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November 7, 2012

My Child is Gifted - Now What?



Deborah's  Picture
Deborah Wuehler and family


One of our children struggled over the years; especially with schoolwork. She learned differently, she perceived things differently, she was easily bored, highly distracted, or in complete concentration. All her senses were on overdrive and all at one time. I thought she had some sort of learning disorder until I found some good information that really fit her--she didn't have a disorder, she just ordered things differently and was actually gifted! 


The first website I found was here, and then I found Maggie Hogan who wrote about homeschooling gifted children. You can see Maggie's gifted resources and other products here. Below is a great article Maggie wrote for TOS which explains how you can tell if you have a gifted child: Guiding Your Gifted Child


When I was growing up and in the "gifted" program at school, it meant that I got to be a teacher's aide for the younger grades, or be in a school play, or just hang out with other "gifted" kids. Nothing challenging--just different. Not just the gifted, but every child deserves a better education. Today, there are many resources for teaching gifted children. Here is a list of resources related to homeschooling the gifted child:


TOS Product Reviews:  

A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children

Gifted Child Today

Gifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide for Homeschooling Families


From our blog: 

American Mensa


HSLDA radio broadcasts: 

Homeschooling the gifted child


HSLDA website resource list: 

Gifted Learners


Finally, if you do a google search for "homeschooling the gifted child" you will find a vast array of resources and websites.


Whatever the needs of your child, they are ALL made uniquely by the hand of God to be used by Him, and for His purposes. God can use these particularly intelligent children to become the movers and shakers of the next generation, and maybe even orators for the Kingdom of God.


Each one is God's "poema," his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works. God desires to use all of our children and their special needs and gifts for His Glory! In fact, in light of that thought, every child is a gifted child, and their education should be a gift as well! Give them the gift of keeping them Home Where They Belong.



TOS Senior Editor  


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The Familyman

Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries 


My child is gifted . . . now what?


Did you know that my children are gifted? Did you know that your children are gifted? THEY ARE ALLLLLL GIFTED!!!!! I don't just say that tritely; I believe that with all my heart, but sometimes I still forget it. And so do you.


We don't seem to forget the ones that are gifted in the way the world defines gifted. They're the ones that make us look really good in the world's eyes. Sometimes we forget that the ones who the world would 'tag' as non-gifted are still GIFTED, created as masterpieces and given to us to nurture and enjoy.


This, my fellow parent, is my charge to you: now that you've realized you have gifted children-enjoy them. Let them learn at their pace, neither slowing them down nor speeding them up.


What a gift to give your gifted child!


Be real,



P.S. One of the ways you can enjoy your children this Christmas season is to have Family Advent Nights. We love setting aside one night each week of December to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. This year, as in the past, we are pleased to offer you some ready-to-assemble Advent Craft Kits. Each kit comes with four ready-to-assemble simple crafts. All you need is one kit per child and bada-bing-you're set to go. Hurry, so you'll have them in time to start right after Thanksgiving.


While you're at it, take a look at all the other great Christmas products we've created to help you ENJOY those gifted children of yours.




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Diana Waring
Diana Waring

Relational Homeschooling



Diana is taking a break this week, but you can visit her website at and learn more about Diana and her wonderful work.


And as Diana would say, "Stay relational!" 



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Raising Real Men  

Hal & Melanie Young



Hang on to your hats--this is a topic we have a lot of opinions on. Both of us were labeled gifted as children and in fact, Melanie graduated in the first class of the first state-supported residential high school for gifted students. We've had children who fall in this spectrum, too. Here are our thoughts:


This isn't a contest. "But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord." (2 Corinthians 10:17). It's heady stuff thinking you have a special gift, and even headier thinking your child does. Always remember, all gifts come from God and not because we deserve them. It's important to remember and teach our children that and focus on the responsibility a gift brings, not the glory.


Discipleship is critical. It would be heartbreaking to have a gifted, talented child use that gift against the Lord we love so much. Don't let your anything come between you and bringing "them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)


Diversification is usually better than acceleration. Melanie went to school with kids who'd been accelerated way beyond their peers and graduated years early. You could hardly set a child up for social and emotional disaster more thoroughly. There is a lot of growing up that happens in the teen years and sometimes it's more dependent on your hormones than your intellect! That made us wary of aiming to end our schooling more quickly than others. Also, we just cherished those years our children spent in our home. Why be in a rush and miss those opportunities to disciple?


Instead of forging ahead, we broadened out. We tried: seeking out original sources and more reading in an area, adding different subjects, taking up writing, starting a business, starting new activities, and more. There's a huge world out there to explore, you don't have to rush to the next textbook.


In high school, do advanced work, but keep homeschooling. You can manage that several ways: AP courses, online courses, CLEP test preparation, and dual enrollment. We would caution you when considering  dual enrollment to look at each child's readiness to deal with the peer environment, possibly hostile professors,  and managing their own work. We used AP classes as a flexible option that allowed challenging work and brought college credit.


Homeschooling works for gifted students. We've found college scholarship committees love advanced work in high school coupled with the very broad interests and activities we've pursued, too. We love seeing our adult children walking in truth and are thankful for those years at home. Don't let anyone tell you someone else can do a better job with your children. They were given to you, Moms and Dads, and God will equip you with all you need. Smart kids need the same things any child does--parents who love them enough to teach them about God and help them prepare for life.


Hal & Melanie


For more about this, get our workshops: "Homeschooling High School & Transcripts" and "Aiming for College."  If you'd rather think about the holidays this week, like us, download our practical, Christ-centered unit study for the entire family, We Gather Together.


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  "Joy Sikorski speaks on Voice 101: 

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Joy Sikorski is an award winning film composer, author, conference speaker, performer and teacher. She raised her three children (now adults) in a log cabin she helped build in Alaska and was one of the pioneers of homeschooling in that state, flying to remote areas to give parents and students the knowledge and encouragement they needed to succeed.
  Visit Joy's sites, 
and  for tips and insights about the importance of your voice and the voices of your children. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   


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Creation Revolution     


". . . evolution should result in lots of new genetic information and lots of genetic variety in each new species to the point that we should be seeing new kinds of animals evolving. With creation, we expect to see less and less genetic information and variety with each new species which given enough time will generally lead to extinction.


So let's take a look at some of the animals in the world to see if we find more or less genetic information. . ."


Read more of this fascinating article Koalas and Ethiopian Wolves.


TOS Article


Have you ever wanted to know 

more about the Amish?


You won't want to miss the article 

Just Plain Interesting: Springboard for Research on the Amish.


 in the latest issue of

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
Contest Corner 

For the month of November, 2012  


Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers


The fourth book in the Circle C Adventures series, Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers, continues the story of a young girl, Andi, growing up in the San Joaquin Valley of California. We last left Andi in the fall of 1880. This story picks up in the winter of 1881 as the excitement of a flood in her community quickly draws you into the story within the first three pages. This book continues in similar size and style as the others in the series: a 5 ˝ x 8 ˝ inch glossy soft cover book of 138 pages and 18 chapters, plus a Historical Note. References to Andi's previous experiences will likely lead a first-time Circle C Adventures reader to her other books and will refresh the memory of seasoned fans. The storyline stands alone and is not dependent on the other books in the series. Although the series is enjoyable reading designed for students in the "tween" years, those in upper-elementary grades and lower teenage years will also find them enjoyable. Susan K. Marlow continues her trend in quality reading as she upholds family values, references the Bible, and offers a wonderful glimpse into the life of a Christian girl during the 1880s. Although the series is not written exclusively for home schools, it is written by a home-schooling mother who provides clean, quality reading materials for children. There are no additional materials required to enjoy this book, but readers should not miss the opportunity to download and print the free PDF Enrichment Guide available from her website, The unit study of 38 pages is freely available and expands the educational value of the book considerably. 

(. . .)


Read the rest of this review here.


You can win this book and the lapbook!



Email Heather with your name, mailing address, and phone number for contact purposes, with the subject line, "SF Smugglers" for a chance to win* the book and lapbook for your homeschool!
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