September 21, 2016 Edition 
Why Study Foreign Language? (And does Pig-Latin count?)
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Hey Mama,

There are a lot of options for teaching foreign languages now--online, DVDs, co-ops, etc. Sign language can even count as a foreign language credit.

Check out some options:

The Value of a Foreign Language

And remember . . .

Rest in the Lord. Your week is full. It feels like it is going too fast and that not much is really getting done. But things do get done. The biggest thing: the relationship building. Every single day with these kids is an opportunity to pour that much more love into them. That much more dialogue. That much more input into their lives. That's you, Mama, speaking LIFE into these precious ones. You're serving them, and they see it. They will remember it later.

We only have them for a short while. You think this last week went fast; it only goes faster the older we get. Tapestry . . . remember tapestry. You wove threads last week.

Not every thread was perfect and shiny and outstanding. But each thread was real. Real life. It's what you give, and it's what your children count on, and when they are older, they will remember a Mama who wasn't perfect, but she was real. And they can attain that, too. Real Mamas raise real kids who turn into real adults. Nothing phony. No airs. No pretenses. You're so not that.

His hand remains--as always--on your head. And your children know you more today than they knew you last week. And you, them. That's real. Real progress. Epic success.

~ gena


      Middlebury Interactive's immersive K-12 world language courses start students on a path to bilingualism in a supportive, online environment. 

Learning a Foreign Language is Fun!

Did you know that learning a foreign language comes with many benefits? It's more than boosting your child's CV or traveling wiser. Speaking another language can open up a world of opportunity and build great life skills in the process.

Become a multitasker. Research shows that children skilled at switching between two languages are great at multitasking. And they're more sociable, too. To practice speaking a foreign language, they'll need to get out and meet native speakers. The good news is that great communication and interpersonal skills are directly transferable to other areas of their lives.

Travel better. Everything changes when you speak the local language. Touts, scammers, and shop owners often take advantage of tourists. Speaking the local language gives the impression you've been there a while and know how things work. You'll start the haggling game off on a better footing and end up saving money. And best of all, it gives your children greater insight into the local culture--making travel a much more rewarding experience.

How about missions? It can be hard to share our faith in a foreign country with little or no words. Learning a foreign language gives young people the opportunity to break down cultural barriers, share the gospel, and make lasting friendships while they're away.

Better job opportunities. Working in international trade is exciting. The world is shrinking and many companies now do business in non-English speaking countries. To do this effectively, they'll need staff who speak more than one language. The ability to speak another language and having a global mindset will set you apart from other candidates.

Want to learn a foreign language in a fun, creative way? Our mission is to help you teach your children more about the Bible, no matter what language you speak. Print a story from our foreign languages web page here (14 languages to choose from!). Then download the FREE Bible Pathway Adventures' storybook app and follow along with the narrated stories in English. Perfect for homeschoolers, and fun for parents, too. Download and explore our FREE Bible storybook app on: iTunes or Android.

"I'm so excited to see a children's ministry willing to search and teach the truth." (Tammy, TX)


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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring

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One Year Free_

The Familyman 
When people ask me, "Why study a foreign language?" I usually think, "Beats me."

After all, we barely have enough time to get English in with all the busyness of doing life. Besides, I haven't had any children yet who have shown a bent towards learning other languages . . . and we don't live in a place where it is necessary to get around, live, or even communicate with non-natives (they speak English).

So, we don't require it unless a child is interested in learning one.

That said, if you have a child who shows a bent toward learning foreign languages, or you need it to get around, live, or communicate with non-natives where you live, then go for it.

That's the beauty of homeschooling and being a parent. If you think your kids need it and you want to teach it, you can. And if they don't, and you don't . . . then don't. And don't let anyone make you feel guilty or like you're letting your children down.

Thus saith the Familyman.

Be real,

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Contest Corner 
For the month of September
My family loves a good movie! I, on the other hand, love something that is rich and educational. It can be tricky to find something that makes all of us happy on family movie nights. So, of course, I was more than happy to have the chance to review Beyond the Mask. Included in the bundle was also the CD soundtrack for Beyond the Mask and The Official Illustrated Movie Guide.(Books make me happy!)

Beyond the Mask is a historical, Christian film full of action and adventure, amazing special effects, and a storyline that leaves you on the edge of your seat. This film takes place in 1775, in England. The mercenary, played by Andrew Cheney, is on the run in the American Colonies after he decides to turn in his resignation to his employers, the British East India Company. Needless to say, when his employer attempts to kill him, he knows he needs to go into hiding. He spends some time as a "vicar" in a village; it is when he meets Charlotte that he truly begins to seek and see his need for God. This is such a great story of redemption--also a reminder that the truth is best, because the past still matters--God is always in the details! There was the message of "redemption, not revenge" and the reminder throughout this film that, "There is only One who can make you new." I do appreciate how there are such powerful lessons woven into this story; at the same time, it is not so deep that only certain audiences can enjoy this. I do believe this is a film that everyone could not only enjoy but truly be inspired by. There was action and excitement, a love story (my boys thought was gross!) along with some humor, and lots of lessons in character and faith. In this one film there really is something for everyone.

We also received a CD of the soundtrack by Jurgen Beck, from Beyond the Mask. This is truly a masterpiece, in my opinion. I love how the music truly enhances the movie yet can also be thoroughly enjoyed separately. I can easily listen to this soundtrack all day long, every day. Such beautiful and powerful music--it brings the story to life!

We also received a copy of The Official Illustrated Movie Guide: Beyond the Mask, by Sara and Shannon Burns. This is a beautifully bound book; the pages are full of lovely design and amazing details that really enhance the opportunities for learning within this movie. Being very fond of history myself, I really appreciated this book and how it provided so many details in regards to various aspects of the movie. There are maps which show the East Indies and the routes taken by trading ships around the world. There is a section that speaks about the account of the assassination attempt from Washington himself. My oldest loved the pages that referenced Windmill Island--fact or fiction--and its role in the making of the movie. From notes regarding the wardrobe and hair styles, these were all so very appropriate to the times. As we read through this book, we were truly amazed at the details that were covered, in keeping with the times, for this film. Even colonial-style desserts were present for the filming of this. Just amazing, the historical accuracy within every aspect of this story. (. . .)

YOU can WIN all three!
TO ENTER: Email Heatheat 
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