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March 9, 2016 Edition 
Transcripts, Credits and Graduation--High School Help!
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Hey Mama,
Whether you need a transcript for your high schooler tomorrow, or are planning ahead for
graduation day in the future, you'll find some great advice in our magazine for creating transcripts. If you need inspiration for a graduation celebration, check out this article.

And remember ...

God is your Defender. Did you know that? Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Nothing happens apart from His eye. He sees all, knows all, and will right every wrong. YOU have nothing to fear if God is for you.

Defender. Provider. Protector. Lover of our very soul. Mama, nothing can snatch you out of His hand! Did you forget? He is on the throne, fully in control of every situation, and NO MAN, no principalities, no forces, no anything can even touch you without going through HIM first. He is more powerful. And He defends His own.

Mama, He loves you! Daddy-Abba Father, Lord God... His hand is on your head tonight. Rest in confidence knowing you serve a great and might God, a very JUST God. He sees.
~ gena


Ohio Christian University

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Dr. James Dobson    
Dr. James Dobson
What Will Your Children Inherit?
By Dr. James C. Dobson

History confirms the dangerous influence of money. Men and women have lusted for it, killed for it, and died for it. Money has come between the best of friends and brought down the proud and mighty. And alas, it has torn millions of marriages limb from limb!

It's also been my observation that nothing will divide siblings more quickly than money. Giving them a large inheritance increases the probability of tension and disharmony within a family. Your sons and daughters will fight over control of your businesses, and they'll resent those who are designated as decision makers. Some of them will lose their motivation to be responsible and will experiment with various addictive behaviors--from gambling to alcoholism. There are exceptions to these negative consequences, of course, and some people do handle wealth and power gracefully. But it is a difficult assignment at best and one that requires the greatest maturity and self-control.

The question to ask is whether or not leaving large amounts of money to offspring is worth the risk it imposes on those you love. You must decide if you want to remove from your children the challenges that helped you succeed--the obligation to work hard, live frugally, save, build, and produce by the sweat of your brow. Do you feel right about replacing that need for discipline and industry with a ready-made empire that can be mishandled or squandered?

Please understand that I know this view is unconventional. One of the reasons people work so hard is so their children won't have to. They love their kids immeasurably and want to make things easier for them. Further, they've invested a lifetime in the development of a business and the accumulation of wealth. Are they now going to sell it and walk away? That's an unpleasant prospect for any parent.

I can't make that decision for others, of course. My obligation is simply to present the issue as I see it. And in my experience, the inheritance of wealth is threatening to family relationships, self-discipline, spiritual commitment, and responsible living. It should be done only with great care, years of preparation, and much prayer.

For over 30 years, Dr. James Dobson has been America's trusted source for psychologically sound, biblically based advice to help strengthen marriages, parents and families. For more practical help and encouragement, go to: www.drjamesdobson.org/homeschool

Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring
Dear Friends,

Has Spring arrived at your house yet? If so, make sure you and your kids take time to ENJOY it!! Learning is much easier after you have had time to play--particularly outside in the sunshine ... Warmth, sunlight, budding trees, and blossoming flowers are good for growing minds and bodies!
On to today's topic. This is actually FABULOUS timing for me, because today we are releasing our new Rubrics Set as part of the History Revealed Essentials Packs.
Rubrics provide a tool that allows you to fairly and objectively evaluate your student's work. It has specific criteria that will be used to grade the student's assignment. And--just as important--it allows students to know exactly how their work will be judged.
My education mentor, who was one of the most brilliant educators I have ever met, was Rosalie Pedder, from New Zealand. Rosalie introduced me to the concept of using rubrics as a means of honoring students with a just evaluation. She wrote,
"I have often asked a teacher what it means if their student received 13 out of 20--what was missing? What would a 14-out-of-20 assignment look like? Where is the assessment key (rubric) the student worked from?
"It has horrified me that so many teachers have no idea what an assessment key is, and are marking a student's assignment more on the basis of how recently they had a good meal and a cup of coffee, than on the basis of an unchangeable set of criteria ...
"This is an issue of justice we need to address. We must provide students with a clear set of expectations ... Every student needs to know and be able to reach the unchanging target."
When it comes to giving grades and creating transcripts, rubrics can help both you and your student! For more on this topic, check out my new video blog, Why Do Great Teachers Use Rubrics?
Remember, whatever you do, stay relational!


Homeschool Diploma

Issuing your own diploma?
Make sure it reflects the same level of detail you're putting into
the transcript! We offer beautiful, professionally printed diplomas: www.homeschooldiploma.com

The Familyman 
If you've been getting this newsletter for any length of time, you know me ... and that I don't have a clue about high school transcripts or getting ready for graduation.

But I do know that fear associated with failure in these areas surrounds homeschoolers like a suffocating fog. Successful homeschooling moms doubt themselves, their efforts, and the evidence that their children are awesome.

Mom, you do not need to be afraid. Your children are going to be better than OK, and so are you. The trick is to not give in to the fear. Fear does bad things to normal moms. It causes them to neglect what matters, in exchange for stuff that doesn't.

That's why we've sold so many of our
Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe books. Most moms believe the lies discussed in the book ... YOU believe the lies. And if you continue the path you're headed because of them, you'll have a bunch of regrets.

So here's my advice. Stop right now and get my book 
Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe (and you might also want to pick up the audio CD of This We Believe) and check out MY transcript sample of what really matters.

You're doing great.

Be real,


Branson Academy

Homeschool Satellite Program with High School Credits 
Tracking, Official Transcripts, and High School Diplomas


Following the Iditarod
Following the Iditarod 

Have you ever heard of the Iditarod?
Ever wonder what it's all about and how
it works? How would you and your children like to experience a
well-rounded unit study of this
exciting annual event? Climb aboard
your sled for this unit study!

In this WeE-book™, Dena Wood takes you through the subjects of Bible, 
history, reading/literature, math, vocabulary, language arts, science, 
art, social studies, current events, 
and geography as you learn all about 
the Iditarod in icy Alaska. 


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Organization for the Relaxed Homeschool
Organization for the Relaxed Homeschooler
in the latest issue of
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
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Contest Corner 
For the month of March 2016  
Patriotic Penmanship, Grade 1, by Mary Ellen Tedrow from Laurelwood Books, is a single workbook to help teach manuscript writing on the first grade level. The book consists of sixty-five pages. This book can be used alone but is also in a series of higher grade levels if you wish to continue. This book uses scripture, hymns, and words from patriots to teach handwriting skills. It is set up in thirty lessons that start with a short sentence followed by letter practice.  Next you have number practice, keywords, word pairs, and then the full quote. There are tracing words then room to write on your own. The price of the book is $12.95. ( . . .)
There are several pros of this book. One it is Christian based so that always earns a point in my book. However this book also uses quotes from famous patriots as well. I really enjoyed that because it actually gave us some starting points to expand our learning into other areas such as history. My daughter thought it was neat to see the quotes, and to be able to look them up to learn a little more about the speaker. Also I like how each lesson is set up, instead of just opening a book with A-Z learning, you have actual lessons to work on. This helped break it up for my daughter so she knew what to expect. She is dyslexic and never ending pages overwhelm her. Most of the wording was simple and fairly easy to sound out. The work also progresses through the book to show improvement in word and sentence writing, and not just copying letters. This is a great book for Christian homeschoolers.
You can win Grade 1 for your homeschool!
TO ENTER: Email Heather (hmader@thehomeschoolmagazine.com) with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Patriotic Penmanship" for a chance to win* it for your family! 

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