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April 3, 2013 


Art for All Ages



Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler 
and family


"But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand." Isaiah 64:8


I am in the middle of planning our annual Homeschool Project Fair, where children turn in projects in science, history, geography, and more. More than all other categories, the Fine Arts category always has the most entries. Children of all ages are the work of God's creative hand. And, it seems that children love to copy God's beautiful artwork as displayed in His creation.  


Never underestimate the power of art in a child's life. It just might be their future.  


God knew that one of my children would end up as an art major; but I had no idea. I did not realize how important art would be in his future. But, by God's direction, we became involved in a few art classes along the way, went to museums, entered contests, and met artists of many kinds. All of these things were involved in the shaping of my son's gifting from God even though I was oblivious.  


We may not have known the future, but as we allowed God to guide our homeschool path, He brought forth what He knew all along. He knows your children and the giftings He has given them. Trust Him to direct you as you walk this path of obedience. Sometimes you don't know which activities will ignite the flame of their future.  


Remember, our Great God is an artist, and we want our children to be like Him. He shaped each child, and He has good works for each one to do. Let's get them creating art and copying the Master Artist Himself and bring Him glory in all we do.  


"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10



TOS Senior Editor  



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Sponsor Article

I've never been able to draw anything. It used to bother me tremendously. I had all these ideas I wanted to share, but I couldn't draw one of them. So, at a very young age, I gave up on art.


As an adult, I discovered a wondrous place--the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I learned that art museums had more inside than works by Picasso or Renoir--they had historical artifacts! You could hardly drag me away from the Egyptian statues, the Assyrian artifacts, and the countless fragments of history on display. Every one of them had a story to share.


As I began to wander through some of the other art galleries, I began to notice something about the paintings. They were interesting. They, too, had a story to share.


Some told a story by what they depicted. Others shared a story through the lives of their creators, artists who had been told they were too different, or artists who hadn't discovered their passion until the later decades of their lives.


Some even told a story through the mediums used. How did we come to have tempera paint? Why have paintings from 2,000-year-old villas survived rather than decay?


What about your children? Do they look at a work by Monet and light up with excitement or glaze over with boredom? If it's the former, has art classes just waiting for your student.


Art Techniques by Brenda Ellis of ARTistic Pursuits demonstrates the techniques used to create art through weekly lessons that are perfectly styled for inspiring rather than overwhelming. Her classes cover various mediums, including colored pencils, watercolor paints, and more. Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna brings weekly Studio Art for Teens, studying the work of master artists and sharing the artwork of teens who are using their art for the glory of God.  

Everyday Easels
If your child glazes over at the mention of art, consider introducing it through another subject with Everyday Easels. This Schoolhouse Daily studies art through the lens of history, science, reading, home economics, Bible, and even math! We take a look at the artwork, complete a notebooking page, and try some hands-on activities.


Whether your child loves art or needs a little extra convincing, check out the tools available to help you and your family on, where teaching art is as simple as Point. Click. Teach.


Bonnie Rose Hudson

Editorial Assistant


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Psalm 145:4 (ESV) 


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The Familyman

I don't mean to avoid this week's topic, it's just that I'm up to my eyeballs in RV stuff as we get ready to hit the road for a couple of months . . . and I'm running out of time. I do have time to say two things:


1) As far as ART, here are my thoughts: If you like art and want to teach your kids art, then go for it. If you don't like art and don't want to teach your kids art, that's just as okay. Don't feel guilty.


2) Last week I made mention of our brand new, hot off the press Taming the Techno-Beast Student Workbook for kids. Well, now I'm mentioning it again. Have you ever thought your kids are being consumed by technology? Would you like a little help? While we don't have all the answers, we feel that it's time for our children to be honest about technology. That's why we've heeded the advice of a homeschool mom who suggested we create a student workbook regarding this important topic. We did just that and now it's available to you.


The workbook is easy to read, takes a quick survey of technology, and looks at some of the adverse effects of letting it control your life. We don't condemn anyone or any single face of technology, but we are honest and want the student to be honest as he records his technology use for a week and then draws some conclusions (with your help) of what is acceptable and what isn't.


So if you're tired of feeling helpless as your child is swept away in the technology-wave, then check out The Taming the Techno-Beast Student Workbook. (We even offer a deal for the Taming Combo)


Be real,



PS. I'll be in Cincinnati at the Great Homeschool Convention this weekend. The first person who makes it to my booth and gives me a Technology Beast GROWL, gets a free audio CD of her choice.



Take a fun and interesting look at The Story of Energy and Its Exciting Future with a free E-Book unit study. Students will explore energy production and consumption in the U.S. Simply email for your FREE copy and also to learn how to get potential discounts/savings on your energy bills.


Diana Waring
Diana Waring

Relational Homeschooling 


Dear Friends,


If you are anything like me, the words "art" and "children" in the same sentence immediately brings to mind an image of wildly imaginative kids creating an absolute MESS!


I know. I am fond of a clean house, too  

. . . and, yet, there is such an element of fun in making art that we neglect it to our peril.


That's a strong statement, isn't it?


Well, let's back up for a minute. So, how's homeschool going these days? Everybody excited, loving every minute of it? No one complaining of too much work? No one begging to go outside as spring begins to beckon?


I thought as much.


So, here's the deal. If you can open your heart, your mind, and your kitchen table to the possibility of an explosion of creativity, if you can provide the materials that encourage art to happen, if you can make a way for unhurried time to create, then something wonderful will begin. No matter what it looks like, it is the beginning of beauty, of artistry, of expressing the creativity which reflects our Creator.


And beginnings bring new life--even to April homeschools.


This is not about creating works that will hang in a gallery, nor does it require an artist overseeing everything your children do. Part of the joy of "art for all ages" is simply starting with what you have and what you know, and then creating something. The very act of creating art (whether sidewalk drawings with chalk, play dough sculptures, birthday cards from scraps of construction paper, stick figures climbing a hill, or anything else you can imagine) brings a zest, a freshness, a delight to the day that is beyond our normal experience.


Why? Because we were made to be creative . . . made in the image and likeness of the Creator--the One who made porpoises, flowers, oceans, trees, cats, and everything else in nature.


If this is a new idea for you, I would highly recommend the book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, by Edith Schaeffer. It will open your eyes to the amazing opportunities for art in everyday life.


Remember, stay relational!



P.S. Here is a blog I wrote on Monday about art that you might enjoy.



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Raising Real Men 

Hal & Melanie Young


One of the neatest things we get to do as homeschoolers is to train our children's taste. Regardless of our artistic ability, or lack thereof, we can expose our children to good art. We can take them to museums, buy inexpensive art posters of masterpieces, get good books, and look up artists and their works on the internet.  

Just a few days ago, Edith Schaeffer, the widow of Francis Schaeffer, went to be with the Lord she loved so much. Her book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, was very influential to Melanie in our early married life. The book showed the power of a wife and mother to create a home of peace and beauty for her family. We've tried to do that (not always succeeding!) and good art and good music have been things we've tried to expose our children to from their earliest years.


Did it make all our children artists and musicians? Nope! Some can't draw stick figures like Melanie, others are amazing. It's like music, some are gifted and others don't even have any interest in it, but you don't know until they try. We like having lots of art supplies available, then pointing children who love art toward more help. There are several good self-teaching art programs for elementary students out there, so we get some and see what happens. Occasionally, you'll find a child who just blows the curve. One of our little girls was drawing in perspective very young, so we sought out Hal's mother, an artist, for advice. She brings her down to her house for several days a few times a year and teaches her to paint and draw. If you don't know anyone like that for your budding artist, ask around, you may be surprised!


The thing is, it's okay if none of your children are born artists. When you give them a taste of true beauty, when you train them to appreciate the masters, you have blessed them. They can enjoy art all their lives because you've taught them to and pass on that love to their children. That's worth it right there.


Yours in the battle,

Hal and Melanie


Our convention season is starting up! We're speaking at the CHEA Bay Area Convention on April 13th in Santa Clara. See you there! We'll be traveling all over the United States (over 30 states) in the next few months. If you'd like us to speak in your area, head over to and let us know! 




Coming in April 2013 . . .


Preparation, and Peace

Featuring Kendra Fletcher 



If you need a boost of encouragement and some fresh ideas for gaining peace in your homeschool this coming school year, then join Kendra as she shares from her home where eight children reside.


Kendra Fletcher is the homeschooling mother of eight, ages 20 down to 4. She has never homeschooled without the presence of preschoolers, and loves to encourage other moms beginning their homeschool journeys with little ones underfoot. She is the preschool columnist for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and the author of a popular E-book about creating a Circle Time for your homeschool. Her homeschooling website and blog can be found at, and her personal author blog can be found at


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Creation Revolution     

"Have you ever heard of Dollo's Law? In 1893, paleontologist Louis Dollo penned the controversial hypothesis that evolution is a one-way street and once an organism evolves specialized traits, it cannot return to its original state." Read more in the article House Mites, Dollo's Law and Reverse Evolution.
You will also enjoy reading the article 



TOS Article


. . . Why, you may ask, would an otherwise sane nana give up the cherished solitude  
of her empty nest to invest herself in her childrens' children? 

in the latest issue of

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
Contest Corner 

For the month of April, 2013  


Classical Acts and Facts History Cards from Classical Conversations


It is with distinct pleasure that I share my experience with Classical Conversations; however, to call it a curriculum would not capture the essence of what Classical Conversations (CC) is about. To use their own description, CC is a mission, a model, and a method. The mission is to know God and make Him known. As a model, CC combines classical education and a Christian worldview. As a method, CC creates communities that support parents in implementing curriculum in their own homes, i.e. parents supporting other parents. Therefore, the curriculum I discuss is intended to be used within a CC community in order to reap the benefits of the curriculum and the program to their fullest. CC has program and curriculum offerings for children aged pre-kindergarten to high school. Communities also work together to provide childcare for younger siblings.


(. . .)


Classical Acts and Facts History Cards: all four sets: Ancient, Medieval, New World, and Modern World ($22 per set). These cards are gorgeous! There are 172 total cards. The plan is to focus on seven historical event cards each of 23 weeks. The remaining 11 cards list the U.S. presidents. The front of the card contains a beautiful picture of artwork or a photograph to help connect the event to be remembered with the image. Also on the front is the title of the card/event, a date reference, and one of seven symbols to represent an historical age. The back of the card contains the title and date again with some detailed information about the historical event. Children memorize all 161 events during every year's cycle. There are also a timeline running vertically up the left margin with an indication of where the card's event fits in history, a small world map, and a number in the upper right corner to help keep the cards in order. All the kids I have seen are delighted with these cards. I keep the seven cards we are studying each week out on a large presentation board. The others store nicely in a 5" by 8" plastic card file box.


Read the rest of the thorough review here.



Email Heather with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "Classical Conversations" for a chance to win* the full set of history cards for your homeschool!
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