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July 24, 2013
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Gena SuarezHey, Mama,

Do you remember playing hide-n-go seek or catching fireflies on hot summer evenings? What about running through the hose and eating drippy popsicles? Did your folks let you play outside at dusk in the summer? Bring back some of those fun times with your kids and play a game or two outside! Get some great ideas for games and other fun things to do in the E-Book I'm giving away this month, Nifty Thrifty Summer Fun. Just go to the magazine at and look between pages 140-150 to learn how to get your copy of this E-Book, FREE.


Now some encouragement . . .  


God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too wise to be unkind. When you can't trace His hand, that's when you must learn to trust His heart. - Charles H. Spurgeon

See that, Mama? That's where faith and belief come in. So you can't really "see" Him lately, you say. It's OK; He is right beside you, walking, and His heart is trustworthy; you know this. Keep walking with Him. He will never leave your side.

You did good today, Mama. May your children rise up and call you blessed.


~ gena

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Summer brings back some great memories. One particular summer, I learned what it meant to be "RESPONSIBLE."


I was a "new cadet" at West Point. Our reality began with an upperclassman saying there are only four acceptable responses for the next 12 months: "Yes, sir"; "No, sir"; "No excuse, sir" and "Sir, I do not understand."


Throughout the year, when an upperclassmen would yell something like, "why isn't your room prepared for inspection?" you learned that regardless of the situation, the right response was "no excuse, sir."


One of the lessons I learned at West Point was that I AM RESPONSIBLE. There are no "excuses" for the decisions I make and the outcomes that result.


Fast forward 25 years. When my business results are disappointing, when my marriage is struggling through a difficult season, or when parenthood has taught me a painful lesson, I remind myself, "no excuse, sir."


Summer is a great time to teach our children about being responsible. Here are a few thoughts:


  1.  Plan a fun activity: Choose something that is uniquely fun for your children (a trip to the park, cook a favorite meal, etc.)
  2. Assign Accountability: "Samantha, you are in charge of dessert tonight. What do you want to make?" Provide children with as much freedom, as possible, with the task. Freedom will help strengthen creativity and courage.
  3. Provide Support: Set the expectation that you are there to help, but they "own" the task.
  4. Execute the Plan: Have fun. Encouragement will help to build confidence and desire.
  5. Review the Outcome: Provide a realistic review of what happened with a level of encouragement that keeps them motivated for more.

Learning responsibility is a critical life skill. Children can learn this character-building quality with some "fun" activities that they can "own." 

David Esposito, Managing Partner, Harvest Time Partners


David has developed award-winning resources under the brand
Character Creates Opportunity, a character-development initiative designed for all ages. He is also the inventor of Abundant Harvest--families, schools, counseling programs, and faith-based organizations nationwide enjoy playing this award-winning conversation game. It opens the door to more productive dialogue and encourages decision making based on such principles as honesty, loyalty, and commitment.  


David provides support to individuals, companies, and organizations on a variety of topics. You can contact David at or by calling (877) 786-4278. Visit to learn more.


Free samples! Active fun in the summer sun is important for young children's physical, cognitive and social development. The book/DVD set Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Young Children has 52 enjoyable, developmentally appropriate physical activities to play with your children and neighbors! Get free sample physical activities at: 

The Familyman 

Let's play a game?! Are you kidding me? Don't the editors of The Homeschool Minute™ know how busy I am? We just pulled into the driveway after being gone ALL weekend at a family camp in hilly Pennsylvania.


I have tons to do, including writing this brilliant, little article that will minister to untold . . . dozens. I have emails to write, speaking arrangements to work on, products to produce, and gobs of other IMPORTANT stuff to do!!


Games take time . . . my time. Playing a game means stopping what I'm doing, setting it up, listening to my kids' incessant giggling as they make up their own rules, refereeing their bickering, and dealing with the nagging feeling that I should be getting something done instead.


It doesn't help when I see my wife, who is way better than I am, sitting on the floor in the midst of her busy day playing a game with our youngest. I just can feel the guilt being heaped on my busy head.


I've got to get this all done or nobody will!!!


Can I hear an AMEN?! You're busy too, right? Don't have time for games either, right? After all, if we stopped in the middle of our busy day to play a game with our children nothing would get done . . . except what really matters, right? Sigh.


I hate it when I'm right.


I'll make a deal with you. As soon as you finish reading this email (which just showed up in my inbox too), let's both stop doing all the "important" stuff we're doing and play a game with all the really IMPORTANT people in our house who would love a little mom and dad time? Deal?


Be real,



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Relational Homeschooling    
Diana Waring

Dear Friends,


What memories does the word "game" evoke for you? Perhaps it was the suspense of playing hide-and-go-seek with other children in your neighborhood, or the thrill of competition in the watermelon-spitting contest. You might remember pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or break the candy-filled piata at birthday parties. Was it days of Risk or Axis and Allies, hours of Monopoly or Scrabble, or minutes of Twister or Candy Land?


For me, as I look back through my life, I remember games of Red Rover with schoolmates, checkers with teachers, singing in minor 2nds with a musical friend, the Ugly Face game with co-workers, alphabetical world geography mind benders with my husband, and Pass the Pigs with my kids. There were word games, outdoor games, musical games, athletic games, strategy games, water games, games purchased, games followed, and games we made up on the spot.


All this is to say that you don't have to limit yourself (or your children) to one kind of game. And, in fact, during the summer, think about how your family might take advantage of fresh air and sunshine--playing games outside!


And, FYI, you don't have to wrack your brains to find a game that might be enjoyable. You just look at your kids and see what they care about, notice what they enjoy. Ask them what they would like to do, and then, let the games begin!


Go ahead. Enjoy it!!!


And, remember, stay relational.





MURBLES IS A FUN FAMILY GAME that requires no setup or complicated rules.  Based on horse-shoes, it uses colorful, light-weight balls providing a safer and easier option. Ideal for 2 or more players ages 7+. Visit to order your customized set today. Mention code JH10MK3 for a 10% discount!


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Pull out your laptop and get busy typing the inspirations that come to mind as you think happy thoughts about . . . Christmas!

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Contest Corner 

For the month of July, 2013


 One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries  

You Solve With Science!


Science, Naturally! wants to "bridge the gap between the blackboard and the blacktop." As an independent press, they do this by publishing fun and interesting science and math resources that kids enjoy. They strive to make these topics "intriguing and accessible" to students of all ages.


The Crew had the opportunity to review their book, One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science! ($9.95) It was written by the father-daughter team of Eric and Natalie Yoder, who have been featured guests on NPR. Their books have won multiple awards and accolades from the education and publishing communities.


Designed for kids 8-12, these fun brain teasers get kids thinking about science to solve these quick mystery stories. This is the second book in this series. They've also written a book of one-minute math mysteries, too. You can read a mystery sample here.


To read the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviews, click on the thumbnails on this page.


TO ENTER: Email Heather with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "One Minute Mysteries" for a chance to win* the book for your homeschool!

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Freedom From the Law of the Booklist of Education 

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