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August 7, 2013
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Gena Suarez

Hey Mama,


Does it intimidate you to think of having a homeschool mission statement? Don't let it. Just think of it as a plan for your homeschool goals for yourself and your children. Carve out some time with your husband to look at the year ahead and ask yourselves some questions: What do your children need to learn spiritually and academically? What do you plan to use to teach your children the lessons they need to learn? That's it! Then during the year, occasionally set aside time to prayerfully reevaluate your plan.


Here's some off topic encouragement: Do you wonder if you're doing enough for your family? Think about this . . .

Is this not the truth? All day LONG you have done what you do best for your family: Sacrifice selflessly. Are you perfect? Probably not. Did everything get done 100%? Definitely not. Is L-O-V-E your middle name? Absolutely. And your kids know it. Keep going, Mama. You are gonna make it, and so are those monkey kids of yours.


~ gena


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The Familyman 

Our homeschool mission: survival. Of course we've never written it down, but it pretty much stays at the forefront of our thinking each day. 


Actually, I guess we do have a

mission . . . or at least a reason why we homeschool. It's the same one that I will be talking about when I speak to a homeschooling group tonight. It's really the reason behind all of our homeschooling and what we really believe. 


I'll share it with you:

  1. We believe home is the best place for our children.
  2. We believe parents are the best teachers for their children.
  3. We believe that every child is a masterpiece.
  4. We believe that relationships come first and matter most.

You can steal it if you'd like . . . because it's true for you and your family as well. You don't have to write it down, but you should believe it with all your heart. It's the truth that will keep you on track, as well as from being sucked into the cesspool of lies that all homeschooling moms believe.


Be real,



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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring

Dear Friends,

Back in the day, the term "mission statement" had not yet been coined.  However, I did have goals for our homeschool. Now, normally, I wouldn't have been that efficient, especially since homeschooling for me was a lot less about driving the bus and a lot more about clinging to the seat of a roller coaster! But, when an educator friend of mine offered a class on homeschooling, it seemed like a great opportunity to learn more about this wild adventure. And when she suggested we set goals for our homeschool, I complied.

Many years later, while unpacking from a cross-country move, I found the notes from the class and the goals for our kids.It was startling, to say the least. Though I hadn't glanced at, nor thought of, the formal objectives of homeschooling crafted years before, yet they had evidently set the standard for what we would pursue . . . because each and every goal had been met.

Wouldn't it be great if I could pull that sheet out for you right now and let you in on these tried-and-true goals? That way, you could sit down, put them into your own words, and, VOILA, have a mission statement!But, truth be told, I have had a few more cross-country moves since then, and I haven't seen them since!

What I do remember, however, is that they focused on people, rather than on academics. I longed for my kids to love reading, knowing that would broaden and enrich them for the rest of their lives. I wanted them to love learning, to dig deep into what interested them, because that was an ability that would allow them to succeed, no matter what their career path. I purposed that my kids would love us and each other, as these relationships would last for eternity. I hungered most of all that they would love God, with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength. Of all the goals I set, this was the one closest to my heart.

So, here I am now. More than a decade past my last "Getting Ready for Homeschool!" season. And I can tell you that the goals I so casually set twenty-five years ago really did set the path for my feet to trod as a homeschool mom.

Have a richly creative and out-of-the-box experience as you create your own.

And, remember, stay relational!



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The second section deals with prevention. Healy discusses the way the brain works and develops, and the various things that can cause damage and disruption to the brain's development, both in utero and during early childhood.  


(. . .) The third section is the "What can we do?" section. Healy tackles the issues of cleaning up our children's environments (chemical toxins, media, food choices, stressors, sleep habits, activity schedules, and personal habits) and reevaluating what we need to remove, what we need to add, and the effects these factors have on the brain's function and learning ability. (. . .)


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