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April 2, 2014 Edition 

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Mercy Every Minute   

The Wuehler Family

Right now, I am sitting at the table writing this while helping my five-year-old figure out how to count sets of tens and ones. At the same time, I am working with my high schooler on his essay for the week. In between, I have an 8th grader, a 5th grader and a 3rd grader here with me--all needing help in one way or another. I am popping up and down to take one aside and talk to them about their behavior. I am sitting back down to type a sentence. I pop up again to help one with handwriting. I sit back down and answer a child's question and maybe get in another sentence. I lovingly call this, "popcorn parenting." At least I am getting some exercise, right? Sometimes I feel like I am just spinning my wheels while craving rest.  


No doubt about it, homeschooling can be challenging. But because I know my convictions about why I have my children here with me, and because I know the Scriptures I stand on about home education, it is a challenge I choose to love.  


Even in the popping up and down and the noise and the chaos, I choose contentment and joyful obedience. I love joyful obedience in my children, and God loves it in me. And when I am weak, He strongly supports me. He strongly supports those whose hearts are fully His. (2 Chron. 16:9)


I know you value your children more than anyone on this earth ever could, and I know you want the very best for them because you love them. YOU are the very best for them. I don't even have to give you all the statistics out there to prove that--you already know it in your heart.  


I was talking to a mom this weekend explaining that sometimes the years of having all the children at home can feel like you are in survival mode, trying to make it through one day at a time. But as I thought about that, and how quickly the years fly, those are the best of times. We need a new perspective. Instead of these years being the "survival" years, you can look at them as the "revival" years. God is reviving a generation that is joyfully obeying His commands and raising a revived generation that will honor Him with their lives.  


Don't give in to defeat. Value your children enough to change your outlook from survival to revival. Go forth with joy and strength. If you don't have either, then you must run back to God for those things. Lack of these two things really shows a lack of relationship with the living God. Go back to Him and stay close to His side. Make worship a priority and you will begin to feel the revival in your heart.  


Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him; talk ye of all His wondrous works. Glory ye in His holy name; let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually. (1 Chronicles 16:9-11)


I value my children and our relationship together. God values me and my relationship with Him. Both are a challenge to maintain, but it is love that keeps me coming back for more. Keep loving, keep serving, keep obeying. Keep them Home Where they Belong.




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The Familyman     
Todd Wilson

Sniff, sniff ... smell that? It's the smell of spring!! The snow has melted, the flowers are starting to push through the ground, and the light at the end of the homeschool tunnel is almost in view.


Your assignment? Enjoy spring with your children and call it homeschooling. We've forgotten some of the joys of homeschooling, such as the fun of spending a nice day outside together ... looking, sniffing, and feeling one of the most wonderful times of the year.


It amazes me how complicated we've made homeschooling. The topic at hand about homeschooling different aged children at the same time hints at that. It's almost like we're discussing how to breathe or use a spoon. These things come naturally because they're part of God's design.


I believe God's design for training our children was altered a long time ago when some group of unemployed, smart people (who needed jobs) convinced parents that they were more capable of teaching their children than they were. After time the "experts" weren't satisfied with one-room school houses, because more people needed jobs, so they broke the children up into various age groups and classes. So that's been the standard ever since, BUT that's not the best way to learn.


Family is the best way and place to learn, no matter how many ages are learning at once. In homes, there are interruptions, urgent demands, and constant distractions like spring days, chocolate chips cookies in the oven, and spontaneous games of Candy Land. That is God's design and the best way to learn and LIVE.


You get to do it every day and are so blessed to be able to teach your children at home, all of them at once.


Go have some fun and do school.


Be real,



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Raising Real Men    
Homeschooling a houseful of all different ages is one of the hardest and most wonderful things we've ever done.
The best part is to see the sweet relationships that grow between the older children and the younger ones. I remember one of ourlittle girls pouting over her big brother going to college, "I'm going to go to college with you!" When he responded, "Sweetheart, you're not old enough to go to college," she answered, "I'm getting bigger every day!" So sweet! 

There's a lot of tough stuff, too, though. Here are a few tips to help:


Get the support you need:


Spend time in the Word and in prayer every day. It's what we need the most.


Take a nap. Yes, seriously. Some days it's a lifesaver.


Get all hands on deck. You need help doing the chores and your children can do amazing things if you train them to.


Join a support group that will be there when you need them.


Different ages need different things. Homeschooling's great for that.


Babies need warm arms, mama milk, and not much else. Get in a comfy chair like a recliner and keep right on going educating the others. The baby won't mind. :)


First attention is the shortest. Toddlers have very short attention spans for anything but whining. If instead you tell the older children to keep working and spend a few minutes focusing on your toddler, they'll be off to play in a moment. They just need to check in.


Recognize that young scholars need a lot of supervision. Try putting a child's table next to your chair so you can take care of the baby and watch over the older children's schoolwork, too.  

Aim towards more independent work as your children get older. You'll be doing them a great favor as they head off into adulthood if they learn to manage their own work.


Understand that sometimes the very oldest need lots of attention, too. The last year or two of high school is wonderful, but also pretty stressful as they figure where God is directing them in life.


We're at the downhill side of this great adventure. We've graduated three of our eight and our school is shrinking now, not growing any more. As we look back, we are unbelievably grateful that the Lord has given us the pleasure of raising this tribe. It's been so much fun! Don't get bogged down in the everyday stuff, enjoy those treasures while they're in your home.  


Your friends,

Hal & Melanie Young


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