) a much-needed break.

So, get on the stick, and make it happen.

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The Reading Game is basically a progressive memory game. Ten cards at a time, children will play memory in order to match and read five sight words at a time. After the student masters two sets of cards, or ten words, they read the matching captioned flashcard to practice reading the words in context and to recognize capitalization and punctuation. This continues through the entire color set until they've learned thirty words and can read all three flashcards that use those words. Then they are ready for the story book! The stories (and the words utilized in the stories) build on each other, so it is important to go in the correct sequence. By the end of the game, students have learned 180 words, many of them which are on standard sight word lists. (. . .)

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