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"H" in Homeschooling is for Humor        

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Mercy Every Minute   

The Wuehler Family

Before I was a mother, I never imagined I'd hear myself say these things, but, surprisingly, they did come from my mouth:


"Sweetie, please get your toe out of the baby's mouth."


"Why are you putting noodles in my sock?"


"Son, don't pick your nose with the lizard's tail!"


ME: "What are you doing?" Toddler: "Washing my toes." ME: "Why are you washing your toes in your milk?" Toddler: "Because they're dirty brown and the milk is white." Well, of course, I should have known that! I only hope that toddler didn't drink the stuff afterwards! I am glad my memory fails me.

My heart is larger because of the big joys of my little people! And, these days, it's not just little ones that add humor to my day. Those middles and teens are also great for giving me belly aches of laughing.  


But, how do homeschooling and humor coincide?  


One of the blessings of being home with your children is that you see their funny little personalities develop. They are not squashed or shushed as they would be in a school environment. You can even have a class full of clowns and still have learning take place. You laugh and learn together. A little humor from you will also go a long way to diffuse a situation and draw hearts back together. I know that if we've laughed together, then we've had a moment of memorable, loving relationship.


If we don't see the humor in our homeschooling days, then we might be left in the kind of tears that did not come from laughter. I know those days very well. So, on those days when you just want to cry, do so. But in your crying, cry out to the Lord Who Hears. He is close to the broken-hearted and wants you to stay close to Him. Don't cry out to others before you cry out to your Savior. Man cannot do what only God can.


Recently, I had to choose joy as I cleaned up a child's mess in the bathroom. It was splattered all over the place (and that's as detailed as I want to get) so that I had to spray the entire bathroom down with bleach and then get on my knees and scrub it all clean. There was an "aha" moment when I realized that this was very similar to getting on my knees in prayer for my kids and their various kinds of messes in life. And although mom's prayers can be a tearful, messy job, our God hears and answers and honors those prayers from the trenches of motherhood, and washes our hearts clean through His Word. This is the crux where tears are turned to joy because we have given God our cares and we get up and walk out this day in faith and victory. When we walk in the joy of praise and thanksgiving, we have defeated our enemy and have even more cause to rejoice. 


In my early, more stress filled days of homeschooling, I remember reading in Psalms that the Lord causes even a barren woman to be a "joyful mother of children" and I remember thinking, "Joyful? That's not what I am seeing. Lord, open my eyes to the joy." If you are finding more tears than laughter at your house, try a new approach to choosing joy. Get on your knees, ask the Lord for a new perspective--for eyes that really see, and then get up and look for the joy.  


Rejoice! You are among the privileged  that get to have their children Home Where They Belong.




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The Familyman     
Todd Wilson

At this moment, I don't feel very humorous. We just pulled in the driveway from a long road trip to Baton Rouge, LA (a great state convention), and we're all cranky and leaning toward the mean side. But here's the deal about humor: it sometimes takes the passage of time before normal everyday occurrences and struggles seem humorous.


It's the same way with homeschooling. Homeschooling may not seem funny now, but in a few years or decades you'll remember it differently. In fact, I guarantee the things you will be sitting around the Christmas tree laughing about it in 30 years will be the struggles you're going through right now.


You'll giggle about how you never thought that ONE kid would ever read, how you thought you'd go insane trying to get them all to sit still, or how you worried about scarring your children for life. And you know what? You're going to miss those wonderful, hard, humorous days.


So maybe we both need a little reminder that the trials and tribulations of this homeschooling life ... are what will bring us the most joy in the future. So enjoy them right now.


Be real,



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Raising Real Men    

Yeah, definitely, the "H" in homeschooling is for humor, because if you don't laugh you'll cry. Like the time you fling open the door of the family van in front of strangers and "The Excretory System" song blares out of the speakers. Or the time the nice lady in the store asks your son if he likes homeschooling and he says, "Sure! We don't have to do anything!" Please say you've been there, too.


Then there was the day we were reading our guys a book about France. "That must be Omaha Beach! You know, like D-Day," he said, pointing to a photo of sunbathers at a beach. "Why, honey?" He looked shocked, "Just look at all the dead people!" No, we hadn't been to the beach in a long time.


Have you ever noticed how they hate to do school unless you suggest the family take a day to clean house? If you try to take a spring-cleaning day, you'll be met with the biggest guilt trip you've ever seen, "But, don't you care if I ever get into college? I don't this is a responsible thing to do. I have schoolwork to do! Don't you care?" Um, yeah. More than you usually do, son.


Then there are the funny times you feel brilliant. One year when the first day of school rolled around, we made quite a big deal about giving each child their books and telling them some of what they'd be learning that year. Our toddler got more and more antsy and when we got to the end said, "So, what I gonna learn this year?" The light bulb went on and Melanie said, "You could learn to go potty! We have rewards for that!" He was potty-trained two days later. No, our kids aren't competitive at all.


And do the characters in your life get even weirder when they find out how much your children love to learn? Like the orthodontist that gives your child a lecture about the chemistry behind the molds they make and then sends him home with a bucket full of the glop? Or the wag of an oral surgeon who grabs the nurse's arm during the procedure and says, "Nurse, nurse, look at this! Are those his brains?" You should have seen that kid's face!


It's a pretty strange life alright--and pretty wonderful! Keep laughing and take notes. We tell our kids they're going to make a fortune off of their autobiographies. They'll have more outrageous stories than the guy who wrote Cheaper by the Dozen. We're sure of it.


Your friends,

Hal & Melanie


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