August 24, 2016 Edition 
Support Groups and Co-ops - Join or Create One?  
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Hey Mama,
There's a reason why we are told in Hebrews 10:25 not to forsake gathering together as Christians--we need that support and accountability. Having support and accountability is important as a homeschool mom, as well. There's nothing like having someone you can call, email, text, message, or sit down with face-to-face and share your struggles. Co-ops are another way to get support, especially for subjects you might not feel comfortable teaching. Don't try to homeschool alone! If you're too isolated for face-to-face groups, there are many support groups online, like our Facebook page.

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And remember . . .

You may be a walking mess today, but to your little ones, all they see is a Beautiful Mess. So, Daughter of the King . . . you just keep walking. His hand is on your head today.

~ Gena

Relational Homeschooling
Diana Waring

Diana is out this week and will be back in 2 weeks. In the meantime, take a look at her latest vlog post about nurturing your children's curiosity.


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The Familyman 
Once upon a time, there was a homeschool mom who went frolicking through the forest. As she . . . frolicked . . . she came across a Facebook post for THREE co-ops. Her interest piqued, she visited the first one.

To her dismay, it was academically rigorous, required a huge commitment, and would probably involve a lot of crying on the part of her kids and herself. "This one is too HARD," she said, and she decided to try one of the other groups.

As she stepped through the door of the second co-op, she was surprised to find one lone homeschooling mom leisurely setting up a table. "Where is everyone?" she asked. "This is the correct time, isn't it?"

The woman turned toward her and smiled, "Oh, yes . . . but no one ever shows up on time . . . probably because no one knows what they're doing, but we have a good time . . . if anyone shows up."

The homeschool mom thought to herself, "This one is too SOFT," and she left to try the third one on her list.

Now she was a bit gun-shy about homeschool groups, but this time, she walked into a large room filled with moms and kids. People were smiling, kids were shown where to go, and as she listened to what was expected, a warmth filled her heart. "This one is JUST RIGHT," she thought to herself.

Now the moral of the story is: Don't settle for just any homeschool group. Find one that fits you and your children (one size does NOT fit all) . . . and if you can't find one you like, start your own. A co-op doesn't have to be official. It's just a bunch of homeschool moms who meet together for encouragement and a common goal. You can do that.

The End.

Be real,

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Contest Corner 
For the month of August 2016 

It seems to me, as I work with the teenagers and children in my Bible classes, that Biblical literacy is at an all-time low. Children think that they know all about the Bible, but when we actually begin talking about the Bible, I realize that they have very little idea of the big picture. The details that they do know are ones that they often don't understand or don't know how they fit into the big picture of the Bible. Kenneth Berding is a college professor, who, in his struggle with the same issues, has created a curriculum and kit to try to help teens and adults grow in their knowledge of the Bible and the big ideas that it contains.

I received for review a copy of the Bible Fluency Complete Learning Kit. This kit includes a DVD set of Bible Fluency teaching videos, an instructional guide to allow for note taking from the videos, a workbook for deeper study, a set of personal-sized flashcards, a CD of songs to help memorize the flashcards, and a copy of Berding's book, Bible Revival. Although the kit is self-contained, there are additional downloadable worksheets and lesson plans on the author's website.

The kit does not come with clear instructions for use. However, use of the kit is fairly self-explanatory, and those needing more detail can download the teaching curriculum online. For my own personal use, I simply popped in the teaching DVD and watched the video for each section, taking notes in the instructional guide. Although the video length varied, they each averaged 20 minutes.

Then, I began learning the section of the songs that would go with that week's book of the Bible, and I would use the workbook to delve deeper into the materials for the week. The workbook includes more in-depth study of different chapters and verses from the Bible to explain the song stanzas. There are questions included as you go throughout the study. The flashcards, of course, helped with learning the songs that would give me the key cues for the
material in each book of the Bible.
(. . .)
(Read the rest of the review.)
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TO ENTER: Email Heather at with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Bible Fluency" for a chance to win* it for your family!  

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