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July 3, 2013
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Mercy Every Minute   

The Wuehler Family

NOW is a great time for doing all those fun things you put off doing during the school year because: 1) you didn't have time, 2) you didn't have energy, 3) you didn't want the mess, 4) it was a bigger project than you thought, or 5) you just didn't get it done because of life events.


NOW is the time to make a summer list and start crossing it off. What kinds of things should go on your list besides what you missed during the year? All of our lists will be different, but here are some ideas to start with:


Things like playing those board games with the kids, going on a nature or creek walk or a bike ride, or maybe that trip to the local zoo or aquarium. What about that museum in your town that you keep meaning to visit or going to the farmers' markets or swap meets.


Things like creating that piece of artwork, or doing that cool unit study, or making those treats for the neighbors. Things like sewing and  crafting or making homemade clay or bubbles or homemade chalk. Things like going to the community pool or park and making new friends and sharing the good news.  


Things like setting up the tent in the back yard and camping outside. Things like gardening or getting chicks or fish or sea monkeys to raise. Things like building a fort or a tree house or a tire swing.


These are the fun things of summer. Not only will the kids be learning, they will be making memories to last a lifetime. When we ask our older children their favorite memories of growing up, they end up having to do with the kinds of things mentioned above.


But you have to do something to make something happen. Start this week by adding to your calendar at least one hands-on learning fun idea or family field trip. Yes, it will take planning and actual execution. But the reward will be a lasting happy memory of family time spent together.


Make it an "eternal summer" by adding more family worship together. Talk about God's creation and majesty and awesomeness every day as you are enjoying God's gifts of time and family. You are blessed!




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The Familyman 

Tomorrow might just be the single greatest day of the summer. All across America families are grilling hamburgers, having picnics, and waving flags. There's just something in the air that makes you think of freedom, apple pie, and Chevrolet. God HAS indeed blessed America and HE HAS blessed you, as well.


The great thing about this weekend is that it's a longggggg weekend, giving time for fireworks AND a long put-off field trip to that nearby lighthouse, petting zoo, national park, lake, or the movie Despicable ME 2. Tell your husband that you'd really like to do __________ this weekend . . . and that it will be a lot of fun.


The important thing is to get the kids there and then let them run around and do and learn the things that interest them. I know my kids get different things from the exact same field trip destination. We went to George Washington Carver's birth place and some of my kids enjoyed the historical significance, others liked the snake and turtle we saw along the walking path, and still others loved running and being outside.


Had I insisted that they do what I wanted them to do and learn, I would have frustrated some of them (if not all of them) and the "learning factor" would have been low. The beauty of field trip learning, though, is that learning takes place on individual levels and it's FUN!!!! That is the best kind of learning.


So soak up the sun, eat some corn on the cob, and go on a family field trip!


Be real,



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Raising Real Men   
Hal and Melanie Young

Have you ever seen a big golden retriever with a corn chip balanced on its nose until its master gives the okay, then snap! Sure, dogs can be trained to do that, but it doesn't come naturally. It takes a lot of concentration. It's funny to watch: even a well-trained, compliant dog has to think so hard to keep from eating that chip it practically shakes with the effort, eyes crossing keeping an eye on that luscious morsel.


Our boys can be that way, too. After we spoke recently, a mother came up distressed that after they'd been working awhile, her son would get distracted and wiggly. When she'd say, "Come on, honey, concentrate! We just have three more subjects before lunch," he'd sigh in despair and drag his feet even more. That little guy was just like the dog with the corn chip. By the time he'd sat there that long, it was taking every bit of his mental capacity and will just to sit still--there was nothing left to learn with!

Hands on learning and field trips are great for all children. They provide the mental hooks to hang all those facts on, they drive the points you are teaching home, and they foster a lifelong love of learning.


For the active child, though, they are a lifeline. They provide a break from sitting still without breaking from learning. It's tempting for a mom to think, "We can't take time to go on a field trip; we're behind in math." What seems like good stewardship of your time sometimes isn't. Going ahead and taking the field trip can make your child better able to learn the rest of the week.


We've graduated three of our eight and have been homeschooling for close to twenty years now. We're not nearly as concerned about getting the workbooks done as we used to be. We've found that some of those "extra" things like labs, projects, activities and field trips often provide way more long term learning and influence than the actual book lessons we were so worried about.  


So, let your son eat the corn chip! (Wait that was the dog, right?) Go take some field trips, folks!


Yours in the battle,

 Hal & Melanie


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Creation Revolution

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Contest Corner 

For the month of July, 2013


 One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries  

You Solve With Science!


Science, Naturally! wants to "bridge the gap between the blackboard and the blacktop." As an independent press, they do this by publishing fun and interesting science and math resources that kids enjoy. They strive to make these topics "intriguing and accessible" to students of all ages.


The Crew had the opportunity to review their book, One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science! ($9.95) It was written by the father-daughter team of Eric and Natalie Yoder, who have been featured guests on NPR. Their books have won multiple awards and accolades from the education and publishing communities.


Designed for kids 8-12, these fun brain teasers get kids thinking about science to solve these quick mystery stories. This is the second book in this series. They've also written a book of one-minute math mysteries, too. You can read a mystery sample here.


To read the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviews, click on the thumbnails on this page.


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