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Message from the Chair - Michèle Sharik

Hi there, Area 12!

June is finally here! We've made it through another program year. Now we just need to pack everything up, do the dishes, and relax until this fall, right?

Not so fast - don't forget about the Handbell Hop June 16-19 in Modesto! It's your perfect opportunity to have one more hurrah before the hard work of summer days by the pool sets in. By now you know all about our awesome clinicians and the wonderful classes for ringers and directors, newbies and veterans, as well as the All Rings and Sunday massed ringing. 

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already registered, go do it now! You won't be sorry, I promise.

See you in Modesto!

My Best,
Michèle Sharik
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke, Communications Director
A Little R&R
Call me crazy, but I am ready for a little R&R!

Much of the rest of the world sees summer as a time for Rest and Relaxation, but I see it as a time to Regroup and Reorganize! After a full season of "dump and run" (you know, you have that box, counter or table, or entire room too!), it's time to find some peace in reclaiming the space. Space on the table, space in the tote bag, space on your calendar (can you say "white square day"?), and space in your mind and heart. While my summer is very busy touring, performing, and teaching, I am planning to R&R in all ways! Before heading out, I am cleaning out my conducting and teaching materials, putting a few things in motion for the fall, and finding all my errant travel supplies and then I will spend my Timbré Ensemble Tour free day feeding my spirit in Grand Tetons National Park, find some meditative time in the Black Mountains of North Carolina between Montreat teaching sessions, and enjoy drinks and conversation with the best people I know (Handbell People!) at National Seminar in Rochester. (Gotta love traveling for handbells!). I hope you'll be R&R-ing with me at a handbell event you choose!

I pray your summer finds you Regrouping, Reorganizing, Resting, and Relaxing. Make it intentional to do plenty of each. "Dump and Run" season will return all too soon!

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director
Area 12 Ringers'  Festival Conference

Handbell Hoppers!

The Handbell Hop Diner Stage is just about set and if you haven't selected a track or classes from the Juke Box list, you better pop your quarters in and get on line NOW! The sand in the egg timer is about to run out and you'll be too late to get in on the fun, excitement, learning opportunities and surprises that await those who are coming! 
June 16-19
The DoubleTree by Hilton
Modesto, CA
If you still have questions...please call or email and we'll get them answered right away!

Check out the full track description here
But I need help registering online.
Anyone needing help to register online or wishing to add tracks after they've registered can certainly do so by contacting Kathy Arnold, Conference Registrar. She can take care of getting you signed up and/or making any changes to your schedule.
May I do just lunch and a concert?
Yes, of course you can come for just a lunch and a concert. Lunch/Concert tickets will be available at the door for $35.00 each. Your afternoon will include a hot catered meal with enthusiastic friends and live music from handbell musicians! What a great way to enjoy a summer afternoon...bring some friends and make a day of it with a tour of the McHenry Mansion and gift shop, museums, local art galleries and an antique shop or two.
When can I hear Bronze Cruisers Conference Choir?
Bronze Cruisers, this event's auditioned conference choir, will bring their music selections to the lunch table on Friday afternoon. You'll enjoy an elite group of ringers, under the direction of Michael Glasgow, who will showcase their talents with the help of his rhythmic baton!
What are wonderful solo performances?
An additional treat is individual soloists and ensembles who were chosen by application process to showcase their programs to share with their peers.

Click HERE to review all the opportunities and
This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America
Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle

Aloha, Hawaii folk!

I have a really great opportunity for you happening NEXT WEEK! I hope you are intrigued by the title, especially since we all feel that sometimes. If your curiosity is killing you, contact me!!

How Am I Supposed to Ring THAT?
with Michael Glasgow
Saturday, June 11
8:30 - a.m. - 4 p.m.
Harris United Methodist Church Honolulu, HI

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America

I also want to say for those that take breaks for the summer enjoy and relax before we all start up again making our music. 

Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
Northern California - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
Nancy Schmitt
Dear Handbell Musicians, 
Well, it is that time of year again when all good things come to an end for a while as most bell choirs take the summer off for a much deserved rest. It is also that time of year for appreciation dinners and lunches for our ringers who deserve to be thanked for giving so much of their time for the last nine months of ringing for church and community events and attending festivals and workshops. And it's a time to thank their families for sharing their ringers with us once or twice a week.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Redding Handbell Festival, an endorsed event, which will be October 22 at Simpson University in Redding. I encourage you to check the Northern California part of the Area 12 calendar for the registration forms for the Redding Festival and other upcoming events in our area. 

October 22, 2016
Redding Handbell Festival
Simpson University
Redding, CA

Ringin' In the Red Zone Bronze Choir is attached to this festival and is for those ringers wanting to stretch their ringing abilities by playing more difficult music. Rehearsal will be on Friday, Oct. 21 and again Saturday morning prior to the main festival.
Red Zone Director:  Barb Walsh

For festival registration forms, CLICK HERE

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America
Enjoy your summer!


Nancy Schmitt
Northern California Regional Coordinator  

For information on Northern California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here!
Southern Nevada - Alison Pruett, Regional Coordinator
Save the Date!

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017

Las Vegas Annual
12th Night Night Festival
featuring Tim Waugh

Repertoire list coming in August issue!

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America

Alison Pruett
Southern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events, and other opportunities, click here.

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Northern Nevada - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator


It's been a busy bell month around here!  In addition to concerts, we had our 14th Annual Sierra Spring Ring and our Umpteenth Annual Young Ringers' Festival. The Sierra Spring Ring had the largest attendance ever (I think) with close to 100 ringers! 

The event was held in Reno, but that didn't stop groups from Las Vegas, Grass Valley, CA and Auburn, CA from attending.

The Young Ringers' Festival was a bit smaller with five different groups from four different elementary schools in the Reno/Sparks area.

Both events were a blast and the pieces performed were absolutely beautiful! I hope you will join us next year!

Barbara Walsh
Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here
Central California - Christine Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Hi, CenCal!

I have a tip for you bell tree enthusiasts!

Do your handles fall through and damp your castings when using small bells on a bell tree? Would you like a permanent solution, instead of having to use clips or rings? Replace your existing handguards with blank handguards one size larger and you never have to take anything on or off again! I have replaced all my handguards from Eb6 to C8 - makes building a tree so much easier!

Christine Anderson
Central California Regional Coordinator

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
San Francisco Bay Area - Kendra Scott, Regional Coordinator

Hi, Bay Area! 

It's summer, and many choirs enjoy this break time to rest and rejuvenate before another school or church season. Hope everybody is finding time to relax and plan their fall seasons.  Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way!

Kendra Scott
Bay Area Regional Coordinator

For information on San Francisco Bay Area's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.

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Los Angeles Metro - Scott Leggett, Regional Coordinator
Hi, LA Metro!

June is upon us and although many of us have more handbell events, concerts and conferences to attend over the summer, it's a good time to reflect on what you have accomplished this past season and make plans for the next season. There were a number of very well attended handbell concerts in LA Metro last month which shows interest in and appreciation of our art in this large and diverse area.

Plans are underway for a fall ringers workshop and look for web postings and emails announcing the event.

Finally, there is one more LA Metro concert on our June calendar, so check it out!

I hope you all have great summer and see many of you in Modesto!
Scott Leggett
Los Angeles Metro Regional Coordinator
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
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Southern California - COULD BE YOU!, Regional Coordinator
Friday and Saturday, April 28-29
for next year's
So Cal Spring Ring
We'll be at the same venue
(St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Oceanside)

and our clinician will be
Stevie Berryman
director of the Houston Chamber Ringers. 

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America

So Cal Region is looking for a coordinator! Won't you please raise your hand?
Send email to Michèle Sharik 

Southern California Regional Coordinator
This email address IS being monitored!
For information on Southern California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, 
click here. 
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