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April 23, 2014 Edition 


When Your Extended Family Is Not Supportive of Homeschooling               

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Gena Suarez

I've been on the road a lot lately and am now getting ready to travel to Cincinnati for the GHC convention this weekend. Stop by our booth and say "hello" if you're in the area!


Here's some encouragement for you:


Hey Mama,

Today went better than you thought. Let's see why:

1. Your kids laughed their silly heads off today at least once.

2. They were fed, and they are just FINE.

3. Your house is a disaster, like 99% of other homeschool mommies' houses are. But all barf and other icky stuff is cleaned up and things are sanitary enough.

4. They learned. They played, too. But the best way to learn is to enjoy it and PLAY while doing it.

5. Your children are loved, and they know it. Regardless of today's events, deep down inside, those kids KNOW you love them fully.

6. They're clean. OK so they're a mess. But it's not that disgusting. Lower your standards already! Life is short.

7. You smiled at them today. (No? OK do it now. Call their names and GRIN like a goofy turkey--check!)

8. They are secure and safe, and they know it. Your home is their life, and they're happy and content.

9. You use discipline. Your kids are not going to think they are the center of the universe while "you're" the mama.

10. Someone got kissed or hugged today (No? OK do it now. Get that kisser ready--check!)

You awesome, Mama, you. Wow, what a Mama.  


~ gena

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The Familyman     
Todd Wilson

As long as there are homeschoolers, there will be non-supportive family members. If you're fortunate enough to have supportive family members, you need to thank them. Thank them for believing in you and in homeschooling. Thank them for keeping quiet when they could be critical. Thank them for the encouragement in what you believe.


Now if you're like most of us, who have a few non-supportive family members in the closet, then let me say, "You're not alone." We've all had (or have) relatives who say critical, hurtful, discouraging comments. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I really believe they don't mean all that much by it. They are just "status quo" people. They like normal, they lived normal, and they don't know what to do with non-normal ... so they say dumb things.


I think the temptation is to get defensive, quote successful homeschool statistics, or get argumentative. I think that's the wrong approach. Instead, let your children do the talking ... not literally, but let their homeschooled behavior/character speak for your efforts.


Homeschooling and being at home has positive effects on your children. Your non-supportive family members will see it, and they will come around. I've seen it in my family. We had some who were skeptical ... and then they watched our kids grow up and you know what? They say nice things to us now because they see the difference.


So again, to recap:

  1. Don't be surprised; you're not alone.
  2. Don't get defensive.
  3. Let your children do the talking.

Oh yeah, and although you might think you need to have it all together ... don't pretend to above all.


Be real,



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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring
 Dear Friends,


Imagine if life were perfect:


You announce to your relatives that you are going to homeschool your children. They all burst into spontaneous applause, telling you how loving and wise you are to show this kind of courage and sacrifice in raising your children. Not only that, you are so esteemed by your church and community for making this choice that you are unanimously voted Mother of the Year.


Yeah, I know. That is not what most of us experience when we homeschool. I have often shared stories of my own experience in the mid-1980s, scenarios like this one:


My mother, enraged that I would ruin her only grandchildren, yelled, "What about socialization, what about computers, how will they ever get jobs?"


My father thought I was nuts, my grandparents were shocked, my mother-in-law--a special-ed teacher with a Master's degree--was thoroughly disgusted.


Come to think of it, not a single relative WAS supportive. That is, until my Aunt Mary asked me to share what I did with my children in our homeschool. It was a bit scary to answer her, because Aunt Mary was the principal of an elementary school in Gainesville, Texas. You can't get much more invested in public schools than that.


Surprisingly, this sweet, encouraging woman listened carefully to my description of homeschooling in the Waring home, and then said, "Diana, what you are doing is a gifted-and-talented program for your kids!  This is what EVERY student should have!!"  She went on to say that her school district could only afford this approach to education for a few hours per week for a few lucky students. With amazement, she added, "But YOUR kids get this every day, all day!! 


Here is the take-away:


What you are doing at home has the potential of being the VERY BEST program of education on the planet. All it needs is your loving and listening heart, time for their creative exploration and imaginative play, and lots of laughter. Oh, yes, good educational materials are helpful, too.


Tell those relatives that you are giving the VERY BEST to your kids!! And, remember, stay relational!





P.S. Hope I'll see you in Cincinnati this weekend! And, to learn more about the approach we used, the one Aunt Mary thought was the best way for kids to learn, check out my classic on homeschooling, Beyond Survival. And, to see it implemented in a world history curriculum, check out my History Revealed



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