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June 12, 2013
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Hey Mama  

Bugs, bugs, bugs . . . I prefer that they go their way outdoors and stay out of my house (unless they're safely trapped in a jar). And if I'm not feeling well, the last thing I want to see is a spider crawling down the wall or ants traipsing across the kitchen counter. Are you feeling under the weather or a bit stressed today? Here's something to remember . . .


Hey Mama, 


I heard you were feeling under the weather. Being sick is such a drain, not only on the body, but emotionally, too. Things that normally take very little effort seem monumental. Tasks that should be done in an hour take three. Kids become burdensome; joy is hard to muster.

It's temporary, Mama. It will pass. Use this time to rest and prioritize. What's really important? The house getting cleaned up or your daughter's feelings when she wants to chat but you're too tired? All the emails answered in a timely manner or your son's need to be heard? The grocery shopping done NOW or time to sit with your husband and just focus on him?

Rest, Mama. Healing takes time, and God already knew this was going to happen. He is on the throne, and He has not forgotten you. In fact, His heart is turned towards you. Think about when your little one is sick, or hurting; do you not bend with compassion for them? How do you think your Father looks at you, His little one?



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One of the most sensational stories to emerge from Titanic's sinking was the stranger-than-fiction adventures of two little French boys, Michael Navratil, who was nearly 4 years old, and his 2-year-old brother, Edmond.


The boys were something of a mystery on board. They were seldom seen, spoke only French and were never out of their father's sight--and for good reason. Their father had spirited them away from their mother and was taking them to America aboard the Titanic under assumed names.


When Titanic struck the iceberg, the boys' father, Louis Hoffman (his real name was Michel Navratil) bundled them up and dashed for the boat deck and placed his sons in Collapsible D, the last boat to be lowered. With a quick salute to the boys, he turned and disappeared into the crowd.


Alone and unable to communicate, the boys were at the mercy of strangers. When news of the boys became public, the world press picked up the story, dubbing Michael and Edmond the "Titanic Orphans" and "Waifs of Titanic."


The boys became famous. For weeks their photographs were seen everywhere, even in Nice, France, where their mother lived. She had been desperately searching for her boys, and with the help of the British and French consulates and the White Star Lines, she was soon reunited with her babies.


This is a Titanic story with an ironic twist. If it had not been for a shipwreck, two little boys may have been lost to their mother forever.


Michael Navratil passed away on January 30, 2001, at the age of 92, the last male survivor of the Titanic disaster.  


Titanic Museum

As reflected by our authentic artifacts and exclusive galleries at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we hope Titanic's enduring story inspires further study and research and leads to unique, interactive learning experiences for you and your children.


Our menu of online educational resources is carefully designed to incorporate Titanic history into other areas of study, including math, geography, and social studies. For your convenience, you'll find Teaching and Learning Tools under the Education tab:


New Gallery in 2013! Discover the 133 Children's Stories of Titanic. A year long tribute with galleries and events honoring Titanic's littlest heroes and an educational experience your children will never forget.  


Winner of the 2012 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

"The most lavish monument to the sea's most famous disaster."--USA Today


The Familyman 

Bugs . . . now that's something I can sink my teeth into . . . not literally, but topically. I mean, my boys have this thing for bugs. The bigger, stinkier, slimier . . . the better. Here in Indiana we've got our fair share of normal bugs like walking sticks, praying mantis, daddy longlegs, and other insects that fly, wiggle, and crawl.


While we were in New Mexico we suffered a little bit of bug envy and wanted so badly to see or catch a Vinegarroon or better yet, a Child of the Earth. Now what kind of creepy bug must belong to a demonic name like "Child of the Earth"?!?


We never saw either, but there's always next time.


Here's the thing about homeschoolers though: sometimes we ruin natural learning in favor of the unnatural kind where little is learned. I'm a firm believer that the best kind of learning (bugs especially) is the kind where parents stay out of it (unless asked by the child).


So, resist the urge to have your kids learn the body parts, write about them, or research anything (unless they want to). Just stand back and let them discover the world of slugs and bugs on their own. That kind of learning is unforgettable.


Be real . . . and be on the lookout for a Child of the Earth,



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I don't know of a better way to get outside and enjoy nature-and all Bug the creepy, crawling things that live in it-than with Erin Dean's
Nature/Outdoors lessons on From evergreens to owls, rainbows to sand, Erin will help you discover the amazing world God created! And while you're exploring the world, why not use Tyler Hogan's Geography: Around the World course to build a fun summer unit study. Bugs of the World, anyone?

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Rational Homeschooling  

 Dear Friends,


There are few things I dislike more than bugs. But, as my husband points out, children don't need to learn their mom's phobias. So. . . if I am not going to teach them to jump out of their skins when they see a bug, what's left to learn? Plenty!


First of all, learn about all the cool things bugs do OUTSIDE. When they are in the grass, in the trees, in the air, on the water, they are very interesting. And, of course, they have a purpose, a design in nature. So, go on a nature exploration to find out what bugs live OUTSIDE in your area, and what they do that is helpful.


For me, that is where I would stop. I don't want bugs in my home. Period, the end.



But that is, honestly, somewhat limiting.


For instance, consider the extraordinary learning that is possible for this student in Australia. His dad is a zoo keeper in Melbourne, and one day he brought home this fascinating--in a disturbing sort of way--bug. Chareen, the mom of the family, told me that it was not easy to say "Yes" to a branch-loving bug who has a way of migrating to the curtains during the night

. . . but her kids LOVED it!


I guess that is part of the deal of being a homeschool mom. We are often called upon to sacrifice for the sake of our children. As long as it doesn't bite anybody, I suppose I could even--for the sake of my children--allow a weird bug in my home for a short time!


Remember, stay relational!




   Chase 'N Butterflies
Great science project for all ages. Painted Lady
Caterpillar kits teach about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

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Creation Revolution

"A turtle's shell is what sets him apart from any other type of animal. Some turtles have flat soft shells and others have high domed extremely hard shells, and then there are all kinds of variations between the two."

Contest Corner 

For the month of June, 2013 


Until the Robin Walks on Snow


Until the Robin Walks on Snow, by Bernice L. Rocque, is an historical novella based upon an actual event in the family history of the author.  


This is the story of one immigrant family's struggle, and of the sacrifices of another family when, in 1922, an extremely premature baby was born on a farm in a small New England town. Bernice L. Rocque has taken what information she was able to gather from family members, and has woven it together with historical research about the area, the way people lived, and what they had available to them, into a gripping story.


Read the rest of the review here.


TO ENTER: Email Heather with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Until the Robin" for a chance to win* the book for your homeschool!

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