February 12, 2014 Edition 

Funniest Homeschool Day EVER          

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Gena Suarez

Hey Mama,


Homeschooling can be a wild ride!


I wasn't trained to be a homeschool mama. Who is? But hey, it's fun. I like having my kids with me, and they're learning! However, it's the questions that drive me batty.


A question here, a comment there--this is fine; don't get me wrong. But imagine the never-ending question. The answer that won't satisfy. The conversation that has no finale. One of my sons has questions for me that he fires from a vocal cannon, which once loaded, can discharge for hours. When they begin to flow, my eyeballs start twitching. My hands sweat and my hair rises. Hide me.


This boy (we have four) has asked the oddest things (and I paraphrase, below) since the day he could talk. He learned to chatter early, and quite well--definitely before I was ready.


I should have known that wacky questions from my little fireball of energy would follow. Many of you, with your own kiddos, can relate, I'm sure. My son has an imagination that will not stop:


Age 2:


"Mommy, do chickens eat cookies?"


"Ummm ... no. I don't believe they do."


"Why not?"


"Well, they were not made to eat cookies."


"Yes, but do chickens have lips?"


"Oh, for heaven's sake. No, they have a beak. Hey, look, we're almost at the park. Do you have your water bottle?"


Conversations with a 9-year-old can be just as offbeat. Like the time this same funny boy was concerned that our dog, Liesel, possibly thought he was just a fellow canine.


He said, "Mom, how do you know that she knows I'm a person? Maybe she thinks I'm another dog. I don't want her to think I'm like the other dogs. I'm really human. Do you think she knows?"


"Yes, Son, she knows."


"But how do you know? She can't see herself, so she may not know what she is, or what I am."


"Trust me. She knows she's a dog and you're a boy."


"But how do you know?"


"I just do. She is quite aware that you are NOT a dog like her."


"How can you be sure?"


"Go clean your room."


Years later...


"Can my hen climb down a tree?"


"No, that would be impossible."


"I put her up there and she's cackling."


"What on earth ... how high?"


"Really high."


"Which tree?"


"You know ... that pine tree out front. And the rooster is at the bottom, all nervous."


"Well, I'd be, too, if my spouse were trapped in a tree! Go get her down!"


Now that he is older, the questions aren't so unbaked. Instead, they're really intense. Lately I hear myself saying, "Go ask Dad. That's a dad question."


This "ever-curiousness" seems to be the norm in homeschool families. The kids are hanging out with their parents, so they ask grown-up questions earlier. They are afforded individual attention, so their time is better spent learning.


Keep up the good work and when you're tempted to rip out your hair, remember that your little talker will someday be a brainy adult ... an independent thinker who will make a positive societal impact. To be sure, you are giving him an opportunity that is unmatched. Enjoy the ride!


~ gena

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The Familyman 

It's funny, because everyone expects me (aka Todd, the Funny guy) to have funny stories about everything ... including homeschooling. And while I often do see the funny side of homeschooling, there aren't many moments or days at our house where we just sit back and say, "Now THAT'S funny!"


Maybe it's because the things we look back at as funny didn't seem very funny at the time. In fact, the day or moment it was taking place probably seemed horrendous.


But here's the deal; those things we think are so hard and horrible now will one day be the things we sit around and laugh about. It may be hard to believe, but you're going to miss these times.


I know my wife has trouble seeing the funny side of homeschooling. There are days when I can "hear" them doing school, and it doesn't sound funny to me either. But every once in a while, I walk upstairs to our attic schoolroom and check in on them, and this is what I see:


My wife snuggled under a blanket trying to keep warm as she reads a wonderful read aloud. No one seems to be listening because they're dressed up as superman, a pirate, or in a pink flowing gown. They seem so full of life and excited about EVERYTHING ... contorted in their chairs scribbling, writing ... all the while my wife drones on with her eye on the clock.


Those moments make me smile and warm my heart because those are the moments I want to hang onto forever. You may not think they're funny, but they are wonderful ... and they are fleeting.


Be real,



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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring

Dear Friends,


Do you remember the saying, "Give me a fish and I'll eat for a day, teach me to fish and I'll eat for a lifetime"?


It is as true for laughter as it is for seafood!


"Tell me a joke, and I'll laugh for a minute.

Teach me good humor, and I'll laugh for a lifetime."


So, rather than sharing some of the most hysterical moments in my homeschooling journey, I would rather take this opportunity to share with you how YOU can enjoy your own hilarious homeschool.


Here are my 10 Rules and Regulations for Humor, excerpted from one of the most popular workshops I have ever presented:

  1. Don't gain a laugh at someone else's expense--if it makes fun of someone else, don't do it.
  2. Sarcasm, put-downs, and snide remarks are NOT allowed-- speak the truth in LOVE.
  3. Ethnic jokes CAN be, "We belong; they don't!"--demeaning does not reflect God's way.
  4. Crude jokes are in bad taste--adults are the ones who set the standard here.
  5. Puns are FOUNDATIONAL--start with a basic "Knock, Knock" joke, and teach why it is funny.
  6. Memorize a few good jokes--give your kids success through tried-and-true laughter makers!
  7. Play with language--like "spoonerisms" and limericks.
  8. Home must be safe--demeaning, disrespect, and sarcasm are out of bounds.
  9. Practice makes funny--take time to play with humor; put it in your weekly schedule!
  10. "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things." Philippians 4:8

According to Proverbs 17:22, "A cheerful heart is good medicine ... " And laughter is one of the best ways to cheer up a home, especially one filled with fun-loving kids!!


For more explanation of these ten rules and regulations, along with some of the funniest stories from my homeschool adventures, check out my Hilarious Homeschool Workshop on CD

Remember, stay relational!




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Contest Corner 

For the month of February, 2014     


Goldtown Adventures Series: Tunnel of Gold


Susan K. Marlow began writing stories when she was 10 years old. She obtained an elementary education degree and taught in Christian schools before homeschooling her children. Now over 20 years later she is "back in the saddle" helping homeschooling families by teaching writing workshops as well as writing good historical fiction books for kids.


Susan K. Marlow is best known for her Circle C Adventures book series. Set in California in the 1880s, this series features a girl named Andrea Carter and her horse Taffy. It has become a very popular book series with an off shoot series for younger readers called Andi and Taffy. The newest Susan K. Marlow series is called Goldtown Adventures.


Set in 1864, 12-year-old Jem his sister and cousin have many adventures along Cripple Creek. Jem leads the way in many adventures including finding out why Cripple Creek is losing water as well as getting trapped in an old mine. Through all of his adventures and mishaps Jem is given opportunities to learn trust in God.


In Tunnel of Gold, Jem is caught in the middle of a miner's riot. He quickly finds out the trouble is over a gold mine that has been "played out" or not producing gold anymore. Jem has to think quickly to save the Midas Mine.


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