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Homeschool Support Groups: Why do I need one?             

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Mercy Every Minute   

The Wuehler Family

I am so fired up about homeschooling right now! I have just refueled my convictions about Godly home education as I am preparing to speak at a conference in South Carolina--Truth for a New Generation --on a Biblical, Christian worldview of education and Why the Teacher Should be You! I am a huge believer in homeschool support groups and co-lead one myself. We need each other! Why? Because we forget why we are doing what we are doing. We forget that God asks parents to teach children about His mighty deeds and His salvation. The future of our children, and our children's children will only become morally worse if we don't take back our God-given right to educate our children in God's Word and His ways. May our children and our children's children and the generations that rise up after us all have a Godly teacher leading them into a Godly future, and may that teacher be YOU and ME!   


Here area a couple of TOS articles about support groups:


Support Groups: Cultivating a Garden of Friendship  

- By Cheryl A. Bastian


Homeschool Support Groups: Do You Need One?
- By Pamela Greer




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Raising Real Men    

We'll never forget the day. Melanie was concerned about our newborn. Our little one was breathing too fast when she nursed--had she been exposed to RSV?--so Melanie took her to the doctor's office. The doctor gave her a glance and said, "She looks great to me!" but when he stuck his stethoscope to her chest for a moment, he began screaming. "I can't count it! Get the EKG machine!" Soon they were rushing to our local hospital to meet the Life Flight team. On the way, Melanie texted a prayer request to a friend in our homeschool support group.


Why are we telling this story? Because many homeschool moms today think they get all the support they need from Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, blogs, and all the other great online resources you guys have that didn't exist when we were starting. Let us tell you something, though. The internet won't meet you at the hospital and hold your hand. The internet won't take your family at home a meal. The internet won't haul your children to band and history club and 4-H when you can't. Your support group can be a real and crucial source of help in times of trouble.  


In a support group, you can see who is giving you advice--and there's a lot to be said for that. There was a mother on a homeschooling email loop who was very widely regarded for her knowledge of our state law--though she consistently gave bad advice! When we contacted her about a particularly bad error, she said, "Oh, I didn't know that! My oldest is three and we've haven't had to comply with the homeschool law yet." When you can watch a mom interacting with her children, it will tell you a lot about whether you want to take parenting advice from her!


Besides, your younger children don't have the internet for their friendships. At least, they shouldn't. Joining a homeschool group will give you and your children a great place to make friends who are likely to share your values. We've made lifelong friendships through our support groups. And it's great to see other moms when you're having an awful day. "My children have been wild all day. They're driving me crazy!" When another mom answers, "You know, mine, too! It's rained all week. I bet they have cabin fever," you realize that it's not your kids and it's not your parenting. Whew!


Join a support group near you. It'll be a blessing. It has been for us.


Your friends,

Hal & Melanie


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The Familyman 

I was about to start this article with this statement: "You need a homeschool support group." Then I thought, who am I to tell YOU what you need. You know what you need better than I do.


Actually, I was just talking to my wise wife last weekend about this exact subject. She explained to me that there are different seasons in every homeschooling mom's life. It ebbs and flows to where she needs different things, different years. Some years she needs a support group for fellowship, some years her kids need more activities, and other years she just feels too busy to add another thing. And that's OK."


Man, she's smart. She's right too. So here's my advice. If you need a support group, find one. And if you don't, don't let people 'guilt' you into joining one.


NOTE TO DADS - Your wife may not need a support group, but she does need support. In fact, she needs your support. She needs you to take ownership of your homeschool, believe in it, and then cheer her on. Don't know how to do that? Figure it out! And, buy my book Help! I'm Married to a Homeschool Mom and I'll help you.


You 'da dad!!!!


Be Real,



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