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August 6, 2014, Edition 

Can I Homeschool High School?             

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Mercy Every Minute   

The Wuehler Family

There is a wedding going on this weekend. My firstborn son will marry his sweetheart. What I see when I look close enough is my little boy who loved playing in the mud and raising caterpillars and making awesome things with his hands. He struggled to learn to read, but when he finally got it, there was no getting his nose out of a book. He was very focused on whatever project he was doing at the time, and he had plenty of time to go wherever his interests took him. He eventually ended up at a university doing what he loves to do. And now, he is getting married. Moms, hang on for the ride. Hold your boys' hands while they still let you (even if it is all the way through high school!)


So what about high school? It's not really all that scary. The only change I felt I had to make in his schooling during high school was to keep better records and produce a transcript. I never was good at record keeping, but Lee Binz really helped me feel very comfortable with the task. Janice Campbell also made transcripts understandable.


Since graduating my three oldest, I can tell you that high school is just like all the other years--you pray, you do your research, you pray some more. You check with other homeschoolers, you read books and websites, you go with your child's interests and work his/her studies around that, you start putting names of subjects down on a transcript. You still encourage them and exhort them in the Word of God.


Homeschooling through high school might be new and a bit different, but that is what homeschooling was to you in the beginning. And you persevered through and were glad you did. Persevere through high school too. There is something powerful about homeschooling all the way through. You won't regret it. We will even help you with free resources. We are here to encourage you to persevere.


Oh, and here  is helpful advice for those who have teens who want to go to public school. You can become their guidance counselor and help them through that time.


Are there outside pressures or people telling you to stop homeschooling during high school? When do we stop listening to the call of God for our children and our family--when society says we should? When we feel inadequate? We will always feel inadequate. That feeling is a blessing in disguise because we were meant to lean on the LORD for His wisdom.


The Lord is on your side. He is the author and finisher of your life and your homeschool and He will be with you through to the end of the race ... and you'll watch your child walk down the wedding aisle soon enough. I already have my handkerchief picked out for the occasion.


The LORD is on my side; I will not fear..." Psalm 118:6





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Raising Real Men    

Many years ago, we started homeschooling our first child, thinking we'd do it till he hit high school. Once we started, though, we found so many benefits to homeschooling we didn't want to give it up! Now we've graduated three, and all have gone to college on scholarship--one even studied a year at Oxford, and no one in college admissions ever blinked at our homeschool transcripts (or ever asked, "But did you finish every page of your 5th grade math book?")


We've found that high school at home is definitely possible, and today is even easier than when we first tried it. You can find online classes, tutoring programs, and self-study resources for nearly any subject (we even learned to speak Mandarin Chinese as a family--and none of us had experience when we started).

Here are three key facts to keep in mind:

  1. You can do it! Even if you struggled as a 14-year-old, you'll bring a grown-up mind to those subjects this time. You won't be worried about finding a date for the prom or whether your shoes are cool enough, and often, you'll find yourself learning things you missed the first time. Don't be shy about growing in knowledge right alongside your students. It's fun, and we can almost guarantee you'll be better educated yourself after teaching your children.
  2. Start at the end and work backwards. Remember the senior level classes are built on earlier coursework (you can't do Algebra II until you've finished Algebra I, right?) so think about what your student should know when they graduate, and plan backwards to make sure they have the foundations they need as high school freshmen. If you're not sure what the end of high school might look like, Google the admission standards for your state university and graduation requirements for a public school diploma. And if you look at your 10-year-old and think, "This child will never make it to college," don't shortchange their high school as if they don't matter--you'll be surprised how much your kids grow and develop the last few years, and their plans will likely change.
  3. Trust God and go ahead! "I am God, and there is none like Me," God said, "declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done." (Isaiah 46:9-10) Only God knows exactly what your child's future will be. Don't fret and stagger because you can't predict your student's college major when they're 12 years old (they'll likely change interests a dozen times before then). Aim for a broad education that challenges the whole child--academically, spiritually, and physically, too. We've never looked back at the things we learned and said, "Well, that was a total waste!"

That's our strategy in a nutshell. The most important principle, though, is to always remember homeschooling is really about discipleship. Your kids will experience so much change, uncertainty, doubt and fear as they move into the teenage years. Don't you want to be there to answer their questions as soon as they arise? When you teach your own, you regain 35 hours a week to interact with your student--and avoid so many distractions and detractions that come in school culture. In fact, high school may be the most important years to homeschool!


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Yours in the battle,

Hal and Melanie


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The Familyman 

Can you homeschool high school? Of course you can. Don't believe the LIES that say it's different than teaching the younger grades. Others will scare you and fill you with doubts, but you can do it. God has given you the means to teach your high schoolers at home.

Now, you might need some helps like DVD programs, online aids, or some special video instruction, but your kids will be better off if you teach them at home during high school.

I could go on and on about all the EXTRA things they'll learn IF you were to put them in school during the high school years, but I don't think I need to do that. Besides, don't you remember YOUR high school teachers? In fact, my brothers and I were sitting around our family's lake cottage just this past week talking about how TERRIBLE our high school teachers were. You can easily do better than that.


So let's just leave that question behind about teaching high school at home and promise to never revisit it again. You are not only capable of doing it, you were designed to do do it.

Be real,



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Contest Corner 
For the month of August, 2014


Captivated: Finding freedom

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One of the biggest issues in parenting is protecting our children, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. With interviews featuring doctors, experts, and people who have overcome their own media addictions, Captivated looks at media from a Biblical perspective and seeks to encourage others to examine their own lives and relationship with various forms of media. (. . .)


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