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May 8, 2013 


High School Transcripts  



Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler 
and family


Once upon a time, there was a little 5-year-old boy who loved to sing his ABCs, catch insects, and sit next to his mom while she read his favorite books. Suddenly one day, when his mom blinked, she realized he was going into high school! And all of a sudden, she was very nervous because she realized she needed to start something she'd never done before . . . a TRANSCRIPT! Just the thought made her want to eat some chocolate, drink diet soda (even though she knew it was bad for her), and procrastinate.


Well, that mom was me, and I now have three high school graduates for whom I have actually made those scary transcripts. I can tell you that once I started looking into all the helps for how to make a transcript, it really wasn't that hard. If I can do it--you certainly can, too! Here is some information to help you get started.   


With each transcript, they became easier. And, each was different as I learned new things. And I didn't have to buy anything expensive! You might want to check out our reviews on high school products including transcripts. And there are more homeschool helps here.


I don't know why I did it, but I just blinked again, and today, I started a new transcript for my current ninth grader. He was a cute little guy who liked to play in the mud, flush caterpillars down the toilet, and shepherd his little brother around. Now he towers over me, as I create the transcript for his first year in high school. I really need to stop all this blinking. So, instead of just blinking, I will close my eyes in prayer over this child and ask God for wisdom. God knows what He created this child to be and to do and will bring it to pass as I obey Him and keep this not so little boy Home Where He Belongs.


Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6



TOS Senior Editor    


By the way: Are you a member? If so, we are offering FREE transcript templates for you! (Members, go to this page!) If you are not a member yet, you might think about it--not only for this wonderful free resource, but we also offer a high school planner through and it has a huge load of forms and calendars and plans for your high school student. And, yes, the planners are also free with your paid membership. (You can read my daughter's review on the high school Schoolhouse planners in this archived Homeschool Minute--scroll down.) also has very convenient student checklists for the high school classes that are offered as part of your membership. I love these checklists! Really, offers a lot of help for nervous parents (like me) of high school students!

The American School offers outstanding value for high school homeschoolers wishing to earn an accredited diploma. Students work at their pace in the General High School or College Preparatory program. Both contain 18 units of credit, including electives.

Visit to learn more!


What do I include in an academic transcript? How do I give a credit? How do I give a final grade? What are cumulative grades? Who signs my student's academic transcript?


If the thought of creating transcripts for your high school students is multiplying your gray hairs, take heart! has tools to help you navigate through these uncharted waters. Take a look!

  • The popular High School Schoolhouse Planner (a $29.00 value) is free to all members. The 2013-2014 edition debuts this June!
  • Our Monthly Course Checklists highlight the subjects and topics for your high schoolers all in one convenient place. Do you want to know what the Geography topic from Tyler Hogan is for May? It's on the first page of your checklist. Want to see what Deborah Burton will be tackling in Mock Trial? Check out page two! The checklists keep you up to date on the current courses and provide a list of archived courses so you don't miss any of our great resources! There is even space at the end for noting what skills your student learned in each class month-by-month.
  • If you're looking for curriculum to use to fill out that transcript, has more than 30 options to meet that need. Check out all the teachers and subjects here.
  • New classes starting this fall include technology, American Sign Language, trigonometry, violin (beginning in June!), and photography.
  • For a complete list of all that has to offer, take a look at our Site Content page.


And about those gray hairs--any time you feel they are getting the better of you, check out Isaiah 46:4.


Bonnie Rose Hudson

Editorial Assistant


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Crown College
20% of our students are homeschooled! Crown College,
near Minneapolis, an affordable Christian college. Meet lifelong friends, & learn how faith and career unite.
The Familyman

Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries 

Howdy, and greetings from Cummins Engines in Oklahoma. Yep, it's 7:49 am and all ten of us are sitting in the waiting room with some trucker who is trying to catch a few winks.

We're running well after our RV shattering accident but we have a few things to take care of that we weren't able to in Tulsa.

As far as high school transcripts go, you're talking to the wrong guy. We don't keep a very detailed list. My wife just keeps track of everything they study, do, and read during high school so that she can make one if/when needed. If you're into that kind of thing, then you need to visit Lee Binz, the high school transcript expert.

My only advice is don't be too bound by what someone else says your child has to do for high school. You can decide what you think is important for him to study. And, if you miss something that is later required, your child can always fill it in when he really needs it. Give your children time to develop their God-given bent and let them suggest subjects they'd like to study. My wife asked our son who is graduating this year if there was anything else he'd like to study before he graduates, and he said, "Yeah, a car mechanics/maintenance course." Great idea!

Be real,

P.S. I'll be at the Arlington, TX book fair this weekend. First person to say, "Howdy Todd," gets a free audio CD.


NCHE's Annual Conference and Book Fair celebrates the multi-faceted face of homeschooling in NC and includes teen, alumni  and children activities. Featured speakers: Derek and Cheryl Carter, Jeannie Fulbright, Tracy Klicka, Scott Klusendorf, Ken Sande, Michael Smith. Join us for an amazing weekend of fun and encouragement, May 23-25, Winston-Salem.

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Diana Waring
Diana Waring

Relational Homeschooling 


Diana is traveling this week, and will be back next week. You can visit Diana's website to see what's new with her, and find out where she will be speaking.





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Hal & Melanie Young

Raising Real Men  


Want to see a homeschool mom have a panic attack? Just say, "high school transcript!" Melanie remembers feeling the same way. We worry for years about these, only to find out in the end that they're practically the easiest part of high school. Just a few hours organizing and formatting and you're good to go. Why do we panic so badly?


We panic because we know our children are going to be judged by that little piece of paper. To an extent that's true, but it's easy to meet the standard. Just keep records, keep it simple and understandable, and follow the rules.


It seems impossible when you're in the midst of a school year, but seriously, in a couple of years you may not even remember what courses you did--especially if you have several children. So, each year write down what courses each child does, the text they use and a word or two of description, if needed. When they finish it, give them a grade. I know, I know. We don't generally use yearly grades in the lower years either, but for many scholarships, having a certain GPA (grade point average) is a requirement. Don't disqualify your child by leaving the grades off.


We served on a scholarship committee for many years. We had rules about how many pages you can submit, but homeschoolers don't seem to think that rules apply to them. :) Unfortunately, since our judges were already reading about a thousand pages of applications, the extra pages were just discarded. Wouldn't you rather decide what information to weed out than a stranger? Keep it simple: one side of one page. You can include a resume or course descriptions separately, but the transcript itself should be short.


Speak in terms the readers can understand. Use course titles that sound like they are used to hearing. You can search college or high school catalogs online to find courses that sound like yours. Arrange your transcript like a typical transcript. Make it look professional. It's not hard; Melanie did ours in Word, yet we've had children admitted to some very prestigious schools.


Include test scores only if it helps, not hurts your student. If that's not your student's strength, well then, they can look for the information elsewhere. Be sure to have the school administrator, usually Dad, sign and date it.


A guidance counselor's letter or school profile is expected to accompany the transcript. Here's where you describe your philosophy of education, as well as what makes your student unique academically and in character.


Above all, remember the sovereignty of God. "The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in His way." We're seen our children providentially directed time and again. Do the best you can, then leave it in the Lord's more than capable hands. You've done a great job with your children, friends.


By the way, if you want to see just what a homeschool teen can accomplish, click on the banner for A Cry From Egypt above--we're the publishers and it is amazing what Hope and Mike (the homeschooled illustrator) have accomplished!


Yours in the battle,

Hal & Melanie Young


For more information, get our workshop CD or download, Homeschooling High School & Transcripts here, and get the handout and see our sample transcript here.  


Will we be in your area? Find out here--and let us know if you'd like us to come! 

Coming up in May . . .
Homeschooling the High Schooler--You Can Do It!

Featuring Ray and Charlene Notgrass     

Homeschooling a high school student can seem intimidating, but it is simply the next step in training your child to live well as an adult. Ray and Charlene Notgrass homeschooled for twenty years. They will have words of encouragement and practical wisdom to help you be confident about this phase of your child's educational journey. Ray and Charlene are homeschool curriculum writers with


Transcripts Made Easy: 
The High School Transcript as a Marketing Tool  
featuring Janice Campbell

A high school transcript may be the most important piece of
paper created during your student's homeschool experience. More than just a list of what your student studied or an outline of the grades received, it's like a résumé-a marketing tool that should highlight your student's strengths and skills. Join Janice Campbell, from, as she teaches us how to select the best format, effectively name classes, decide on weighted grades, and present information in a clean, professional style that is easily comparable to others. You might find yourself getting fan mail from college admissions counselors who appreciate your work!        


Sign up for the Expo here!


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Take a fun and interesting look at The Story of Energy and Its Exciting Future with a free E-Book unit study. Students will explore energy production and consumption in the U.S. Simply email for your FREE copy and also to learn how to get potential discounts/savings on your energy bills.



Creation Revolution     


"The more we study oil and its origin, the more we learn that it does not take millions of years to form. . ."

Read more in the article Where Does All of the Oil Come From?
Contest Corner 

For the month of May, 2013  


52 Weeks of Family Spanish


Learning a foreign language is a goal of most homeschooling families. And there are many options to choose from; ranging from traditional worksheet/textbook curriculums, to verbal immersion programs. 52 Weeks of Family Spanish, by Eileen McAree, follows more of a verbal approach and is meant to be used with the whole family. The small weekly lessons are practical and built into daily family life. This simple approach makes teaching Spanish to young ones fun and easy.


The sub-title of this book caught my attention right away: "Bite-sized weekly lessons designed to get you and your family speaking Spanish today." That was what I was looking for; something to get my children more familiar with Spanish in preparation for a middle school or high school classes in the later years. And this fun book provided that and more. The 52 weeks in this curriculum are divided into 7 units. Each unit has a different theme and cultural spotlight. Some of the themes are Mealtimes, Welcome To My Home, and Making Friends. The cultural spotlights focus on different countries where Spanish is one of the primary languages spoken. The design of this curriculum is very simple. For each week there are a few vocabulary words or phrases and a pronunciation/grammar note. These directly correlate with the vocabulary words. For example when the word hola is taught, the pronunciation note is about the letter h being silent in Spanish. Each week also has a cultural note. This small paragraph might highlight different types of food, geographical features of the area, or other fun facts and details. Finally, there is an Idea! section. This part gives suggestions for fun activities to do during the week. This might be role-playing a conversation, playing with a piñata, fun Spanish games, and other interesting activities to help make the week's lesson fun. At the beginning of the book are some helpful pages; there is an instruction section for the teacher, a pronunciation guide, suggested activities, and a words and phrase list. Every eighth week or so is a review week and review ideas and further study suggestions are listed. (. . .)


Read the rest of the review here.


TO ENTER: Email Heather with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "52 Weeks of Spanish" for a chance to win* the book for your homeschool! 

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  
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